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Benefits of using storytelling marketing to boost your brand

At the core of every strong and recognizable brand, there is a story that gives it that unique spark. It is the story behind the company that bridges the gap between a product and a customer. Storytelling is one of the strongest tools in a marketer’s arsenal. And although a business can be successful without it, it can never reach its full potential. In this article, Digital Dot explores the benefits of storytelling marketing and how it can influence the overall strength of your brand in the long run.

5 benefits of using storytelling marketing

Storytelling typed out on paper.
At the end of the day, what everyone wants is a good story.

1. Storytelling makes your brand memorable

Nothing really surprising about it. From a young age, we are surrounded by stories that we use to make connections, develop ethics, and form values as well as memories. And that is something that we continue to explore throughout life. Whether we read them, hear them, or see them, we tend to grasp to stories and remember them. With the right approach, that is a very powerful tool to have.

With storytelling marketing, you are able to help customers to form memories around your brand. By focusing your efforts on conveying important messages through strong calls to action, you will be able to imprint the core values of your brand onto others. And by making your brand memorable, you create a long-term relationship with customers.

2. Storytelling helps you establish trust

Establishing lasting connections with customers is the goal of every marketer and should be the goal of every business owner. And the reasoning behind this is quite simple. Lasting relationships come from trust and lead to lifelong loyalty to your brand. And this loyalty translates to retaining customers that also take on the roles of brand promoters and ambassadors for your brand.

It all boils down to coming to understand your audience and their specific needs. Once you have that, you can start mapping out the buyer’s journey through your storytelling marketing. Personalization is the factor that can convert a good story into a great one. It is the link that helps customers establish a connection with your brand and put their trust in it.

3. Storytelling inspires others to take action

Person telling a story to friends outside.
Giving a voice to your brand can have a positive effect on others.

Think back on all the great speeches that you heard and the emotions they invoked in you. Whether it was a movie scene, a history book, or a TED talk – just think back and try to recall how you reacted to it. The fact is that storytelling drives people that are on the receiving end of it just as much as it drives the one that tells the story. But the difference is that the storyteller holds all the control and can use that control to inspire others to take action. And that is one of the benefits of storytelling – that it guides customers to the call to action (CTA).

If you are looking for ways to increase your conversion rate, presenting target audiences with a story is definitely a good path to follow. Create a story and then use the course of the story to guide others to the desired outcome. You might be surprised with how more effective the outcome will be in comparison to popups, sales pitches, or cold messages.

4. Storytelling gives life to content

As a professional digital marketing agency NYC, you get the chance to have contact with many different industries. And some are certainly more appealing when it comes to exploring creative ways to promote their brand. However, this does not mean that other less colorful industries have to miss out. With storytelling marketing, you have the potential to make any niche come alive in the minds of target audiences. 

Content is the driving force that communicates the values of brands to audiences. Today, it is the fabric that makes up the digital world – that ability to engage online users and lead them toward your business. And if you have troubles with creating a story out of your content, try starting with the basics. Create a skeleton structure for your content and build the rest from those bones.

5. Storytelling can reawaken old ideas

As the digital world continues to grow and all niches embrace modern advertising tactics, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain an innovative approach. SEO solutions, paid advertising, social media marketing, email campaigns – it’s all widely used and exploited. And there is little room left for “brand new” ideas that add value.

However, one of the benefits of storytelling marketing is that it can reawaken existing or outdated ideas. By taking old content and building a new story around it, you can give it a new twist that might just awaken a new perception in audiences. People are nostalgic by nature. We enjoy the comfort of memories, the emotions that we felt. And so, tapping into those sources with storytelling marketing can reawaken the desire to interact with your brand again and again.

Where to start with your storytelling marketing efforts?

All you need is a story and a desire to tell that story to others. With those two, you already have more than most. And once you do, it’s a matter of taking the steps necessary to give that story a structure:

  • Brainstorm ideas regarding your brand story. Map out the journey of your target audience and consider what it is that they want in a story. Look to them as the heroes of the story and your company as the presence to guide them to the finish line.
  • Establish your brand message. The core values, vision, and mission of your brand are the foundation of your brand. And your storytelling has to incorporate all those elements indirectly.
  • Look at other brands for ideas. Unique as your brand might be, the ability to portray it properly comes from your creativity. And sometimes, other brands might have a better approach to this than you.

Let us help you tell the story of your brand

Two women discussing storytelling marketing on a bench in a park.
Let others help perfect your storytelling marketing efforts.

It’s important to have someone to bounce ideas off of. With Digital Dot, you have a team of professionals with extensive experience when it comes to storytelling marketing that promotes a brand. We understand how to take a story and incorporate it into all the digital marketing activities of your company. Whenever you decide to test your story brand, give us a call and we will help you make it bulletproof.

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