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How LinkedIn helps your business?

The importance of owning a carefully thought-out social media strategy for your business has become well-known in recent years. But have you got an up-to-date viewpoint on which social network platforms are the most powerful ones in terms of spreading awareness about your business and promoting it the right way? Today, digital marketers are familiar with all the ways having an account on LinkedIn helps your business. With more than 750 million users, this platform offers an immense array of possibilities for both B2B and B2C inclined brands. Being user-friendly and professional, LinkedIn offers numerous options for promoting your business and helping your brand grow.

The importance of having a LinkedIn account

A team of business people, holding the LinkedIn logo sign.
Whether you are trying to promote your business to clients or other companies, LinkedIn offers a wide array of possibilities to complete this goal successfully.

There are many people out there who see LinkedIn only as a meaningful tool for job hunters and growing a professional network. However, Linked in helps your business in so many other, more important ways.

Having a company page offers a chance to build and present the story of your brand; but it also promotes your business among the target crowd, engages with people and companies alike, and spreads overall awareness of your business online. This is why your company profile should be well-managed and informative.

How to effectively maintain your LinkedIn page

In order to use every benefit of a LinkedIn page for your business, it is important to put some effort into creating a well-rounded page that provides a sufficient amount of useful information. These pieces of information will serve multiple purposes:

  • Introducing your services and products to other LinkedIn users.
  • Providing content that benefits your target audience.
  • Standing out from the competition.
  • Tracking down candidates able to contribute to further development of your business.

Creating a LinkedIn strategy and sharing your page

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Spread awareness about your brand, your product, or your services by setting up a well-rounded LinkedIn page for your business.

Once your LinkedIn Page has been set up, some effort is to be made in order to inform people about it. There are various ways you can notify your potential audience about your recent LinkedIn activities.

  • Send an email to your employees, sharing the information on the company’s LinkedIn Page, so they can follow it and add your page as their workplace.
  • You can promote your page through your other social media profiles, newsletter, or by adding a LinkedIn button to your website.
  • As a page admin on LinkedIn, you are able to invite your connections to follow your company page.

After sharing the news of your newly setup page, the next step towards LinkedIn helping your business is creating a social media marketing strategy suitable for this particular platform. This step greatly depends on your goals. There are several different ways in which a LinkedIn page can spread awareness of your brand and help your business grow. You can use LinkedIn as a vessel for hiring new employees, reaching out to new potential clients, social selling – or you can simply use it for all of these activities simultaneously. The important thing is to develop a strategy that will be effective enough for all of these goals.

  • Extra tip: Do not hesitate to reach out to experienced social marketers – there is a vast marketing potential hiding behind this social platform. Getting just the right piece of advice or precious information may go a long way.

Think about demographics

In order to use the full potential of this platform and the numerous ways LinkedIn helps your business grow you need to think about the demographics. In what way? Firstly, think about your own target crowd. Who do you wish to notify about the products or services you offer. Is your company a B2B or B2C-focused business? What is the profile of your prospective clients?

After mapping out who you wish to reach through LinkedIn, the next step is to learn how to find your way around LinkedIn. Learn who uses this platform and who are the people and companies you can reach by using it. Next, take a look at the company pages of your competitors. Notice the way in which they use their profiles; this is also an effective way to perceive certain marketing mistakes you can avoid making.

Plan in advance

Woman looking at her laptop.
If your goal is to use the full potential of this platform and the numerous ways LinkedIn helps your business grow – try thinking about the demographics first.

Your LinkedIn efforts will be all the more beneficial if you opt for having a plan of activities and trying to stick to it. Once you set up a LinkedIn marketing strategy, you can set up a posting plan and prepare for providing useful and informative content. By planning in advance, you can be sure you have managed to fulfill all your goals and that every aspect of your strategy has been covered.

Optimize your LinkedIn page for SEO

Your brand’s search visibility can be increased by optimizing your LinkedIn page for SEO. By applying similar tactics you have probably already done on your website, you will make it easier for your company to appear in search results. This will, in turn, create more leads and conversions. In order to optimize your LinkedIn page, try implementing the following actions:

  • Customize your profile URL – a┬áLinkedIn page with a customized URL will commonly rank higher in organic search results.
  • Include keywords – LinkedIn profile and page of your business should include target keywords (based on previously conducted keyword research).
  • Name your profile and banner images – naturally, the captions should include relevant keywords.
  • Publish optimized content – include keywords and work on the overall SEO quality of every piece of content you post.
  • Update the content on your LinkedIn page frequently
  • Create backlinks

There is vast potential hiding behind setting up a company page on LinkedIn – however, it is necessary to put some effort into research and implementation of the activities. Contacting digital marketing professionals may help you maximize the efficiency of the ways LinkedIn helps your business. Utilize every available option to make your brand number one choice!

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