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The guide for paid advertising on Facebook

Marketing experts have long since realized the value of advertising on social networks. Facebook is currently the largest social media platform, with almost 3 billion active monthly users. To help you better comprehend the impact it can have on your business, our digital marketing New York experts have put together this handy guide for paid advertising on Facebook. Businesses who want to connect with their customers should take note and follow these tips.

Why Facebook?

Numerous people of all ages and demographics have accounts on this platform. Other social networks mostly cater to only one age group or interest. On the other hand, Facebook lets you cast a wide net and reach your audience, regardless of who they are. Of course, you can narrow your focus and use different ad types and target a specific demographic of users. Facebook is also continuing to lay the path for new social media trends and is expanding user marketplaces and offering direct sales options. Therefore, it currently represents the best option for paid advertising.

Facebook and other social media apps installed on smartphone.
Facebook and its associated apps are the most used social network in the world.

Additionally, numerous people use Facebook’s Messenger App as their preferred choice for text and video communication. Logically, Facebook is dominating the social media scene. The average American spends 58 minutes daily using Facebook and its associated apps. With all the reasons listed above, it’s obvious why you will want to consider Facebook for your paid advertising campaign.

Digital Dot’s 5-step guide for paid advertising on Facebook

1. Build up the social media profile of your company

While it’s tempting to start your marketing campaign straight away, we recommend that you first build up your company profile. Although organic reach on Facebook has been in decline, the truth is that paid ads will only go so far. In order to have a strong social media presence, you’ll need a mix of both organic and paid Facebook advertising. You can’t think of advertising on social media as an isolated one-time thing. It takes time to build up a large following. However, all of your efforts will give increased returns through future campaigns.

A large number of subscribers and likes are going to engage more users than a single post with no comments. Therefore, you should take your time to create a strong and diverse company profile on Facebook. You have to start somewhere, and on Facebook, you should do it one post at a time.

2. Determine the goals of your paid advertising on Facebook

Woman working on a paid advertising campaign on Facebook.
Thankfully, Facebook allows businesses to target specific demographics with their advertising.

For the moment, we will set aside the obvious fact that the goal of every business is to make money. Marketing campaigns can have different goals, and everyone isn’t going to be focused on selling your product. Some ads can be used to boost brand awareness or generate interest in a future product launch. Take some time a carefully determine what you want to achieve with your marketing:

  • Increase web traffic
  • Boost attendance at an event you are hosting
  • Increase your following and boost engagement on social media
  • Generate leads
  • Boost sales

After you have determined what your goals for the campaign are, Facebook Ads Manager will give you a guide for paid advertising on Facebook. You will be offered a categorized list of 15 objectives to choose from. Select the one which best matches the goals you have previously set for your marketing.

3. Select your audience and budget

Social media marketing New York agencies will agree that targeting every possible person with your ads is usually a mistake. You can spread yourself too thin while achieving poor results. Therefore you shouldn’t waste ads on people who you have little chance of turning into leads. Naturally, you should focus on your target demographic instead. Facebook will allow you to target specific users on the network. You can target people based on location, age, gender, interests, and behavior.

Another huge benefit of Facebook advertising is that it’s impossible to overspend. You can decide exactly how much you want to spend and allocate a daily and lifetime limit.

  • The daily amount is an estimate of how much will be deducted from your marketing budget each day of advertising.
  • The lifetime maximum is what you will spend for the entirety of the campaign.

4. Types of paid advertising on Facebook

Facebook app for mobile users.
Facebook offers specialized options for advertising on mobile devices.

The Ads Manager will give you multiple options for getting your content out there. You can use previous posts and already existing content for your campaign or upload something new and build from scratch. Luckily, Facebook has things pretty streamlined and will offer you the following types of ads:

  • Image. You can use several variations of a single image for your campaign.
  • Video. Although it is all under the same label as video, you’ll be able to use gifs or other animations.
  • Carousel ads. This type of ad offers users multiple images they can browse or swipe through. Each image can have its own link, giving you the option of including several products in one ad.
  • Collection ads. This lets you use a customized catalog that is specialized for individuals. Mobile users can buy products without leaving Facebook.

5. Hire external help

Influencer marketing is all the rage on social networks these days. Facebook has announced that they are expanding into video content, and will be investing heavily into streaming and gaming. Those forms of entertainment usually boast high user engagement and long viewership times. The new Metaverse changes are going to shake up the landscape of social media. Your company needs to be prepared to hit the ground running and leave the competition behind. Now’s the perfect time to make a partnership with a rising star on the platform and invest in influencer marketing.

Alternatively, if you are having trouble finding your way around social media, you could outsource and hire someone to help. Digital Dot has experts in the field of marketing and has a firm grasp of the intricacies of social media. Professionals in online marketing will easily offer you a guide for paid advertising on Facebook and explain how everything works on the platform. Thankfully, you can partner up with professionals who can craft an expert campaign for your business. That will surely bring your brand some much-needed attention.

In conclusion

As technology evolves, businesses need to constantly reevaluate their marketing and find new ways to reach their customers. One thing is for certain – new platforms and social networks offer opportunities for reaching new audiences. However, finding the best form of advertising can sometimes seem difficult and confusing. That’s why we put together this guide for paid advertising on Facebook, to help you navigate the options which Facebook’s Ads Manager offers. Finally, all that’s left is for you to decide on your target audience and budget and start promoting your business! Schedule a social media consultation with our team for more information!

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