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Rebranding your business – how and when to do it

At some point, most businesses will realize that their old brand has run its course and that it’s time for a rebranding. However, this doesn’t mean just changing the logo since rebranding should include thoroughly re-examining your entire company. Remember that rebranding can take many forms, and there are many things to consider when rebranding your business – how and when to do it.

Evaluate the reason why you are rebranding

Magazine cover mock-up as an example of rebranding.
Use rebranding to stand out from the competition.

You shouldn’t use rebranding just as an excuse to draw more attention to your company. While you can gain significant attention if you successfully rebrand your business, you risk alienating your current audience. Sometimes, it’s a better idea to run a comprehensive marketing campaign if you wish to raise brand awareness. If you need help growing your business online, feel free to contact the marketing experts from Digital Dot New York. We frequently suggest rebranding as an option for our clients. However, re-inventing your brand from scratch should be used as a delicate tool, not merely as a universal catch-all. Therefore, you should carefully consider why you believe rebranding is the best option for your business.

How to know when rebranding your business is a good idea

You have significantly changed your business

Your company might have started with one goal or idea. Over time your goals and your entire company changed to the point that it is no longer recognizable. Perhaps you are no longer offering the same products, or you might have entirely changed the scope of your business. There is nothing wrong with outgrowing your origins or changing what your company does. Although, they may be good reasons for rebranding.

Stand out from the competition

It’s quite possible that the initial brand you chose is generic and that it doesn’t help you stand out enough. Even though we have more tools than ever for marketing, it has become increasingly difficult to get user attention. Users may have trouble telling you apart if your current branding is too similar to your competitors. If you are considering rebranding your business, you should consider doing an SEO audit that can reveal which aspects of your branding aren’t helping your online visibility. You can hire professional SEO services New York to help you achieve a better organic position for your brand.

Your current branding is outdated

Trends change over time, and progress is unstoppable. What were previously considered to be cutting-edge design choices can become obsolete in a few years. If you realize that your branding is woefully outdated, it might be time for a redesign. On the other hand, we would advise against rebranding your business just to fit in with the flavor of the month. Chasing current trends can also make your company look dated as soon as the next new thing becomes popular. It’s always best to strive for an elegant and timeless design.

Change your reputation

Man testing fonts for rebranding his business.
Experiment with different typefaces until you find something that fits your new brand.

Another good time to rebrand is when you want to distance yourself from a bad reputation. Mistakes are sometimes unavoidable, but the internet can also be a cruel and unforgiving place. If you have suffered a public relations fiasco, it might be a good idea to lay low for a while. You can come back after you rebrand and practically relaunch your business. Nonetheless, we suggest responding to negative comments and customer issues as the best way to earn goodwill with your audience. Social media marketing NYC can help you efficiently communicate with the market. You can use community management and remarketing to stay in touch with your customers’ needs and expectations.

How to rebrand your business

Revisit your brand mission and core values

An organization’s mission and vision statements define the line of business, the aspirations, and objectives, and the means to reach them. When a business struggles with its core identity, it’s always good to return to your values. Take a look at the mission and vision statements and see if they line up with your current corporate values. When rebranding your business, you should also revamp your mission and vision, so they reflect your new goals.

Rename your organization

Much can be said about how people perceive a business and what they are most likely to remember. Typically, one of the first things that come to mind regarding a business is its name. Your customers will associate value and meaning with the name of your company. Therefore, consider how your company’s name holds up and whether you want to change it when rebranding. If you are going to change your company name, pick something that aligns with the core values. However, you should also look to the future and pick a name that allows enough room for possible growth.

Overhaul your design

Rebranding your busienss with a PPC campaign.
Rebranding your business is the best time to launch a promotional campaign.

No brand redesign can go without touching up the visual design elements. You should update and redesign your company logo and typeface, the templates you use for forms and emails, the color scheme, and your entire website. Once you finish the redesign, remember to update all your business profiles with the new logo and templates. Most business owners forget to update and manage their Google Business Profile. Unfortunately, neglecting your Google profile could damage your SEO, so you should periodically update all your relevant information there.

Promote your rebranding

Launching a promotional campaign is a great way to draw attention to your company after rebranding. Promoting your new branding can help you stay in touch with your previous customers. You can get the help of a PPC agency New York to tell customers about your implemented changes. It might be a good idea to time your rebranding with a new product launch to generate even more interest. Show your customers how excited you are with your new image. You can also invite them to join in the excitement with promotions and special offers.

In conclusion

The goal of any rebranding should be to grow your company. Use your new branding to reflect how you have changed and where you will be going. Remember, rebranding your business will be far from easy; however, if you know how and when to do it, you can get some much-needed attention for your business.

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