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The impact of 5G on digital marketing

One of the changes that hit the tech world is the appearance of 5G. This step in technology development has brought many changes and advantages, and some of them have made digital marketing different. This article will focus on the impact of 5G on digital marketing, and the ways this technology is making the industry better.

What is 5G technology?

Firstly, let’s go through some basic information about 5G. Fifth-generation wireless is a more reliable, faster technology that has a greater capacity and promises higher performance to even more users. The responsiveness of wireless networks is increased, whereas latency is minimized. Latency with a 4G network is about 60 to 98 milliseconds, whereas 5G wireless technology ensures latency is under 5 milliseconds.

Compared to 4G, this new technology ensures faster downloads with minimum issues, which tremendously affects both the online and offline world. The main goal – improved user experience to levels never seen before. So, how does digital marketing fit into this picture? Let’s find out.

What’s the impact of 5G on digital marketing?

An vector image illustration of 5G tech.
Better and faster – high-speed internet surely makes an impact on digital marketing.

With technology evolving every day, digital marketing looks for a way to adapt and get the most out of the current situation. With 5G wireless technology, certain changes happened in the digital marketing industry as well. Let’s see how the rise of the 5G technology changes digital marketing strategies and what aspects marketers should focus on in the future.

Video marketing at its best

Higher internet speeds make it easier to play videos of higher quality. The users’ ability to load content much faster is a perfect opportunity for digital marketers to advertise through videos. This is also a great opportunity to be more creative as HQ videos make it easier to present your ideas. Furthermore, with higher internet speed video platforms such as TikTok and Youtube have become more popular. For that reason, experts from social media marketing agency New York suggest focusing on these platforms in 2022 for maximum results. Adapt your video content to the target audience, offer interesting ideas, and expect better results at no time.

VR and AR get a more special place in the digital marketing world

When there are no internet loading issues, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality get a whole new dimension. This amazing technology gives digital marketers to create VR&AR content that will catch users’ attention and make the content stand out from the competition. However, the content shouldn’t be random – do research on your target audience to create content they’ll be interested in.

Ability to make interactive ads

With 5G technology, heavy interactive ads won’t be an issue anymore. From now on, you can also use interactive content, and expect your users to respond quickly and easily. This gives endless possibilities with the way marketers will create content and places/devices users will consume it. Furthermore, the interactive screen doesn’t need to be only on the mobile phone. You can create interactive ads on TV screens in shopping malls or out in the street. Creativity gets new freedom this way and as a digital marketer, be sure to use it as much as possible.

Mobile eCommerce gets even stronger

Person holding a phone and credit card.
Mobile eCommerce is one of the results of the impact of 5G on digital marketing.

When it comes to online shopping, most of the purchases these days happen through mobile phones. With a faster and more secure internet connection, you can expect these numbers to grow even more. 5G ensures a more pleasant user experience, easier browsing, and faster payment processing. This makes it perfect for digital marketers to target their customers according to their location and interests. New York City SEO expert reminds us that mobile-friendly feature is one of the top Google ranking factors. So, as now users have the chance to enjoy a smooth shopping experience through their mobile phones, digital marketers shouldn’t miss this chance for promoting services and products.

More data – precise personalization

Before high-speed internet was available to marketers, their campaigns were based on guessing, prediction, and small portions of data. However, the biggest impact of 5G on digital marketing happened when marketers were finally able to collect more data about their customers’ needs and preferences. This leads to a more precise personalization of their campaigns, and finally – to more satisfied customers. Reports now contain more information about users and become very helpful in creating targeted marketing campaigns.

Digital marketing in 2022 – more tips on using 5g to your advantage

Vector image showing how 5G impacts the Internet of Things.
Create content that fits your customers’ needs.

With enhanced internet speeds and more users each day, digital marketers now have the chance to step up their game. Digital marketing is an essential part of most businesses nowadays, which is why you shouldn’t underestimate its power when growing your business. These are the main tips on how to step up your marketing game in 2022, suggested by the top New York digital marketing agency:

  • use tailored, personalized content that fits the current needs of your audience;
  • do research on your competition – learn from them and notice their mistakes. Having competition is healthy, and can be quite motivating.
  • the mobile-friendly feature is a must – most of the searches and purchases happen on mobile phones these days, so it’s one of the top things to do in 2022;
  • make your content more visual – 5g network makes it easy for users to consume high-quality content, so be sure to include visuals and videos;
  • influencers are your connection to the audience – contacting micro-influencers for partnership can bring a lot of new people to your business. They are the connection between users and businesses, so be sure to use them wisely.

Final words

Changes in the digital world happen all the time. Keeping up with all the innovations is the only way to succeed and reach the customers that will appreciate your services. However, that’s not always easy to do on your own. Help from a professional digital marketing team is what will make sure your business takes safe steps towards success. Also, the impact of 5G on digital marketing will only be an advantage and ensures more people find out about your business.

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