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How to boost your business with organic traffic

Even for people that have spent several months researching SEO, the different types of traffic there are can be confusing. Whether we’re discussing organic traffic, paid traffic, or direct traffic – digital marketer rookies have a hard time dealing with either. Take the chance to make things easier for yourself by going through our detailed article on the subject of organic traffic. Today, we exemplify how best to boost your business with organic traffic, what makes it so important today, its benefits as well as the steps necessary to increase it. Define, analyze and improve to become the number one brand in your niche – that is the mission Digital Dot stands behind!

Introduction – What is Organic Traffic?

  • Organic Traffic represents all the visitors that come to a website from unpaid search engine results.

When someone does an online search of a particular keyword or question – they receive a combination of search results that includes both top-ranked pages on the topic as well as paid ads. The paid ads are marked so as to help others differentiate them from the organic results pages.

Each time someone follows an organic result, they are automatically taken to that website. That visit is then recorded in analytics tools and marked under organic search traffic.

Charts and graphs.
Establishing strong organic traffic can improve your business long-term.

The difference between Organic Traffic and Paid Search Traffic

Paid traffic is the complete opposite of organic traffic. In the case of paid searches, the visitors come to a website through paid ads. Which brings us to the very basics of how search engines operate. They offer two ways to gain traffic:

  1. One way refers to ranking high on the first page of search results. That is usually where SEO steps in to offer long-term solutions. With the implementation of proper SEO strategies, one can secure a constant flow of organic traffic on a website. However, long-term solutions take longer to come to fruition – optimization is no exception to this rule. It takes time and patience for results to be visible.
  2. The other way is oriented toward the use of Google Ads to promote your website through paid advertising. That is where the application of Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing comes into play. Unlike SEO, this approach offers faster results, but they are also short-term and require payment for each click that comes your way. Hence, most companies tend to use it as a temporary short-term solution at best.

What is the importance of organic traffic for a website?

The fact is that, in comparison to other forms of traffic, organic traffic is the most important to ensure the online success of your business. It trumps paid traffic, social media traffic, as well as direct traffic. And the fundamental reason behind this is the fact that it is targeted. Users that come to your website through organic searches are the most likely to end up there with a specific intent in mind. They start off seeking a solution or answer to a question, for which the search engines recommend your website at the top of the list.

By optimizing your website to provide the insight that the organic visitors expect to find, you gain the chance to convert them into subscribers, leads, or potential customers. Additionally, organic traffic benefits your business by boosting brand recognition and offers a number of other benefits, the most essential of which we will go through now:

1. The majority of leads that come through organic searches are stronger ones

Generating high-quality leads for your business is easier with organic traffic.
Leads that come through organic searches are much more reliable and likely to convert.

The fact that strength lies in numbers is always true. However, with consumers, a business needs to consider the quality of those numbers as well. Hence, a company has little use of a hundred people visiting its website if none of them end up converting into customers. That is why the overall quality of leads matters as much. And this particular metric is easily measurable through search intent.

Why is search intent so important?

You’ve probably heard it before – the better acquainted you are with your target audiences, the more capable you are to convert them. By knowing the search intent of online visitors, you are better equipped to predict their expectations and answer them accordingly through your content. The content on your website should:

  • Completely match the searcher’s intent.
  • Shift the awareness of the reader.

The more simple you make it for visitors to identify your offer as the superior one among others, the better off you will be. However, in order to achieve that, you first need to consider the journey they go through to arrive on your website. Preparation is crucial here. And the analysis of your organic traffic benefits your business by offering this data.

2. Organic search traffic is a sustainable approach

One of the main downsides of PPC is the sheer short-term effectiveness it offers. Each paid advertising campaign has a limited time frame. Although it offers instant results, it also costs to invest in, maintain, and manipulate.

On the other hand, that is not something you need to concern yourself about when it comes to organic traffics. Here, we have long-term sustainability that a well-established SEO strategy can ensure. Certainly, it can take time to see the results, but once they do come, they tend to last for years to come. Organic traffic is evergreen, to put it simply.

Maintenance is required, so there is that to consider. However, with the proper team of SEO specialists behind you, monitoring trends and adapting to ever-changing search engine algorithms and updates can be much simpler to manage. And as a result, you can gain a sustainable system for generating continuous organic traffic to your website.

3. Your business ends up saving money in the long run

Person holding dollar bills in hands
Established and daily organic traffic ends up saving money long-term.

