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The role of disruptive marketing campaigns in 2022

There’s no need to underline the fact that, nowadays, we, as consumers, are bombarded from everywhere with marketing messages. Messages that were created with the intention to keep our attention for more than a single moment. If these messages fail to stay in our memory, they’re pretty much useless. That’s exactly why companies need to adopt the so-called disruptive marketing strategies just so they can stay relevant & competitive. Anyway, today we’ll talk a little about the role of disruptive marketing campaigns in this very year. If you’re not so familiar with the term, we’ll cover that subject, too. Here’s a tiny hint: it’s a bit different from traditional marketing campaigns. Without further ado, let’s consider the role of disruptive marketing campaigns in 2022!

What is disruptive marketing?

The term we’ll be using a lot in this text represents a marketing strategy that involves using unusual, experimental tactics that challenge the ordinary, traditional way of advertising a product or a service. In other words, disruptive marketers often introduce tactics that were never seen before. Of course, not all of them work. Therefore, some fail, but that’s completely alright. It’s actually how innovation works, as your New York City SEO expert would tell you.

A sign that reads ORIGINAL.
Disruptive marketing campaigns allow you to be totally original.

Without the buzz & disruption that these marketing campaigns make, we’d most probably have a somewhat boring advertising world. We wouldn’t see any change. No evolution, no nothing.

Anyway, let’s further elaborate on the benefits of using disruptive marking strategies!

What are the benefits of disruptive marketing?

Nowadays, disruptive marketing is more popular than ever. There are good reasons why that’s so. Needless to say, we live in a world where advancements & changes in technology happen quite frequently. Okay, and let’s add some consumer expectations to the pot. Alright, and what about some fierce competition in most industries? Let’s put that in, too. Once you mix all those ingredients together, you’ll notice that disruptive marketing might be the only way a company could try to grab the attention of consumers.

A sleepy person.
If you don’t want to bore your customers to death, use disruptive marketing campaigns to stir things up.

To emphasize the text above, here we’ll show you the major benefits of disruptive marketing campaigns:

  • Nobody can accuse you of being a copycat. Additionally, nobody will try to copy something that’s authentic.
  • You get to strengthen the bond with your customers. In other words, you’ll engage with your customers at a more personal & intimate level. Your focus should be on the so-called Gen Z.
  • You also get to change the way the public eye perceives your company. Nobody will ever think your brand’s boring. Using unconventional marketing methods will definitely modify your public image. In a good way, that is.

Now, of course, there are many other benefits to running disruptive marketing campaigns. However, we’ll take a guess and say these are enough to get the idea across.

How to create disruptive marketing campaigns in 2022?

Since disruptive marketing campaigns in 2022 play a BIG role, let’s see how can a company create one. Here we’ll show you some tips on how to create disruptive marketing campaigns (2022 edition).

#1 Know thy industry

Here’s a question: how do you plan to disrupt an industry you know nothing about? That being said, you should go ahead & do some research in order to “get” the way things are done within it. You’ll need to ask the following: what are the key marketing strategies? Or what do customers value the most, and what are their pain points?

Luckily, you’re able to use certain tools that will assist you with this. We’re talking about Think With Google, BizStats, or any other tools that will help you form some good knowledge of your industry’s traits, products, and services.

The most important thing that you’ll want to do is to look for weaknesses. Succeed where others fail at satisfying the needs of customers. Once you get to know the industry quite well, you’ll have no trouble doing just that!.

#2 Be unpredictable, do the unexpected

Folks of today are quite used to seeing the same old advertising techniques over & over. Trust us, you don’t want to use any of the techniques that proved to work at a certain point and now everyone’s trying to reap some benefits from using them. Nope. You should try doing something totally unexpected. Something that will make your campaigns stand out.

Your chief weapon is surprised, as the good ol’ Monthy Python sketch suggests. Your customers want to see something they’ve never seen before. It’s up to you to push the boundaries, so to speak. It will, without any doubt, grab the consumer’s attention and quickly boost your company’s noticeability.

All in all: see what you’re able to do with all the tech advancements in order to make your consumers enjoy a unique experience. For instance, you can always check how a New York digital marketing agency does it!

#3 Humor to the rescue

A person laughing.
Humor & surprise are your chief weapons.

There’s no denying humor is one of the key ingredients to disruptive marketing campaigns. Humor is something that will pave the road to a customer’s heart. Once you’re using it in a proper manner (trying hard not to be corny or offensive), humor can help you attract many people.

#4 Know thy customer

It’s important to be able to use humor in a proper way. Therefore, you must know what kind of humor will appeal to your target audience. For instance, if you know that most of your customers represent the so-called Gen Z, you’ll have to figure out how to make your disruptive marketing campaigns more appealing to them. In other words, you’ll have to understand their way of communication (their humor). Just so you don’t end up acting like Steve Buscemi in the world-famous meme (How do you do, fellow kids?).

Final words on the subject

It should to you by now how the role of disruptive marketing campaigns is a big one in 2022. That’s because nothing seems to grab the attention of customers so well. Anyway, whenever you’re in trouble coming up with an interesting disruptive marketing idea, you can always reach out to a social media marketing agency New York. Let them do all the thinking for you.

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