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Reasons to improve the mobile version of your website

There was a moment in time not so long ago when website traffic that comes from mobile devices surpassed that of computer devices. And this comes as no surprise. We do live in a digital era, after all. How does this affect website owners and online businesses? The fact that more than 50% of all traffic on your site will come from mobile phones means you have numerous reasons to improve the mobile version of your website. Digital Dot explores both the reasons and the ways to have a mobile-friendly website for your business.

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A while ago website traffic that comes from mobile devices surpassed that of computer devices – which means some of your resources should definitely be allocated towards creating a mobile-friendly site.

Google prefers mobile-friendly sites

One of the most important reasons to improve the mobile version of your website is Google ranking. The search engine’s algorithm simply prioritizes websites that display mobile-friendly features. Since most people browse the web via mobile devices, Google wants the searches to match their needs. So many searches nowadays are done “on the go”; this is why Google wants to provide its users with the best mobile experience. Optimizing in terms of content, development, and design will improve your SEO efforts. And ranking higher in Google search results is one of the most crucial benefits of mobile optimization. A very special perk is the fact that Google will rank your mobile-friendly website higher in search results regardless of whether the users are conducting their search on desktop or mobile devices.

Allow visitors to have a better user experience

Allowing your site visitors an improved UX is an important aspect of mobile optimization. User experience has as much to do with web design as it does with web development. It’s not unusual for the desktop version of a site to have issues on mobile devices. And it is quite annoying for users to go through this type of frustration. Not having a mobile-optimized website will surely cause visitors to promptly leave and increase the bounce rates. The products or services you offer will be searched for on your competitors’ websites. This is quite a significant incentive to have website owners working on improving the mobile versions of their sites.

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The lack of mobile optimization of your website will surely cause visitors to promptly leave and increase the bounce rates.

There are two main aspects to consider: how the mobile version seems in terms of web design; and how effectively everything seems in terms of loading speed and general convenience. Give your brand a boost by providing it with a clutter-free design of the website with excellent mobile responsiveness. Smartphone users are not the most patient crowd. Enable them a smooth and seamless UX without any glitches or needless and precious seconds of waiting for the page to load.

Don’t let the competitors draw away users with better mobile optimization

Well over half of the site visitors are likely to turn away from a website should it perform poorly on their mobile phones – and never come back. Naturally, there are numerous reasons for a user to leave a website. However, one of the main causes would have to be a slow website with broken links and pages.

A user that is unlikely to return will be quick to run off to your competitor’s website. Give your business a chance to really shine here. If you make the effort and improve the mobile version of your website, you will keep visitors engaged and improve conversion rates significantly. A mobile-friendly interface means more customers, more clicks, and eventually better chances of beating the competition by climbing higher on the Google search results page.

Increase sales with a mobile-friendly website

Web purchasing has been developing tremendously in the previous years. And there is an ever-growing number of users who turn to mobile devices when they buy and order merchandise online. And mobile users tend to have slightly different patterns of behavior than desktop users. People use mobile devices during periods of idleness or boredom, which means they have more time at their hands. Consequently, they are more likely to make the purchase. There is substantial research showing that users of both cell phones and tablets are prone to completing purchases. Cell phone users will spend more on items that cost $10 or less, whereas tablet users are likely to spend more.

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Every successful digital marketing strategy should implement mobile marketing as well.

This is a clear indicator that it is necessary to improve the efforts pointed toward mobile optimization. It’s simple – a better mobile version of the website means more direct profit. This is especially important for web-based businesses that offer online shopping platforms. Provide your users with a responsive design that will enhance their experience and convert leads more effectively.

Grow your business with the right digital marketing approach

In the end, all successful digital marketing strategies should implement mobile marketing as well. Keeping the mobile-friendly aspects of your site in mind will bring a plethora of benefits and no drawbacks whatsoever. There is, however, a great chance that this is something that business owners can not handle on their own. Should you feel uncertain about how to improve the mobile version of your website, there’s always an option of reaching out to digital marketing NYC professionals. Digital Dot can help grow your brand through effective digital marketing strategies that include mobile responsiveness and the overall mobile version of your site.

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