Once again, we turn to the overall investments required for the implementation of paid traffic. PPC campaigns are expensive to put in motion, let alone maintain and test until getting the results you want. Attempts to lower Cost Per Click (CPC) and to increase Click-Through Rate (CTR) never cease to end with paid traffic.

When you boost your business with organic traffic, you don’t need to invest as much. The tactic itself is very low-cost while high-impact. The only downside is that it takes time and long-term investments. But when you take into consideration the overall profitability it offers in comparison with paid advertising, it’s still the more budget-friendly path to take.

And ultimately, once you do end up creating the necessary amount of top-ranking content, a strong social media presence, and a globally recognizable brand – maintaining it all will be very easy to finance. Basically, by then, you will have built an entire system that charges itself – generating constant traffic while practically costing you nothing in return.

4. Your business can’t hope to remain competitive without organic traffic

Increase your online authority with investments in organic traffic.
You need organic traffic to remain competitive.

Ranking for high-value keywords on search results pages is not a preference any longer – it is now a necessity to remain competitive in your niche. The implementation of SEO has become non-negotiable when it comes to attracting high volumes of organic traffic to your website. And if you are unsure of this, just check out your competitors. They are investing resources in optimization and ranking, using everything they can to try and corner the online market as much as possible.

It’s simple – organic traffic boosts your business by giving it an advantage over your competitors without having to outspend them. By taking the time to develop your content strategy and appearing on the first page of search results, you can strike gold. Establishing dominance on search results leads to establishing dominance in the digital market. By accomplishing that, you can outrank your competitors without having to fight for each customer and conversion.

The content you create is the fuel that drives traffic

Top-quality content that is useful and engaging in the eyes of customers is not something that your competitors can easily replace. unlike paid advertising which one can backtrack, dissect and replicate – content is far more complex. SEO competitive analysis takes time and top-rated software to dig up, not to mention the expertise of experienced marketers to go through and analyze. All in all – the experience and insight that your content provides needs to be unique to ensure that none of your competitors can steal it.

Organic traffic works like currency for helping your business pay the toll of its online presence

The more people you have coming to your website through search results, the better your position is for becoming an online authority in your respective niche. Being the cornerstone when it comes to the products/services your company offers has great value and even greater potential. It leads to brand recognition, which results in gaining natural links to your website and an opportunity to profit from offering backlinks from your site to others.

5. It helps companies bulletproof their marketing strategies

Boost your business with organic traffic and other strategies.
Make sure to cover all your bases beyond the implementation of boosting your business with organic traffic.

The fact of the matter is that not all your site visitors are identical. And not all of them will hear of you in the same way or come to your doorstep through the same channels. If your brand is strong enough, some might hear of your business offline and look you up online. Others might come through social media or email marketing channels. That is why it is so important to mark that first contact with your business and start building from there.

Although the primary focus of most businesses is and should be on organic traffic, you can’t afford to neglect other channels of advertising. If you truly want a strong and tight digital marketing strategy, you need to make sure that all your ends are covered. And that involves visiting and planning out your:

Organic traffic can function and maintain your ROI by itself, but it works even better in combination with other channels of advertising. And any marketer worth listening to will tell you the same. Never limit yourself to a single type of audience. Always make sure to build in backrooms in your sales funnel.

How can you accomplish this and upgrade your traffic income?

Just take a closer look at the visitors. Consider who they are, where they are coming from, how did they hear about you, what their past habits were, etc. Based on the insight that you gather, you can do any of the following:

  • Modify your blog and overall content to match their needs.
  • Prioritize other marketing channels more based on current trends.
  • Re-focus your brand story to touch on the fundamental issues at hand.

All these modifications serve to boost your organic traffic and can influence your bottom line at the end of the day.

6. To this day, organic traffic remains the #1 online marketing asset for companies

Just think about it for a second – how much we’ve come to rely on other search engines for just about anything. If you have questions or doubts, your first instinct is to Google it. It’s simple math really – the modern world has become dependant on technology to the point where 93% of all online interactions begin with a search engine.

The truth is that organic traffic offers you the audience insight necessary for you to adjust and tailor your offer to. By taking the time and energy to look at each piece of your organic traffic, you can:

  • Learn about the obstacles your target audience faces and find a common language with them to get through it.
  • See how online visitors respond to your content and modify it accordingly.
  • Understand what triggers consumers online and how best to call on them to take action and opt for your business.

