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12 ways to score quality backlinks for your business

Everyone would benefit from having more authoritative backlinks, but not everyone has the means to acquire them. Some people may not have the time or money to invest in modern link development tactics such as developing outstanding content and pitching journalists and bloggers, despite their efficacy. At Digital Dot, we understand that sometimes money is limited and that some companies have had bad experiences with SEO. That’s why we did thorough research and in this article, we’ll go over some (relatively) easy ways to score quality backlinks for your business with little investment on your part.

Twelve safest ways to score quality backlinks for your business

In order to rise to the top of search engine results pages, your company needs to acquire high-quality backlinks. Experts from New York SEO company advise that information that Google possesses about a business, from across the web, like links, articles, and directories determine website ranking. Therefore, high-quality, white-hat backlinks are essential for the success of any organization.

Person using a laptop with website metrics opened on it
If you implement ways to score quality backlinks into your SEO strategy you’ll improve your website metrics.

White hat backlinks are an indication to Google that your website is credible since they come from other reputable sites. The greater the number of positive votes for your website, the more attention it will receive. White hat link-building is done in a morally sound manner rather than through spammy black-hat techniques. But how to make the most out of them and build a strong backlink profile for your business? Here are the best 12 ways to score quality backlinks:

#1 Guest blogging

Finding opportunities to guest blog is an excellent method of gaining high-quality inbound links. Your company can increase its backlink profile naturally through guest blogging by including links to your own resources, studies, and other relevant content whenever possible. Additionally, sites appreciate guest blog material publication since it exposes them to blog post ideas they might not normally cover and supplements their content schedule with no work.

Make sure to find blogs that cover topics related to your business’s products or services and that welcome guest posts. If you want your hyperlink to have the most impact, aim to have your article published on authoritative sites. Having a higher domain authority increases a page’s chances of being found in search engine results pages. You can easily determine a website’s Domain Authority by using Moz’s free Link Explorer tool.

#2 Don’t shy away from asking for credits

Sometimes, your company will get a mention, but you won’t always get the credit you deserve. For instance, you may write a nice review of a seller, but they may not connect to your site. Or, perhaps a popular blog may mention a study conducted by your company without linking back to it.

However, your company should be credited with a backlink in both cases because you’ve been helpful. In fact, asking for credits when you’re due credits is one of the best ways to score quality backlinks. Therefore, if an existing client or partner of yours mentions your company or product on their website, politely request a backlink. To monitor the web for your brand mentions, you can simply use Google Alerts or other similar tools. When your company name is mentioned online, you will be notified through email.

#3 Ask your partners or suppliers

One of the best ways to build a strong backlink profile is to ask for a link to your website from your partner or a preferred vendor or supplier. If you’ve already established trust and credibility with a company by providing them with a quality service, they’ll be more likely to want to reciprocate by linking back to you. In addition, plenty of companies already have a partner website where they list all the other companies they work with. This is an easy request to make and a fast approach to earning a trustworthy white hat backlink to your site if they aren’t already doing so.

#4 Reach out to an influencer from your industry

Free product or service provision in exchange for a review is a common practice once you’ve identified a suitable blog niche or influencer to back your company. Or, if you have the means, you can pay major opinion leaders for their candid assessments. Then, request a backlink from the blog or influencer.

Man sitting in front of a computer and looking at his phone
One of the best ways to score quality backlinks for your business is to cooperate with influencers.

Alternatively, you can provide a blog or influencer with an affiliate link and pay them a commission whenever a potential customer uses the affiliate link. A commission is earned either when a reader clicks on an affiliate link or when that reader makes a purchase. Even though this requires more work and effort on your end, the quality of the visitors it generates is much higher. As the traffic is pre-qualified, you can expect higher conversion rates.

#5 Publish your own research

The psychology of content sharing is important to consider when analyzing why and when people share content. According to a recent survey, nearly all of us think about how the people we share information with will put it to good use. Nearly half of the people surveyed in the same study said they share content to educate others about items they care about, hoping to sway their attitudes or inspire them to take some sort of action.

