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All you should know about advertising your business via LinkedIn Live

In a myriad of social media platforms, there is much room for businesses to find their preferred communication channel and get their message across. However, LinkedIn remains the strongest professional social media platform with more than 756 million users looking to make meaningful connections. With such a massive user base, it is only natural that LinkedIn has a variety of marketing solutions neatly tailored to meet the needs and expectations of the professional community. Let experienced digital marketing companies NYC introduce you to one of these solutions and tell you all about advertising your business via LinkedIn Live.

man browsing ideas on advertsing business via LinkedIn Live
The LinkedIn professional community is the right place to promote your business ideas

What exactly is LinkedIn Live, and what does it bring to the table

The popularity of online live streaming is reaching all-time highs, whether we are talking about channels such as Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. Following a trend in developing more ways to engage users, LinkedIn introduced its live streaming product in 2019. At that time, LinkedIn Live was available to individual users only. A year later, they introduced the feature to business pages and, for many businesses, became a gateway to a whole network of customers. Through LinkedIn Live users and, more importantly, companies can create live content and stream it to their audience. It is a great way to initiate high engagement and connect with your customers on a deeper level. With so many different ways LinkedIn can help your business, the live feature platform is one to consider.

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Advertising your business via LinkedIn Live should be included in your digital marketing strategy

According to LinkedIn, their videos get seven times the reactions than native videos. Also, your live stream is likely to get 24 times more comments than you are used to. It can offer your business a unique platform to showcase your business achievements, promote products, services, or events and even attract new employees. Thus, it is a perfect marketing tool to drive your internet traffic and gain popularity among your target audience.

How to start advertising your business via LinkedIn Live

If you are sold on the idea of engaging your customers even more by introducing live streams, there are specific steps to follow to introduce LinkedIn Live:

  • Apply for having the LinkedIn Live feature on your profile
  • Wait to get approval from LinkedIn in a couple of days
  • Choose one from a list of third-party live stream tools available like Restream or Socialive
  • Set up all the features and read the guidelines on making a quality stream
  • Start your first live stream

Keep in mind that LinkedIn is a professional social media platform and that you need to tailor your video in a professional manner. Make sure your audio and video quality are up to the standards and that your background is adequate.

Think about what does it take to create a quality LinkedIn Live stream

Now that you are determined to grow social media exposure of your business via LinkedIn Live, it is essential to know how to do it properly. Like with any marketing strategy, you need to pay special attention to your content. Your content has to be engaging and tailored to meet the expectations of your target audience. Keep in mind that LinkedIn is a network of professionals, educated business people, students, and educators. Choose topics that resonate well with your audience and incorporate well in the overall professional setting unique to the LinkedIn community.

two women having an interview
Live interviews are a great type of content you can promote through your LinkedIn Live stream

Some things you can share through your live streams are company announcements, reports on your performance, interesting events your company is hosting, or inside views on your company culture, achievements, and best practices. Other types of content you can effectively use are expert and leadership interviews which you can host or participate in. Use the interviews to get important messages across and give your audience a glimpse on the inside. Any of these categories will fit in well with the LinkedIn platform’s essence, which is to make meaningful connections in a community of professionals with shared interests. For more advice, it’s always good to consult with a professional social media agency.

Promote your LinkedIn live to increase exposure

According to LinkedIn, a staggering 87% of viewers would prefer watching content online instead of watching it on television if it meant more behind-the-scenes moments. This trend is the driving force for live streaming platforms across all social media. However, if you are a business, your live stream needs some planning, though. Besides planning your content, schedule and context, you need to plan your promotion as well. Promoting your LinkedIn Live is something you need to do to get the best exposure and reap results. There are many ways you can approach this, and some of the most common ones need you to:

  • Send invitations to your connections
  • Publish an announcement of your live event in a post
  • Use your personal account to share the announcement post
  • Share an event page with all the details
  • Create a LinkedIn Event ad campaign and launch it

Remember that the success of your LinkedIn Live effects lay in preparation and practice

Like with any marketing strategy, the results will depend on trial and error. You will invest time and money to optimize your campaigns, reach your target audience, and track your performance accordingly. The same principle applies to advertising your business via LinkedIn Live.

Learn from your mistakes and try new approaches to connecting with your target audience in the best possible way. Reference best practices for promoting your business on LinkedIn and consult with digital marketing experts if the need arises. After all, the success of any strategy is tied to having clear objectives you can realistically measure, and the best way to define those is with the assistance of industry professionals.

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