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Web Accessibility & ADA Compliance Commitment

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Digital Dot is devoted to creating equal web access to all users

As a globally-oriented business, Digital Dot is committed to optimizing and perfecting our online presence as well as that of our clients. ADA Compliance is a very important factor in running a business, and we take this opportunity to state our dedication to upholding those standards. Our digital marketing agency conforms to the standards of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 A/AA. Our brand is a firm believer in equal opportunities for everyone, be that site visitors, clients, or competitors.

Our website is in the process of becoming fully ADA compliant

As a team of digital marketing professionals in New York, we make it our goal to not only help companies across to globe grow their brand and online presence but also educate them on the best ways to accomplish just that. Our website offers knowledgeable professional guidelines on a variety of topics in the world of digital marketing. And since our audience is a global one, it matters to us that everyone is able to access that information. By investing the time and effort into making our website ADA compliant, we offer site visitors equal opportunities to learn and implement our insights and guidelines.

The steps we have made toward becoming ADA compliant

The ability to provide site visitors with an optimal digital experience no matter the circumstances is a goal that every business needs to aspire to. And it is the focus of Digital Dot to accomplish just that. Our team has made the following steps in meeting WCAG:

  • Meaningful sequences. We use navigation menus separately from content, with the use of headings and bullet lists, structure paragraphs, Breadcrumb navigation, and alignment of text format.
  • Information and relationships. Our website uses valid HTML, proper labels, and transparent descriptions for all forms, with content that is organized and divided with the use of subheadings.
  • Non-text content. We use alt text for images on our website as well as input field and button names (e.g. Free Analysis and Consultation)
  • Focus order. Elements such as web pages on your navigation placed in a logical order.
  • Color usage. Avoiding color references in content (e.g. instructing users to click a green button).
  • No keyboard tap. Enabled navigation control with arrow or “Tab” key.
  • Page titles. Unique and descriptive titles for each page on your site.
  • Contrast option. Using a light background and dark text or vice versa.
  • Resize text option. Using a plugin to enable resizing of text.
  • Text images. Removal of images that use images of text to convey content.
  • Finding pages. The existence of an HTML sitemap, logical navigation menu, navigation menu consistent across your site.
  • Link purpose in content. Easy-to-understand anchor text that aligns with the surrounding text; Anchor text that describes the purpose of the link.
  • Labels and/or instructions. Provided helpful instructions for completing input fields.
  • On focus. Required user action, like clicking to open a link, for responses to happen (removed auto-submit form fields.)
  • On input. Eliminated any instances that remove a user’s control when interacting with an element.
  • Error identification. Providing users with explanations for errors and instructions on how to fix those errors. Placed error explanations near the error, like a required field.

Making our website compliant and accessible to all audiences is a priority for our company. That is why we have made other important steps in ensuring a satisfactory level of compliance:

Web Accessibility Plugin

When visiting our website, people with disabilities have the option to adjust pages to their own needs – all with the help of the web accessibility plugin that is integrated on our website. Accessing the plugin is a simple matter of clicking on the icon in the upper right corner of the web page. The plugin offers a menu with a variety of options for contrast and font modifications.

Shortcuts for navigating the plugin more easily:

  • Alt+Z – open accessibility sidebar
  • Alt+X – close accessibility sidebar

Browser Compatibility

digitaldot.com is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and other major browsers. Internet Explorer and other older browser versions might not be fully compatible and users might experience functionality issues as a result of being outdated and rarely used.

Assigned ADA Compliance Coordinator

To monitor and follow up with ADA compliance objectives, Digital Dot has assigned a Web Accessibility Coordinator to plan and keep track of the progress our team is making toward full ADA compliance.


All Digital Dot employees who work with web content are required to familiarize themselves with this policy and to uphold the WCAG guidelines.

Testing & Audits

Digital Dot has an in-house team of experts that perform annual audits as well as automated and user testing to assess and improve web accessibility.


Through genuine effort and commitment including testing, evaluations, consulting, and remediation, it is our belief that digitaldot.com adheres to best practices for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Our company remains focused on doing more in terms of WCAG

While Digital Dot strives to adhere to the accepted guidelines and standards for accessibility and usability, it is not always possible to do so in all areas of our online experience. That being said, there are accessibility elements that our team is still working on:

  • Alt text for images: Users might still come across images that lack proper alt text, but our team is currently working on resolving this.
  • Contrast: Certain website pages might be lacking terms of contrast, but we are looking into this matter. However, the plugin we installed offers site visitors the ability to modify contrast settings on each page.
  • Font size: There might be pages with smaller font sizes or different styles, which is also something that the plugin we installed can help fix.
  • Link visibility: Certain links might be difficult to spot, but can be identified with ease through the use of underline and highlight link options in the plugin.

Additional Resources

For more information on web accessibility and legal requirements, here are helpful resources:

Let us know if there’s more that we can do

As a digital marketing business that is accustomed to working with clients from all niches, Digital Dot has an obligation to offer the highest standard of service. As a service provider, we like to get involved and support other brands in the process. Write to us about all accessibility-related inquiries or additional ADA compatibility suggestions that you might have at team@digitaldot.com!