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Top 5 digital marketing lessons from 2022

This is the time of the year to look back on 2022 and appreciate how far we’ve come. Rapid market shifts this year have pushed marketing departments to rethink their approaches, get the most out of their existing technology, and seek out novel methods to better serve their customers. That is why a New York digital marketing agency like Digital Dot is putting in so much effort to analyze campaigns and determine which strategies are productive and which aren’t.  Therefore, we’ll discuss the top 5 digital marketing lessons from 2022.

1. Shoppable posts are growing in popularity

If you’re serious about social media marketing solutions in 2023, shoppable posts are a promising new strategy. This method allows customers to complete their shopping experience on your page, from product research to checkout. The more people adopt this new manner of purchasing, the more likely it is to grow and spread to other channels and marketplaces. This technique works well with influencer marketing, especially in the fashion and consumer goods industries. However, there is preparation to be done before reaching out to influencers in your company’s sphere:

  • Meet the qualifying conditions for your products, market type, and social media presence.
  • Add the catalog of items you want to showcase, either manually or via an eCommerce platform.
  • Once you’ve submitted your product catalog, submit your account for evaluation.
  • You may begin tagging goods in your posts when your account is authorized.
A woman scrolls through shoppable Instagram posts.
One of the most important digital marketing lessons from 2022 is implementing more shoppable posts.

2. It’s important for brands to have a purpose

Brands can no longer exist in a vacuum. If you want to reach as many people as possible, your brand needs to stand for something. Having first-rate goods and services on hand isn’t enough. More and more people are considering the ethics of the companies they support. In fact, according to Pew Research and strategies to increase profitability, 71% of consumers now say it’s important that companies stand for something beyond making money. If there is a mismatch, almost a quarter of consumers will temporarily stop supporting that brand, and more than a third will never support that brand again. Brands used to be reluctant to take stands on divisive subjects for fear of turning off customers. However, today’s market leaders embrace controversy to forge deeper connections with their target audiences.

3. Content is still king

Though the phrase “content is king” has been around for quite some time, the need for compelling content keeps growing. According to New York City SEO expert opinion, over 70% of B2B marketers now place a higher value on content than they did a year ago. Almost all content marketers (99%) have seen positive results, and over half plan to increase spending the following year. Companies that excel in content marketing do it in various ways. Sixty-four percent of the top-performing businesses, but just 19 percent of the worst performers, have a written content marketing plan. Content calendars and workflow/collaboration tools were used by 76% of successful businesses in 2022. Top-performing companies are likelier to have the appropriate technology to back their efforts, assess content success precisely, and create a consistent consumer experience across all touchpoints.

A person working on their laptop to create content.
Content is still one of the most important pillars of digital marketing today, just as it was in 2022.

4. User-generated content can be put to good use

Many customers nowadays value honesty beyond anything else. Any company can put up an ad on the internet bragging about their products, but most buyers know it’s all talk. However, an authentic endorsement from an average, objective person who isn’t involved with the company is priceless. This type of user-generated content (UGC) may affect the whole inbound marketing process, from discovery to brand engagement. Experts claim that user-generated content on YouTube receives 10 times as many views as professional promotional videos. You can expect your company’s videos to be successful, but don’t be surprised if videos posted by unrelated accounts achieve even greater success.

UGC is a growing phenomenon, and as such, more and more businesses will learn to harness its potential. This is especially true for those with a sizable online community of consumers actively discussing their offerings. Brands may accomplish this by featuring the social media posts of their audience or running campaigns to promote a specific hashtag, publishing ratings and reviews on their site, encouraging consumers to answer questions or upload photographs, and so on. However, remember that user-generated content requires good infrastructure on your website. Working with a good web design company New York will ensure a proper setup for attracting and engaging visitors.

5. Content effectiveness testing is crucial

You won’t know if your new marketing strategies are successful unless you track how well they perform. Digital marketing can be a powerful tool for attracting and retaining customers if your efforts are backed by solid research. There are many critical metrics you should be monitoring to make any necessary adjustments to your marketing strategy:

  • A/B test all of your high-value pages, not just landing pages.
  • Use online forms and UX testing to guarantee you’re optimizing for usability and leads.
  • Complete a cross-channel content assessment, such as ensuring your blog’s material is complimented by your YouTube channel and vice versa.
  • Plan social media testing to uncover your most effective campaigns/content kinds.
  • Examine your digital accessibility to guarantee that all your clients can readily consume your material, regardless of their restrictions.
The word analytics written in paper letters.
The only way to ensure that your strategy is effective is to keep a close eye on it.

Once you have the data, you can adjust your marketing strategy to boost performance. It may be as easy as refreshing a low-performing page or as significant as scrapping an entire campaign. Whatever the results of the data analysis show, you’ll have a great foundation on which to build when it comes to increasing brand awareness.

Digital marketing lessons from 2022 put into use

Now that you know the top 5 digital marketing lessons from 2022 (and how to apply them to your strategy), it’s time to take action. Your brand is ready for growth this year, but it won’t be effective unless you make the necessary changes to your marketing strategy. Therefore, you must incorporate all the above lessons into your overall marketing plan to succeed in 2023 and beyond.

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