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Benefits of press release campaigns for your business

Press releases have a long history in marketing – one that is very much still active, even in the world of inbound marketing dominance. So, if you are looking for a swift way to gain exposure for your business in global as well as local media, press releases are the way to go about it. As the most commonly used tool in PR marketing, the benefits of press release campaigns for your business are well-established. Today, Digital Dot marketing agency looks at the main benefits of this advertising approach.

Ten benefits of press release campaigns for your business

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Press releases still bring a lot of advantages when it comes to brand development.


Press releases are more affordable than most modern advertising tactics if done right. For example, paying a monthly retainer to PR agencies or attempting to handle press releases on your own can end up costing you a lot. However, having an online PR service that you pay on the hour offers a sustainable system. All you need to do is find the right PR agency to handle the writing, distribution, and reporting so that you don’t have to waste manpower and resources on those processes.

Customer Engagement

With so many different advertising channels in the world today and the overwhelming amount of competition in all industries, reaching target audiences has become a lifelong pursuit. One of the advantages of press release campaigns for your business is that they can improve your engagement with target audiences. Since they are more news-like in nature, press releases have a different impact on audiences than your everyday email marketing campaigns.

By using online media and print materials to communicate with an audience, you create a more lasting effect when it comes to brand recognition. After all, everyone can see a paid ad for a company, but seeing an actual informative article about that company in the papers is completely different. It changes our perspective and establishes certain respect for that brand.

Promotional Value

Whether you are investing in paid advertising or SEO, you are constantly searching for new ways to advertise your business. And with press release campaigns for your business, you are able to gain that additional advertising value indirectly. But the difference here is that press releases cost less than other forms of advertising. No need to optimize them or choose each word with utmost care. They are a way for companies to gain exposure on websites that would otherwise charge a fortune for a guest blog or paid ad space. 

Boosts SEO efforts

Although optimizing your press releases is not a necessity, it is an option that can bring value. After all, we are talking about content that will appear in online news and have potentially high visibility and readability ratio. Therefore, investing an added effort into optimizing your press releases with relevant keywords, links, images, etc. can end pay off. Search engines register all content related to your business and sum it up when ranking you on SERPs. So, SEO companies New York will warrant additional efforts when creating press release campaigns, as they may very well lead to more organic traffic and leads for your business.

Builds Trust & Recognition

People trust prestigious publications from reliable news sources. Everybody has websites or news agencies that they are committed to when searching for information. And by getting your brand included in those publications, you are able to indirectly establish trust in audiences that see and later recognize your name. All this has a positive effect on your public image. Press releases covered by well-known sources can redefine you as a dominant name in your industry.

Strengthens Your Brand

We already explained that brand recognition and promotion are some of the benefits of press release campaigns for your business. Getting publicity and coverage for your brand through newspapers and news sites, magazines, blogs, social media posts, etc. all helps boost your brand presence. Branding is the aspiration of all business owners and marketers, making it a vital long-term goal. And with press releases, your brand story gains momentum through media.

Offers Public Disclosure

Once you establish your brand as a credible source of information and authority, you become a valuable way for others to reaffirm their own research. Press releases are rich with relevant data and quotes that others can use as means of public disclosure in their own articles and social media posts.

Simple ROI

Business owners expect a return on investment for every marketing and sales activity that they execute. On the other hand, communication activities don’t offer clear returns in the form of more sales. Instead, by investing in press release campaigns for your company, you are boosting your brand image and reputation. And if you want to see an ROI for this effort, it will require proper management of all processes, including the creation and distribution of press releases. However, given the low initial costs of press releases, you are in a better position to guarantee ROI.


As we know from all digital marketing activities, visibility can make a huge difference for any business. Even if you have the best products or services in the world, they will do you little good if nobody is able to come across them online. If you want to guarantee success for your business, you need to get your brand in front of audiences. And press releases are one of the finer tools that can make that happen for you.


Finally, it’s important for any option to promote and maintain your reputation to be sustainable on a long-term basis. With press release campaigns for your business, sustainability is not only simple but also affordable. Press releases focus on the speed and presence that brands need to sustain to maintain success.

Start working on your press releases today

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Let our team help you with press release campaigns for your business.

Having explored the top 10 benefits of press release campaigns for your business, you can see just how big a role they can play. Digital Dot can help you build a stronger brand through the optimization of press releases and measuring their overall contribution to your digital marketing activities. Give our team a call today and learn more about improving your brand awareness!

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