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Digital marketing statistics for start-ups

Whether you have recently started a business of your own, or are planning to do so in the near future – spreading the word around is one of the essential first steps to take. Marketing is an important part of every business development strategy, regardless of how small it may be in the beginning. In today’s world, having at least some kind of digital marketing strategy is considered essential if you wish to establish your brand and gain recognition. Where should you start? Learning from other business owners and their tactics is one way to go.

Going through digital marketing statistics for start-ups will probably help you gain a clearer image of where your efforts should be pointed, and whether or not this is something you’ll be able to successfully handle on your own – or some assistance from digital marketing New York professionals might come in handy.

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Use statistics and the experience of others to understand which way to focus your marketing efforts.

Building your brand image

In order to give your start-up a fair chance at succeeding, your primary goal at the beginning ought to be building brand awareness. Use digital marketing to create a clearer image of your business, target the crowd you wish to address, and increase your reach. What are the digital marketing statistics for start-ups you should keep in mind?

  • There is research evidence indicating that 70-80% of people do their own online research of a company before making the purchase or visiting the business itself.
  • Customers prefer learning about your offer through content – rather than ads: 70% of customers share this particular trait.

Clearly, the online presence of your business is of utmost importance. Your prospective buyers will want to find out more about your brand and your product or services; make sure you provide enough information and create a quality image of your company.

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There are numerous ways to improve the online presence of your brand – including a UX-based website and an elaborate, long-term content strategy.

Biggest marketing challenges start-up commonly face

This is a mistake fewer start-ups have been making recently – and one you definitely do not want to make. Being aware of how important it is to be present in the online world, regardless of what sort of start-up you plan to run – an online business or a regular brick-and-mortar store.

But merely setting up a website will not be enough – making sure it speaks to your target audience and is user-friendly and effective is just as important.

  • Users are 88% less likely to visit a website after a bad experience.

Do not shy away from seeking out the help of digital marketing professionals – you might need assistance with your website performance and design, search engine optimization, as well as creating an appropriate social media strategy.

The importance of web design

When it comes to digital marketing statistics for start-ups that deal with the design of your website – here are two pieces of information to keep in mind:

  • 75% of visitors will judge your business on the basis of its website quality.
  • It takes only .05 seconds for a user to form an opinion about your website.

What these two eye-opening statements mean combined is that special attention should be paid to creating an effective design for your website. There are numerous ways to improve the website’s design. Focus on simplicity and allow visitors to understand the message you are trying to convey about your brand instantly. Pay attention to every single detail – the colors, the elements, the placement, CTA, etc.

Advantages of increasing SEO efforts

  • 87% of customers using a smartphone visit a search engine daily.
  • Almost one-half of all Google searches are local.

Search engine optimization is one of the basic principles of digital marketing. In order to gain long-term results and get ahead of the competition, make sure your start-up has an SEO strategy prepared. Growing your organic presence is not an overnight process. It takes time and includes more than just quality content; there is also user experience as well as website performance to consider. As creating an effective SEO strategy can be an elaborate endeavor – it often requires hiring seasoned SEO experts.

Use the impact of social media

How will you choose to spread the word about your new business? Today, one should never fail to recognize the immense power of social media:

  • Social media and e-mail marketing are the most common tools used by small businesses: 48% of them use social media.
  • Over 60% of start-ups choose to invest in social media marketing.

Your social media efforts greatly depend on the line of work you do. There is a reason so many small businesses opt for investing money in social media marketing – it is a streamlined and efficient way to reach a greater audience and work on your brand recognition.

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Spread the word about your business: use statistics indicating that investing in social media marketing is one of the most effective ways of gaining brand awareness.

There are two facts notable from almost all of the information stated above: your brand and your business depend on your own efforts as much as they depend on your customers. In the online world, there is always a way to improve your digital image. Whether you choose to invest in an immaculately designed website, extensive SEO strategy, social media marketing – or check all of these boxes at once, you should be able to find guidance along the lines of already established digital marketing facts and statistics. Use them to your advantage – and do not hesitate to reach out to professionals and create a more efficient digital marketing strategy for your start-up.

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