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Why SEO?

SEO has by far the best ROI in the long run for any business that has enough time and resources to get ahead of its competition. Just as PPC always offers an alternative for short-term results, the key is that our New York SEO company only works on projects that are likely to provide results within the timeline we define together. This mutual understanding of resources and timelines necessary is what allows us to provide you with confidence in your project.

Your SEO Steps

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Schedule a Consultation

Provide us with more details about your business, goals, and market. That way, we can do a detailed analysis of your current standings and competition, understand your market better, and prepare a SEO strategy that fits your needs.

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Get a Plan of Action

Get the detailed analysis and a recommended SEO strategy at no cost. We will show you all the recommended steps, determine the required timeline and resources, and answer any questions you may have in the process.

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Subscribe To Our Monthly Plans

Have our NYC SEO team continuously increase the value of your website. You will improve your positions online and see your business grow based on organic visits and leads.

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Track and Evaluate Results

Enjoy a radically transparent approach where we report on all of our activities on a monthly basis and keep you constantly up-to-date on all our activities.

The Right Approach to SEO

Choose safe SEO activities

Search engines will always reward unique and relevant content. The same goes for company listings or links that are the result of outreach and genuine relationships with website owners. We firmly believe in white-hat SEO activities that will ensure long-term stability, and our team will put in the hours needed for doing this in the best way possible.

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Get the most out of your website

SEO requires a healthy foundation in a properly coded website, complete with good user experience. It's often overseen how significant of an effect these make on search engines' algorithms. In addition, conversion optimization is crucial to converting website visitors into new business opportunities.

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Be on top of the changes

Google is improving its algorithms continuously in order to show the most relevant and legit results to its users. Such updates happen every few months, and we will help you to get ahead and stay on top of all changes. Healthy SEO activities will always be rewarded, and we will make changes to make sure everything is up-to-date, and aligned with modern standards.

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+ Free website redesign with SEO this May

How do we evaluate results?

For us, it is very important to make every project as successful as possible. No one can fully predict SEO, but setting realistic timelines and aligning the keyword choice with the goals is something that comes with experience. It is crucial to have that kind of conversation initially, as it will allow us to continuously evaluate the success of our SEO services NYC and stay true to our words.

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We believe in giving to get. Check out our New York SEO guide on the many useful tips for setting up successful strategies and confidently growing your organic presence over time.

Experience of our Client

mark stanford

"We got tremendous help from Digital Dot in regards to branding and marketing our website. We never thought that SEO could have such a strong impact compared to classic advertising. It's all in proper execution, and we got exactly that. "

Mark Stanford

(Dubai PT)


"Moving is a conservative industry, and regardless of that, we now get the most from our business online. SEO gave us a strong exposure, while our website serves as a sales funnel. Thanks to Digital Dot, we gained a competitive edge that we couldn't get through traditional ways of marketing."

Lior Rachmany

(Dumbo Moving and Storage)


"It was challenging to work with a rather short timeline and have the website ready for the public in time."

Bojan Djordjevic

(WP Fullcare)

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