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9 reasons why WordPress is the best solution for your SEO

There was a time when building a website took weeks to accomplish, when you had to invest time and resources into the process. However, with the introduction of various CMS options, this obstacle was overcome. And even though it still takes time and energy to get things up and running, it is far easier and simpler than before. Not to mention that it is much more visually appealing and SEO-friendly. Among those solutions, WordPress definitely stands out for its popularity and the great user experience it offers. Not only is it a great choice for all niches looking to establish an online presence but it is also a popular choice for marketers as well. Today, our digital marketing agency New York explores the 10 reasons why WordPress is the best solution for your SEO.

WordPress is the best solution for your SEO and here’s why

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WordPress stands out among CMS options.

In the past, we discussed how businesses stand to benefit from choosing WordPress as their CMS. Today, we are more focused on the appeal that implementing WordPress has on the SEO strategy of a business. And there is no doubt that there are plenty of benefits to explore here. So, let’s take a closer look at the list of top nine reasons why WordPress is the best CMS for SEO:

#1: WordPress puts the spotlight on UX

Despite the attention span of online users being lower than ever and constantly decreasing, everyone still wants to see a visually appealing website. And WordPress offers an endless supply of themes and plugins that web design New York experts can combine to create a website that is not only appealing but also user-friendly and easy to navigate.

After all, every business wants to lower its website bounce rate as much as possible. And the best way to accomplish that is by offering users a reason to stay on the website. And WP can offer that and more. Plus, it is easy to go in and make changes to any elements that your site visitors might dislike.

#2: WordPress makes it easy to create quality permalinks

WordPress makes it easy to edit permalinks for your website and to avoid URLs full of coded characters etc. And this is something that both audience and search engines appreciate. Additionally, that also means that you can easily incorporate your target keyword into the URL regardless of the article headline. And all this leads to more appealing and informative permalinks, which can result in more backlinks and shares on social media networks.

#3: WordPress simplifies metadata management

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WordPress is the best solution for your SEO strategy when it comes to content management.

Search engine crawlers determine the relevance of your site based on SEO titles and metadata for each of the pages on it. It makes it easier to understand what your web pages are all about. And by including relevant keywords inside your metadata, you are more likely to rank for those keywords. With WordPress, you have plugins such as Yoast SEO that allow you to edit metadata for each web page and post you create.

#4: WordPress makes image optimization easier

Images are essential not only as a visual element on websites but also as a ranking factor in the eyes of Google and other search engines. By properly using images, a company can make its website easier to navigate through and more readable. Additionally, when using authentic images rather than stock photos, a website can demonstrate credibility and raise brand awareness.

WordPress is the best solution for your SEO because it helps you optimize your images in three simple ways:

  • It allows you to incorporate ‘alt’ text in each of your images, giving it a description for search engine crawlers to interpret.
  • You can add captions and include keywords that you want the page to rank for.
  • You can format the images and make them smaller, thus avoiding slowing down your page loading speed in the process.

#5: WordPress has a higher capacity for fast page loading time

Page performance is one of the most important ranking factors for Google. Since customers today have such a short attention span, they have high expectations when it comes to browsing through websites. Most online users will bounce from a website if the page takes more than 2 seconds to load. Search engines tolerate up to three seconds of page loading time.

WordPress has amazing plugins that can help businesses lighten the weight of pages and improve loading time in the process. And this is yet another example of why WordPress is the best solution for your SEO efforts.

#6: Mobile optimization is much easier with WordPress

The fact is that mobile traffic has rapidly grown in the past decade, and it continues to do so with each passing day. People are addicted to browsing with their tablets and smartphones. As a result, it has become essential for businesses to optimize their websites for mobile device users. Without responsive web design and SEO, a brand can’t hope to explore the full potential of its online audiences. WordPress can help with that.

A majority of WordPress themes are mobile-friendly, designed in a way that helps your website be more accessible on mobile devices. And if you are uncertain about how to get your website there, you can always consult with professional web development New York professionals at Digital Dot.

#7: WordPress makes integration with social media marketing more efficient

Social media has evolved from being a trend to becoming a way of life. Today, social media marketing services are among the most important ones when looking to promote your brand. And search engines recognize this as well, which is why social media advertising success translates to SEO ranking boosts as well. So, it is all but clear why it is important for websites to be able to integrate social media channels in their layout.

WordPress offers easy ways to incorporate social media buttons into your website design. Additionally, you can create social media buttons for your blog posts, so that audiences can share them on their social media accounts. Whether you’re looking to automate your social media marketing efforts or add a social media feed to your website, you can do it all through WP plugins. This alone should exemplify why WordPress is the best solution for your SEO strategy.

#8: SEO-tailored plugins

The fact is that WP has an endless supply of plugins for a multitude of purposes. And with these plugins, a business has the ability to enhance its on-page optimization. Here are three very basic and yet fundamental WordPress plugins that can help you optimize your website:

  • Yoast SEO. Great for creating engaging and optimized content for your website.
  • Google XML Sitemaps. Simplifies your sitemap, making your site structured easier for search engine crawlers to understand.
  • Google Analytics by Monster Insights. Grants you access to Google Analytics reports without you having to leave your dashboard. Here, you can track clicks on banner ads, affiliate links, outbound links, heatmaps, etc.

9. Integration with other software tools is much better

We’ve already established that WordPress has a lot of plugins that can help you smooth out any rough edges of your website and to improve its performance. Another great way how WordPress is the best solution for your SEO is the fact that it is compatible with other software tools as well. The platform is very adaptable and can work in sync with tools such as G Suite, ConvertKit, etc.

Start boosting your SEO strategy and growing your brand performance today!

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