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Fuel Your Business with Paid Advertising

Google advertising is the perfect way to put your money to work and start generating business leads right away. It will enable you to pay only for clicks on your ads, and it will have a quick effect on your business.

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Why PPC?

We understand your need to create an instant impact on your business, and we completely support it. Pay Per Click advertising is where demand meets the offer. Every campaign is different and it depends on a number of factors, especially your competition and the current shape of the market. Our PPC agency NYC wants to ensure that you get a return on investment from your ads and present the brand in an appropriate way. We suggest taking the following steps to set a healthy foundation for successful campaigns.

Your PPC Steps

step 1

Apply for a consultation

Getting in touch will allow us to learn more about your business, target audience, and main competitors. We will use that info to get a clear picture of the advertising space in your industry and come back with a plan.

step 2

Get PPC analysis

We will present you with the information on your competition and expected prices of clicks and conversions. It will also provide you the insight into our recommended strategies for targeting, ads copy and landing pages designs.

step 3

Do the math

It really comes down to calculating your bottom line and the price you are willing to pay for a new business opportunity. We should proceed only if we truly believe that recommended PPC strategies will bring profitability to your business.

step 4

Get a monthly plan

Manage your campaigns daily with the support of our PPC agency in New York, to maximize the chances of getting quality leads at competitive prices. It all includes a lot of A/B testing, Bid Adjustments, and retargeting efforts.

Free Google Ads Setup this May

The way we work

Tailored Landing Pages

Our design, development and copy teams will combine their efforts to create custom landing pages with compelling user experience. Pages that target specific groups of keywords. That way, we can maximize the chances to get competitive click prices and easily convert those clicks into leads.

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Unique Advertising Plan

We will put our branding knowledge to work and apply a systematic approach to your copy, ads, and pages - all with the goal to present your business in the perfect light. Besides getting leads, paid advertising provides your brand with online exposure, so it's crucial to be consistent and maintain a positive image.

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Transparent Brand Bidding

Many companies hide their bidding strategies, targeting tricks, and other tactics they use. We pride ourselves on transparent PPC services New York, and will gladly provide you a full insight into everything that goes on with your campaigns.

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Tracking Results

We firmly believe in doing everything that can be done and being true to our words. We will define targeted costs per click and conversion rates, and do daily adjustments to maintain their stability.

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Setting your company on a successful path is our priority. Check our PPC Guidelines on some complementary tips on how to properly set up campaigns, and evade having inefficient advertising that makes a negative effect on your budget and brand.

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