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Harmony Ridge's Digital Success Story

Discover how Harmony Ridge Recovery Center enhanced its online visibility through customized digital solutions for addiction treatment centers, showcasing the transformative impact of tailored strategies in reaching individuals seeking recovery support.

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About Harmony Ridge Recovery Center

Since 2018, Harmony Ridge Recovery Center in West Virginia has been dedicated to helping people break free from substance abuse. With a digital strategy designed just for them, we've helped spread their message wider, making a real difference in more lives.

Challenges Harmony Ridge Faced

  • Design flaws caused poor user experiences, increased bounce rates, and shorter site visits.
  • Unclear Call-to-Action harmed conversions
  • Weak SEO led to lower visibility and discoverability.
  • Design issues and SEO harmed brand image and consistency.
  • Unoptimized content failed to engage visitors effectively.
  • Slow loads, broken links, and poor images hindered SEO.
  • Weak backlink strategy didn’t contribute to website authority and brand reputation.

Our Action Plan

Website Improvement

We enhanced CTA buttons in strategic places on the homepage to improve user experience, so information and help are more accessible.

SEO & SEO Copywriting

400k+ words of optimized content with relevant keywords have improved the center's online presence.

GBP Management

We optimized their Google Business Profile to ensure they stood out from the competition, significantly boosting their visibility in local searches and expanding their reach.

Backlink Strategy

We focused on securing mentions on sites relevant to our client's niche and geographically targeted sites, enhancing visibility, and ensuring that the website traffic was higher in volume and more relevant.

Our Results in Numbers


words of optimized content


keywords on the 1st page of Google


keywords in the top 10 Google pages


increase in the number of referring domains

Our comprehensive digital strategy heightened Harmony Ridge's online presence and ensured they reached the right audience. With 780+ keywords on the first page of Google and a 90% increase in referring domains, we've set a new standard for digital excellence in recovery services.

Results Achieved


A leap to 1.56M from 629K
in just one year.


Achieved 54.3K, growing from 13.8K with a 293% increase

Organic Visibility:

Soared from 6.62% to 46.11% Year-to-Date.

Organic Traffic:

Increase from 8.800 to 35.381

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Harmony Ridge Recovery Center

Digital Dot's efforts have significantly increased call volume and overall admissions, exceeding expectations. The team deeply understands the client's goals and takes the time to analyze the industry. Virtual meetings and emails ensure seamless project management.

David Kosiba,

Director of Marketing

Bright Futures Treatment Center

DigitalDot implemented a variety of effective techniques to enhance our website’s visibility in local search results and attract qualified leads. They leveraged local SEO tactics, such as optimizing our Google My Business listing, creating location-specific landing pages, and incorporating relevant keywords into our on-page content. By doing so, they ensured that our website was not only attracting organic traffic but also encouraging visitors to pick up the phone and engage with our business directly.

Alex Alonso,

Chief Operating Officer

Little Creek Recovery

Digital Dot’s web design team created a visually appealing and user-friendly website that perfectly represents the mission and values of Little Creek Recovery Center. From the initial consultation to the final product, they paid meticulous attention to detail and incorporated our feedback seamlessly. Their expertise in search engine optimization (SEO) is unmatched. They conducted a thorough analysis of our target audience, industry trends, and competition, allowing them to develop a comprehensive SEO strategy tailored specifically to our needs. We have seen substantial growth since beginning to work with Digital Dot.

Olivia Morgan

Marketing Manager