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FB retargeting – best practices

Online marketing uses many different approaches in order to help companies boost sales. The typical strategy is to focus on a target audience and deliver them ads for your products. Of course, this is preceded by a lot of research. You can boost the effectiveness of the marketing by offering your audience products they will be interested in. However, not everyone in your audience is going to purchase your products. Naturally, the question comes up of what you should do about people who are considering a purchase but are indecisive. The most straightforward approach is to target them again. In this article, we are going to be discussing one of the ways to boose the number of lead you get from Facebook. Keep reading to learn about the best practices for FB retargeting efforts.

What is retargeting?

  • In marketing terms, retargeting is the practice of showing ads to those users who have previously expressed interest in your products, but have not yet made a purchase.

Retargeting is often used for eCommerce websites when visitors browse items without buying them. Modern software tools will allow you to know which items the users looked at. You can then send ads featuring those items to the same user later.

Facebook is the dominant marketing and retargeting social media platform.
Facebook has guides for retargeting users.

The main idea behind retargeting is to get users thinking about your products again. Of course, retargeting will make users more likely to come back and purchase the items. After all, you are offering your website visitors items they initially expressed an interest in. People frequently need some time before buying items. Not everyone makes impulse purchases on the spot. Therefore, it makes sense to remind users that your products are still available.

Facebook is making great efforts to expand its marketplace features. Users can now make direct purchases without leaving the platform. This makes advertising and FB retargeting – best practices that your company should follow to achieve increased sales. You can hire a digital marketing agency New York for help in designing your social media marketing campaign.

FB retargeting – best practices

#1: Facebook’s own recommendations for retargeting

Facebook has business suite best practices for dynamic ads that you can follow:

  • Audience exclusions. You can exclude products specific products from your retargeting ads. Just make a custom combination of factors for the products you wish to exclude. Alternatively, you can exclude target members of the audience, like people who have made recent purchases with you. This can let you focus on those visitors who haven’t completed their purchases.
  • Audience segmentation. Segment your audience by various factors so you can focus on those who are more valuable to you. Create different segments based on the action type, time, the device used, or product category.
  • Cross-selling. Offer products that complement previous purchases which your customers made. You can attempt upselling by offering higher-value products along with their purchase.
  • Retention windows. Extend retention windows to reach more people with your ads.

#2: Create specialized ads

People doing research on computer to find the best retargeting ads.
Carefully develop several versions of your ads.

Since you are already planning to segment your audience you should take that strategy a step further. Unfortunately having just one type of retarget ad doesn’t make for a personalized experience. The most common scenario you’ll be facing is that many different people will view the same product. Therefore it doesn’t make sense to send all of them the same ads. You should custom tailor the experience for each of your audience segments, even if it’s for the same product. By creating specialized ads for your audience you’ll boost conversions and achieve more sales.

#3: Retarget people who follow your page

The first step in your Facebook advertising campaign should be to create a strong company profile. Building up a large following obviously takes a lot of time and effort. Thankfully, you can use that following to boost the reach of your marketing. One of the best ways to get conversions is to market to people who already follow your page. Since those users have expressed an interest in your products, it makes sense to retarget them in your campaign. Engage your audience by including them in your retarget ads.

#4: Give discounts when retargeting

Person making online purchase after retargeting.
Users can view ads and make direct purchases on the same platform.

When it comes to FR retargeting – best practices should include giving discounts to close the sale. However, the discounts don’t need to be the first thing you retarget people with. Try to initially get people to convert by sending them a standard retarget ad. Perhaps they will be willing to purchase the product at the regular price if you retarget them. If they clicked on that, but still haven’t made a purchase, you can then send them a discounted offer.

Create specialized offers only for people who have looked at your products multiple times. Make the offer personalized and give them a unique code that only they can use. People really value the personalized touch, and it benefits the overall user experience. This approach can tip the scales and be that final nudge that the user needed.

#5: Try different approaches

In order to figure out what works best, you can try several different ads. Conduct testing and track the results to see what works best for your chosen audience. With digital marketing, you can set a small budget and use that as a sample group. Although if you aren’t experienced with focus groups and test results you might want to consult experts in social media marketing services NYC.

When conducting testing, you can experiment with several different elements of your ads. Change the photo you use, the call to action, or even the ad’s title. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t make too many changes at once. This will just skew your results and make things difficult to track. Over time you’ll reach a refined version of your ad which works best for the chosen audience.

The bottom line

These are the most important of Facebook’s official recommendations on FB retargeting. Of course, there are other ways to retarget Facebook audiences. However, we have also given you some advice that comes from our experience in crafting social media marketing campaigns. Creating the perfect ads for retargeting takes a lot of effort, but it can also give you amazing results. It’s time to revisit those old leads and rekindle their interest in your products. For more information, make sure to schedule a social media consultation with our team of experts!

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