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Best practices for high converting landing pages

Try and perceive your website as a representation of a brick-and-mortar shop. Just as the homepage would be its window, landing pages could be seen as the first shelves and racks displaying your product that the prospective customer will see upon entering. Surely, you want to provide your buyers with a clear image of what you offer, as well as simplify the road to make the purchase. An effective landing page should therefore be distinct and eye-catching, but also simple, comprehensible, and unambiguous.

Its purpose is two-fold: to clearly explain the type of product or service you are offering – and invite the buyer to take necessary action to acquire it. There are numerous practices for high converting landing pages that have been proven successful so far; read through our list of suggestions to learn what seasoned digital marketing experts have to say on the topic.

a person scrolling through a landing page on his tablet computer
A landing page that creates conversions should clearly state the sort of product or service you offer – and also contain a CTA, preferably “above the fold”.

1. Simplicity and its appeal

There are certain things that never go out of style – can you think of a common trait for all of them? It is the simplicity that keeps them continuously appealing. The same rule applies to the layout of your website and the impact of web design on conversion rates. One of the most important practices for high converting landing pages is to make sure your website’s visitors are able to immediately and clearly identify what you offer and how to get it. The only way to make sure nothing slips through the cracks is to give your landing page a clean, simple design. This helps in two very significant ways.

  • There are no visual distractions – the customer is able to notice the brand and its message instantly.
  • CTA will be more distinct – with too many distractions, be it visual or textual, it will take more time for your clients to notice the “call to action”

This is something web design professionals are well aware of: effective means sharp and simple when it comes to landing pages.

an image of landing pages on various devices, representing best practices for high-converting landing pages
When it comes to the design of your landing pages, use as few distractions as possible. A simple, clean webdesign will accentuate your brand’s message, as well as the CTA.

2. Never underestimate the power of words

Starting from the headline, followed by subtext and any additional copy you wish to use – make each word count. What this means is that one of the basic ways to create conversions through a landing page is to have compelling and effective content. With, of course, a clear message that comes across.

  • Extra tip: in order to ensure your landing page is clear content-wise, you need to know who you are addressing. Learn who your customers are and how they react to various types of messages. This is also an important step towards attracting the right crowd to your website.

Your website visitors must be able to tell what kind of product or services you offer in a matter of seconds. Using an additional copy to explain how you are able to provide exactly what the buyer needs/wants/should have at the moment is a secure path towards creating conversions. And while on the subject of content…

Make sure you optimize your landing page content for search engines

Use the content of your landing page wisely. This means you should make an effort to create a well-thought-out SEO strategy. Everything from keyword research to securing the backlinks to your landing page by using credible and persuasive copy will help your SEO efforts.

3. Place the key features above the fold

As you probably know, by saying “above the fold”, we refer to the part of the screen visible prior to any scrolling action. When it comes to the practices for high-converting landing pages – placing all, or at least most of the vital elements of your webpage above the fold is crucial. This includes the headline, as well as any immediate subheading and call to action feature visible for your buyers the second they land on your website.

However – do not overdo it. Cramming the upper part of your landing page with too many items will prevent the customers from noticing the CTA.

4. Remove any elements that would slow the landing page down

a person browsing the internet on a laptop computer
Your customers will visit your landing page using different devices – keep the loading time and performance optimized for each of them.

The speed of your landing page affects both conversion rates and SEO. There are multiple pieces of research evidence to support the claim that the loading speed of a webpage has an impact on customers’ desire to make the purchase.

Avoid losing clients by dropping any unnecessary elements that might slow down the performance of your landing page. This might call for the assistance of web development experts – do not shy away from using professionals to help you out in the matter.

  • Your customers will use various devices to access your landing page. Make sure you optimize the speed for each of them. 

Keypoints of creating a high converting landing page

Although the rules and practices for high converting landing pages are not set in stone, there are certain guidelines to stick to if you wish your business to benefit from a webpage you present your customers with. These include:

  • A powerful, distinct, and visible CTA.
  • A crystal clear brand message.
  • Simple and unique webpage design.
  • Search engine optimized content.
  • No unnecessary elements.
  • Key features placed above the fold.
  • Optimal loading speed.
  • Trust-boosting social proof that improves the image of your brand.
  • Understanding your customers’ needs.

Regardless of how straightforward all of it may sound, creating a high converting landing page takes a significant amount of time and effort. More often than not, getting in touch with professionals in the field of digital marketing will help boost your landing page conversions immensely.

Contact Digital Dot and schedule a consultation – find out how we can help with issues such as this one and successfully boost your conversion rates!

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