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How to create a customer-centric marketing strategy

Competition in online spaces has become incredibly fierce. Users are constantly being bombarded by all sorts of advertisements. It’s no longer enough to rely on witty marketing to get users to notice your business. Of course, clever ads might cause users to chuckle, but they will probably just continue scrolling and forget about your business in a matter of seconds. The best way to get users to pay attention to your company is to have their needs and interests in mind when you are designing your marketing. Here’s how to create a customer-centric marketing strategy that is guaranteed to succeed.

Understand and connect to your audience

Marketing expert doing research on user needs and interests.
Find out what your users are interested in.

We suggest that you do extensive research into your target demographics. Get to know who your ideal customer is and make dedicated customer profiles for each segment of your customer base. If you want to create a customer-centric marketing strategy, you will need to know who your customers are. Even one product should be marketed in different ways for each segment of your audience.

Having a generic approach to your marketing will come across as cold and detached. Your brand should be diverse enough to satisfy the needs of different types of customers. However, research into your customers doesn’t necessarily need to be complicated. For the most part, customers are very vocal about their desires. All you have to do is to pay attention to what they are saying. On the other hand, feel free to start the conversation yourself and engage users on your social channels. This tactic has the side benefit of boosting your SEO.

Aim for long term value

Don’t treat your products like disposable commodities and your clients won’t either. Additionally, it would help if you didn’t sever all ties to your customers once their purchase is completed. Instead, you should always try to provide long-term value for your customers. This applies to your product design, but also to your marketing and sales. For example, you can offer customer support during the entire customer journey.

Avoid short-term marketing strategies that are only meant to promote immediate sales. By providing long-term value in every interaction with your customers, you will prove to your audience that you have their best interests in mind. Search engines are also promoting a customer-centric approach, and Google will position websites that cater to customers’ needs higher when it is delivering search results.

Use content marketing that will interest your customers

User looking at content on smartphone.
User-created content can be the basis of your customer-centric marketing campaign.

Users generally don’t want to view advertising that tells them how amazing your products are. Customers will expect businesses to promote their products, and probably won’t be too excited about your ads. Modern audiences prefer to be entertained and educated through content marketing. If you ask social media marketing NYC experts, content marketing is what sets modern businesses apart from their competition. The best places for content marketing are obviously social networks since that’s where users go for entertainment and to view content online.

The content you use for marketing should be created in a way to cater to audience interests, but to also provide genuine value. Keep in mind that if you are creating content that is intended to be used on social networks, you should see what works best for those platforms. For example, if you plan to advertise on TikTok then you should create vertical videos since they are the most shared content on that platform.

Promote user-created content

A recent trend for content marketing is to feature the content created by your users. Top digital marketing agencies in NYC found that audiences are more receptive to content created by other users. As a business owner, you can incentivize your customers to create content by hosting contests and offering prizes. Ask customers to share their experiences with your products, and reward the most creative submissions.

Another efficient way to create a customer-centric marketing strategy is to share the success stories of your customers. This can make other users more invested in your marketing since they are more likely to form emotional bonds with other people than they are with brands. By sharing your customers’ success stories you are also empowering your users, and sending them a message that you are proud of their accomplishments.

Use social proof in your marketing

Man looking over his shoulder in the office.
Personalized offers always draw a lot of attention from customers.

When we are discussing web design and marketing, social proof refers to the use of customer reviews and testimonials. If you have plenty of satisfied customers who would gladly put in a good word for your company, you can use their positive word of mouth to create a customer-centric marketing strategy. Hire professionals for web design services New York to implement features that enable easy commenting on your website.

However, if you choose to have these features, you should also take the time to respond to user comments. Make sure that you immediately resolve any customer issues or complaints. You will build trust with website visitors if they see that you are responsive and that you listen to what your customers are telling you.

Create personalized offers

There are many digital tools that can help you track customer purchasing habits, as well as behavior on your website. You can use this information to offer your users discounts for products they will be interested in. Divide your customer base by their interests and then use targeted marketing to send them personalized offers.

In order to create the best offers for your customers, you can look at various website metrics. For each website visitor you can ask the following questions: how did they arrive on your landing page, which items did they look at, and did they place any items in their cart before leaving your website. These questions can all provide valuable information which you can use to custom-tailor the perfect offer.

To summarize

Before you can create a customer-centric marketing strategy, you first need to research what your customers need and what they are interested in. However, once you have that information, there are several ways you can create a marketing strategy that is entertaining, informative, and effective at boosting your sales.

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