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Top industries that benefit from digital marketing

To overcome the natural evolution of the market and stay ahead of competitors, companies need to be willing to embrace new trends and advanced business solutions. Digital marketing has become a fundamental part of this change and one that all industries have come to depend on. As with all global solutions, there are industries that are more dependant on the work of professional digital marketing agencies than others. In this article, we take a closer look at the top industries that benefit from digital marketing in 2020 and why that is.

How does digital marketing fit into modern industry needs?

According to popular studies, a majority of consumers today will rely more on digital channels of advertising and search results pages when searching for products/services then they would on traditional marketing advertising. It is a fact that digital marketing has surpassed the now outdated traditional forms of marketing. The only difference is that while some industries have come to use it slightly, other industries enjoy great ROI because of their digital marketing strategies and online branding efforts.

At the end of the day, all industries have come to rely on online advertising tactics in one or more ways. And with Industry 4.0 and what will come to follow it, the need for digital marketing only continues to increase. So much also that the majority of industries have started making long-term digital marketing plans for the future. Therefore, whether or not your business can benefit from digital marketing strategies is no longer a question. The only question is how much your industry can reward your digital marketing efforts in comparison to other industries.

Top 10 industries that benefit from digital marketing



It is expected and logical for marketers to benefit most from the introduction of digital marketing tactics. After all, digital marketing as we know it today constitutes every online interaction between the company and consumer, no matter how small or insignificant. As service providers with experience and resources, marketers act as the mediators between industries and trends in digital marketing.

With the marketing niche, their revenue is directly dependant on their implementation of digital marketing strategies. With more and more businesses looking to stay ahead of competitors by going digital, marketers need to adapt and acquire new knowledge to survive. Whether we are looking at Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, email campaigns, GMB advertising, or any other digital channels – the conclusion is the same. If marketers master one or more of these channels, they will be able to profit from it by helping other businesses and individuals boost their online presence.



One of the many skills that lawyers need to possess is to act as a mediator between laws and the people/businesses those laws apply to. Law firms serve to simplify the complexities of the legal system to clarify the messages that the system conveys to citizens. And so, they are in fact a good parallel to marketers. And being as complex and competitive as it is, it should be no surprise that we count law firms among the top industries that benefit from digital marketing. After all, more than a quarter of law firms in America have a well-developed content advertising plan of action.

Just like any other public service provider, law firms need to be able to convey their message to potential employers. Digital marketing solutions such as informative blogs and newsletters can help lawyers establish authority in a highly competitive market. Based on the simplicity and usefulness of the content they create, law firms can attract more crowds to their websites and practices. This alone can ensure a significantly higher ROI than that of firms that rely on traditional marketing channels.


Doctors looking at X-ray

The entire COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated just how important it is for people to have online access to medical practitioners and healthcare advice and guidelines. When public and private medical facilities have their hands full during a crisis, people still need to have some source of information for everyday medical issues and emergencies. That is where the availability of online resources in terms of healthcare blogs, forums, videos, etc. can all come in handy.

And once a problem that requires the attention of a medical specialist comes into play, people need to be able to find the best option for them online. That is why the healthcare industry is among those in need of digital marketing services. By offering insightful articles and useful tips that can help people solve their emergencies, medical professionals can earn the trust of others, expanding their patient base, and enhance their digital impact.


Retail clothing store

The retail industry is among the very top when it comes to the ROI that you can generate through digital marketing. With more and more consumers looking for speedy online solutions for purchasing products, retail companies have no choice but to take their business online. In the past, we discussed some of the best platforms for building e-commerce websites. It is through great user experience and responsive web design that retail companies can attract business and ensure an increase in their revenue.

The other part of the coin comes in using various channels to promote products. One of the more popular digital marketing solutions that e-commerce businesses rely on is social media advertising. With the help of trained social media marketing agencies, a company can easily promote their products, growing their customer base and brand awareness in the process. And this is an approach that applies to small retailers just as much as it does to big retail businesses.