Therefore, the more informative your information is, the more likely it is to be shared. By using your knowledge and original research, you may establish yourself as a credible resource for content distribution. Every time a consumer, blog, or business acknowledges your research, you’ll obtain a white hat backlink. This helps boost your notoriety, which ties back to Google rewarding you with greater search rankings, leading to more organic search traffic.

#6 Engaging visual content is a must

Almost 41% of marketers have found that unique images (such as infographics or illustrations) contribute to their campaigns’ success. The majority of marketers (52%) also agree that visual material plays a significant role in their overall strategy. This is exactly why marketers place a premium on visual content. Simply put, it’s easy to understand and distribute. It’s a simple approach to get more people to spread the word about your material, whether you’re making an infographic or another image. In addition, the link back to your site will be of high quality.

#7 Publish step-by-step and ultimate guides

Ultimate guides are the most comprehensive reference works available on a certain subject. The use of the word “ultimate” signifies that your understanding of the subject is superior to that of others and up-to-date. On the other hand, a step-by-step guide strives to achieve this simplicity and ease, which is highly valued by consumers. That way, your company can improve its backlink profile with the help of either of these guides. A blogger may quote you in an article about affiliate marketing, for instance, if you’ve published an ultimate guide to digital marketing.

#8 Create a free tool

You can get high-quality, white-hat links by creating a free tool or a light version of your solution. It can massively help you generate quality leads. For instance, Adobe provides Adobe Acrobat Reader and Adobe Photoshop Express, which are free or “lighter” versions of their full-fledged counterparts. These provide a taste of the tool’s functionality and may sway users to become paying customers in the future.

#9 Citations are still relevant

Even though citations’ importance in determining search engine rankings has diminished, they still have a lot of value. When you use local citations, you may spread your company’s details throughout the whole search ecosystem. The vast majority of searches are conducted on Google and similar famous search engines, but these directories also receive traffic and provide an additional channel for consumers to learn about your company.

Therefore, initiate your online presence by claiming your company’s profile on major platforms like Google Business Profile (previously Google My Business), Yelp, Facebook, and Apple Maps. Then, expand your search to include other specialized or general directories. When you submit your business to directories, you gain a backlink that may be used to improve your profile of inbound links.

#10 Take advantage of a public relations campaign

The best method to gain respect and credibility as a leader in your field is to implement a strategic public relations campaign. It’s also a guaranteed strategy to assist you to develop your backlink profile. You can get at least one backlink from every press release your company puts out, for instance. It also helps your company gain credibility as an authority in its field by demonstrating that you’re on the cutting edge of your industry. Experts from social media marketing agency New York advise sharing content links on social media platforms as the best form of public relations. If others enjoy reading what you’ve written, they could even share it with others.

#11 Analyze competitors’ content and elevate it

One of the best but most underrated ways to score quality backlinks is to analyze competitors’ content. Finding the most successful material your competitors are using might help you learn more about what your target audience wants from businesses like yours. Once you learn what types of material your competitors’ audiences engage with the most and then improve upon those ideas for your own content. You’ll also find out what are the best channels to promote your content. If, for instance, your rivals are doing better in terms of Facebook shares than they are on Pinterest, you may safely assume that there is a sizable and engaged audience for your own material on Facebook.

#12 Be mindful of broken links

Photo of a MacBook pro screen with a 404 page on it
One of the easiest ways to lose site visitors as well as your clients and customers is to have broken links on your website.

Website visitors are less likely to return if they encounter broken links. Think about the person who, in their eagerness to find answers, clicks on a broken link to your website. Naturally, the client is likely to become irritated and may decide to stop using the service altogether. For sites that put an emphasis on SEO, broken link creation is a quick and painless technique to expand their backlink profile.

The bottom line

We hope you enjoyed reading and that you found our 12 ways to score quality backlinks useful. Improving your brand’s relevance and prominence are two tried-and-true strategies for climbing the search engine rankings. One way to do it is by link building, which can include both internal linking and backlinking. Furthermore, there are a plethora of additional SEO basics that you should try, too. However, an excellent place to begin is to work on increasing your backlinking and internal links.

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