7. Boosts quality and engagement of incoming visitors

Woman looking at her phone
Boost engagement with visitors through the use of rich content and boost organic traffic.

Sure, having a good position for relevant keywords will ensure a regular flow of target audiences. And that will quickly result in new leads and customers that will recognize your brand for the unique offer it has. However, organic audiences are like algorithms – you need to invest in new ways to keep them engaged. Therefore, you need to make sure that your content is always richer and more up to the task than the previous one. And appealing to their curiosity is not enough – you need that Call to Action (CTA) that will push them through the front doors.

Your customers need a rich content experience even when they are not aware that they do. So, what can you do about it? Don’t create for the sake of filling out a blank space. Focus your efforts on how to make each piece of content a clear mission statement. You never really know just how much time leads have to spend on your website – so it’s important to inspire them at every step of the path pf exploring your web pages.

How can you make your content more engaging?

Explore the different types of content – play around with it but always have a clear goal in mind. Whether you want to convert through a landing page or to prepare audiences for an incoming paid campaign – make it count. Just remember that as the person that it creating and posting the content, you hold all the cards – how you use them is up to you.

Micro-conversions through in-depth content creation are always a step in the right direction. So, what are some of the steps you can take to make your content pop:

  • Inviting headlines and sub-headings.
  • Blog summaries at the very beginning of the post.
  • Interlinking to other equally useful and relevant blogs.
  • Asking questions and offering answers.
  • Offering real-life examples of the knowledge you share.
  • Incorporating images and videos to better exemplify your topic.
  • Offering social media share buttons to invite readers to promote your content.
  • Providing CTAs to have visitors explore other blogs or contact you for a consult.

These are just some examples of how to interact with audiences online and establish a proper relationship with potential customers. People want to get as many answers in a single post as they possibly can. That kind of quality takes time, certainly – but it is well worth it in the long run. Because those pages are the ones that will have the capacity to drive constant organic traffic to your website in the months and years to come.

8. Higher credibility

People shaking hands over a table with different devices.
Organic traffic helps businesses establish credibility early on.

In truth, less than 5% of online traffic comes from paid ads. Despite the positioning of ads, people are reluctant to click on the paid results and are always more trusting when it comes to organic search results. And that makes perfect sense – if you want the best and most useful answer, you don’t expect a paid ad to provide that. Organic search results convey more credibility because you know that it took a lot for them to earn that first-page position.

And it goes a step beyond this as well. People that find your content and come from organic traffic are more loyal than others – they start by trusting your brand based on your position. even if they don’t have any experience with digital marketing, a part of them understands the value of appearing on that first page.

9. Excellent tactic for building your brand into something lasting

On average, Google processes over 3.5 billion searches on a daily basis. That roughly translates to 40 thousand searches each second. Imagine coming to a stage where each time someone searches for a relevant keyword for your niche, they see your company on that first page. Just take a moment to consider the impact of such an endeavor on your business.

Having your brand on the first page of search results for several keywords equals a whole lot of attention for your business. Such a status can launch your brand into a dominant position in your industry and way ahead of your competitors. Therein lies the essential importance of organic traffic when it comes to growing your business into something that can last through the ages. But the question that arises from all this is – how does a company use organic traffic to build its brand into something as established?

#1: Research and target the right keywords

Ranking high for irrelevant keywords is similar to having a billboard in the middle of a desert – nobody can really notice it. Instead, you need to ensure that you are targeting the right audiences by barking up the right tree with your selection of keywords and the content you create and optimize for them. Luckily, there are plenty of tools that you can use to find the best keywords for your industry, based on competitiveness and search volume.

#2: Focus on improving overall user experience

Your website is the showcase for your business and the products/services you offer. Therefore, it is important for users that come through organic searches that everything is perfect. Site visitors need to be able to easily navigate through your website, look at it as something pleasant to the eye, and access it quickly and from all devices.

#3: Your brand story plays a key role in using the organic traffic you get

The mission statement of your company needs to be transparent and clear. Hence, your brand story should convey trust and consistency for your business to impact the people coming to your website. Anything less can end up costing your leads and increasing your bounce rate, not to mention losing reputation points with the online community.

Ensure organic traffic to your website and improve your business today

If you want to appear among the first search results once your customers look up the type of services you offer, which SEO will certainly make happen, all you have to do is schedule an SEO consultation with Digital Dot. We will assess your goals and current standing which will help us create the best strategy for your needs. With the options you have at your disposal, there is no reason not to utilize all the potentials SEO offers.

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