Super sports car

Marketing has always played a crucial role in the automobile industry. Given the luxury products they are, car manufacturers have always invested in marketing, be it through magazines, TV commercials, radio ads, billboards, etc. Today, that has evolved through digital marketing solutions becoming the primary tool for promoting and selling cars. More so, digital marketing is saving the automobile industry thousands of dollars in comparison to traditional marketing tactics.

With the possibility to create separate campaigns tailored to segmented audiences, it has become simpler for car manufacturers to close deals with potential buyers. Whether they are investing in paid or organic advertising, businesses in the automobile industry can now create campaigns that will attract more high-quality leads. And if you need more evidence of this, simply consider that since 2016, the automobile digital marketing budget has gone up by at least 35%.


College student

With the ever-growing influence of social media networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn, online education has taken on a more up-to-date role. Educators, students, and institutions are now able to interact more easily with each other, making the educational process more convenient than ever before. And with this convenience comes a new form of competitiveness in this particular industry. Educational institutions and training programs are now using digital marketing through various channels, all to attract as many applicants as possible. Colleges and universities use social media platforms to:

  • Coordinate campus events;
  • Drive international student admission campaigns;
  • Promote new educational modules;
  • Raise awareness for on-going social issues;
  • Hold extra training courses, etc.

The education and training industry is among the largest low-budget profiters from digital marketing solutions. According to research, one in two educational institutions use digital marketing to raise funds for events. And this alone puts it on our list of industries that benefit from digital marketing.


Person taking photo of food

With the expanding influence of that urban lifestyle, people find less and less time to cook their own meals. This creates a large opening for the food industry. Whether we are discussing fast food restaurants, food trucks, or actual restaurants – there are a plethora of options available today. And in such a competitive market, a business needs to take every advantage it can, and digital marketing solutions is a great place to start.

Focusing on visual campaigns, the food industry is very reliant on social media marketing strategies and paid advertising campaigns. The campaigns target the emotional connection that people have with various types of cuisine. And the results that can come from applying just the right solutions can be highly profitable for restaurant owners.



The entertainment industry is present everywhere we look. And its grandest medium today has to be social media networks, with so many users worldwide constantly looking for news and updates on events, celebrities, TV shows, music videos, etc. Whether we are talking teasers, trailers, behind the curtains stories, scandals, charities – it all comes down to how you serve it up through social media. There is no such thing as bad publicity and this is something that has never been more true than it is today. So long as you get the ball rolling and people talking and sharing news about events, going viral can be a very profitable notion.

When it comes to organizing events, hyping upcoming movies, or live shows – nothing can prove more effective than the use of social media channels to do so. The entertainment industry also uses such approaches to introduce new trends and ideas in the minds of followers.



We mentioned previously the importance of digital marketing solutions in the retail industry. There is a direct connection here to the fashion industry, as more and more consumers are shopping for fashion accessories online. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are fairly rapid about the speed with which they promote stuff online. So within a few seconds, new fashion trends can go out to thousands of viewers. Smart fashion marketers are also great at using top-of-the-line for marketing campaigns. Plus, they repeat their campaigns across a range of marketing channels to create ample resonance and recall value.

Real Estate


As people continue to relocate from one place to the next, looking for that perfect life, real estate agents have their hands full. The real estate industry continues to expand despite the crisis, with more people looking to replace the overcrowded urban lifestyle with a calm and peaceful rural lifestyle. And with the innovative solutions that digital marketing provides, realtors can branch out and make themselves more visible to potential clients.

While social media channels are a proven way for real estate agents to promote properties, growing their online presence relies on the work of SEO agencies and tactics. Brokers, agents, specialists, property dealers, and engineers explore a range of digital marketing channels to present their properties to their prospects. And by staying ahead of competitors on search results pages, you can earn a name for yourself, slowly building your own brand in the real estate industry.

Stay ahead of the competition in your industry with digital marketing

Digital marketing is one of the top game-changers when it comes to connecting customers to top brands. Digital marketing also helps you measure and optimize the performance of your marketing campaigns. We can safely project that all industries will come to reap the benefits of digital marketing going forward from here.

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