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How to attract the right crowd to your website?

Building an online home to your brand is an aspiring task, but one that comes with a great deal of responsibility. Two of the hardest challenges for businesses today are to stand out in their industry and to stay ahead of the competition. Digital Dot knows this as we make it our goal to help companies achieve this and become the number one brand in their niches. So, once you have a fully operational website, the next thing to do is attract the right crowd to your website. Only by doing that can you hope to expand your business and grow the influence of your brand in today’s market. This article covers the fundamental steps to make that happen:

  • How to identify your target crowd?
  • Defining the motives of your audience
  • Features that keep users involved

Crows of people
It’s not just a crowd that you need. It’s the right crowd.

Identify your target crowd – the users of your brand

The part of your website development strategy that is not only crucial but can also be entertaining. Identifying the audience you want your website to impact means answering a series of questions with as much accuracy as possible. Remember, each of these answers should bring you closer to visualizing a particular element of your website:

  1. What is their age and where do they come from?
  2. Do you know the sort of challenges do they face?
  3. What kind of message will resonate among your target audience?
  4. How do they spend their time online?
  5. What is their weapon of choice when it comes to means of interaction?
  6. What is their title/occupation?

Answering these questions will enable you to visualize your average website visitor – helping you convert them into your brand user. As you figure out the identifiers for your target audience – your website layout should start to unfold. Once you figure that out, you can start brainstorming for creative ways how to answer the needs of potential brand users and attract the right crowd to your website as a result.

Once you realize who your target audience is, your website’s design will start to unfold.

Know your audience and their motives to get a clearer path towards your website’s strategy

Each business is different so it’s really a case-by-case scenario, where professional digital marketing experts such as us understand how important a custom approach is. Whether we are talking about your SEO and content strategy, the design of your website, or all the actions that come along with creating it – and this includes online advertising as well as your social media strategies. In fact, there are several major points to focus on.

The good news is that there are countless ways to better define the right crowd to attract to your website:

  • Putting yourself in the shoes of your audience
  • Analyzing the crowds that your competitors target
  • Putting aside your personal preferences
  • Using social media marketing and trends.

Step into your audience’s shoes

Try to look at your website from your target visitor’s point of view. What are they searching for? What are they looking at? But before thinking about that – think about how they will find your website.

This is actually the moment to think about the benefits of online advertising and investing your money into Pay Per Click campaigns. Actions such as this one will help you reach out to the type of user who will turn into loyal customers after visiting your website. Consider what they’ll be looking for both before and once they land on your website. Additionally – consider how easily they’ll be able to find that information.

Analyze your competition

You wouldn’t be doing this to steal ideas – you’d be analyzing your competitors’ websites to gain important insight into what your competition has in common. By doing so, you’ll find it easier to attract the right crowd to your website, simply by seeing what does and doesn’t work. What are the things to pay attention to here?

  • Website layout, navigation, and overall usability (Is it easy to find exactly what you are looking for?)
  • Features and appeal of your website design  (Both good and bad)
  • Content quality – landing pages and blog posts (Is it your target audience-appropriate? Is there a clear content strategy?)
  • SEO efforts and tactics
  • Social media strategies
  • Channels for advertising your business

Make sure you notice things that your competition did well but don’t forget to search for shortcomings and decisions that would neither attract nor keep your target crowd.

Ignore your personal preferences

This is a common stumbling block for people choosing their website’s design – and also a step where professionals of digital marketing can be of major assistance. It is difficult to disregard your own personal preferences, especially once you realize your target crowd might have different inclinations. There is nothing wrong with asking for professional assistance, especially when you don’t have the time or resources to handle all this by yourself. Sometimes, a push in the right direction can make all the difference when it comes to improving your website.

Digital Dot will analyze your website and present you with a plan of action – thus enabling you to avoid the most common mistakes when trying to use your website’s features to attract just the right kind of audience.
Simply put, the things that appeal to you may easily turn out to be a complete disaster among your target crowd, which is something experts can help you overcome in no time, thus creating a perfect fit for just the sort of brand users you wish to attract.

A good SEO plan helps you attract the right crowd to your website
Having a suitable SEO strategy and content is bound to give you favorable results.

Features that need your constant attention

After you come up with suitable solutions for your website’s layout, your work is not done. There are still things that will still require your attention and additional research from time to time. Adjusting and improving your website is always an option – even if your brand has had its own website for years.


Everything from the simplest color combinations to the most complex aspects of a website’s design, including site navigation, font size, and layout has a major influence on your audience and should never be neglected. According to researchers, nearly half of your website’s visitor will make a judgment based on your design – directly deciding about the credibility of your company. Do not underestimate the power of a professional design that efficiently communicates your brand message.


Your website needs valuable content created based on detailed keyword research – which, naturally, depends on your target audience. Digital Dot SEO experts will secure the best organic positions for your brand and create custom content aligned with the traits and needs of your target crowd. Having a suitable SEO strategy and constantly working on your website’s content is bound to give you favorable results.

Understand the significance of attracting your target audience

Seeing a lot of traffic on your website is good but not what your final objective should be. Increasing your income (which is the purpose of every business and brand, whether it offers goods or services) comes from managing to attract the right crowd to your website. Get to know the people who will find your goods and services reliable enough to spend money on them.

Nurturing your target audience the right way means turning leads into customers. You need to offer the highest level of digital marketing services. Only by doing so will you find it easier to accomplish the essence of digital marketing – generating business results.

Make the most cost-effective and efficient action plan

Attract the right crowd to your website, know your audience and make an effort to satisfy their needs. All this can only benefit your business, especially contacting digital marketing professionals of Digital Dot will make a real difference. Get in touch with us and let us assess your brand, as well as your target audience, and create your website or improve your existing one in a way that will make your brand number one choice of your target crowd.

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