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How to retain existing customers with remarketing

A well-developed marketing strategy can be a powerful tool if you are looking to improve your brand’s reconsideration, increase repeat sales or launch a new product. With so many online marketing platforms available nowadays, reaching your existing customers can be fairly simple. However, creating long-term business relationships and retaining past customers with remarketing is where obstacles come up. This endeavor requires a detailed and well-coordinated online marketing strategy, to start with. To help you grow your business, our team of digital marketing professionals has created a useful guide on how you can use remarketing tactics to retain existing customers and why it matters. Keep reading to learn more about it.

How can your business benefit from retargeting existing customers?

Retaining your previous customers can not only be cheaper than acquiring new ones but can also help you increase repeat sales significantly. Therefore, whether you are doing paid search advertising or rely on social media marketing as the main promotion tool, remarketing needs to be included in your overall advertising budget.

photo showing how remarketing helps you retain customers
Experienced marketers know that remarketing can significantly influence the increase of the conversion rate.

When you are aiming to retain existing customers with marketing tactics, you need to specify your goals first. This approach will allow you to create a successful marketing strategy, all while staying on budget.

Six fundamental goals of every remarketing strategy

  • Brand preference.
  • Improvement of the audience’s engagement.
  • Repeat sales and Cross sales.
  • Product launching.
  • Product upsells.
  • Lead generation.

Use remarketing to become the #1 choice brand for your customers

Two important goals of an overall marketing strategy are:

  1. Brand consideration. Your previous customers consider buying your products rather than taking their business to your competitors.
  2. Brand preference. Your brand has a solid base of existing customers that choose to stay loyal to your brand.

To gain a base of loyal retaining customers, you need to build strong brand awareness among your past and present customers & followers on your social media accounts.

Investing in a well-planned search engine optimization approach is necessary. It allows you to reach target audiences and re-establish brand awareness for your business. Bear in mind that customers don’t necessarily choose your company as their brand of preference simply by buying your product or using your services once. Therefore, a regular remarketing strategy that targets repetitive consumerism can be crucial for increasing repeat sales.

Consumers tend to stay loyal to their preferred brands. Investing in a brand reconsideration strategy can bring you a significant increase in the long-term ROI.

Make sure you create a remarketing plan that highlights the benefits of your products and presents your company’s values. This approach will help you create long-term relationships with your clients as well as increase the overall percentage of retained customers.

Increasing the content engagement rate with remarketing

People have been searching for the best solutions on how to retain existing customers and gain new ones online for a long time. Some turn to invest in black-hat methods like buying followers or page likes. Others dedicate significant resources to boosting brand awareness and engagement campaigns through social media channels. However, simply gaining followers or page likes on accounts does not guarantee an increased repeat sales rate.

When searching for the best solution to how remarketing helps you retain customers on social media, you need to create an overall marketing plan. One that improves your online presence and allows existing customers to engage with your content, motivating them to share it with others.

Person looking at Facebook page
Make sure that you post engaging content on your social media accounts

Building a base of loyal fans and followers that regularly interact with your social media content will increase the brand preference for your business. It will also allow you to interact with your customers on a long-term basis. Not only can customers’ social media engagement help you understand their needs and purchasing decisions, but it also allows you to build trust among consumers.

Increase the repeat and cross-sales rate with remarketing

As mentioned before, popular consumerism studies have shown that previous customers are more likely to repeat a purchase then the consumers that have no previous experience with your brand or products. Therefore, investing in advertising to your previous customers and keeping them updated about the new products and sales can increase your revenue significantly.

You can always use seasonal sales and offers to maintain a relationship with loyal customers

Whether it is a seasonal offer or a loyalty card – consumers love discounts! Use that to your advantage – make sure you engage your previous customers through holiday marketing and loyalty discounts. This will not only increase your revenue but it will also improve your repeat sales rate.

Make sure you create an annual “promotional offers” plan. Consider having monthly or seasonal sales. Most importantly, make sure sales are announced in advance. This will allow your customers to plan their purchases as well as improve your usual social media engagement rate.

Launching a new product with remarketing

Launching a new product or service can be a challenging task, even for well-established brands. Therefore, start by advertising the newest features to your previous customers. That can make the whole process much simpler.

Consumers that have already used your products and are familiar with your brand are more likely to put their trust in you and purchase your new products. This approach will help you introduce new products to the market more easily. Also, your previous customers can be a great source of feedback and market research. Use this experience to learn more about their needs and implement them into your future products’ launching.

Upsells can bring a lot of revenue to the table

Whether you are solely selling your products online or prefer making store sales, upsell opportunities can be a great method of retaining your customers. An offer on an updated product can be perceived as a great deal by your consumers.

people shopping online
Upsell offers can increase the customers’ retention rate for your brand.

Make sure you segment your targeted audiences properly. Offer them options to upsell their products and make sure you remind them why your brand is the best solution for their needs. Highlight the improved features and make sure you offer a great price-quality ration.

How remarketing helps you retain customers through social media networks

Retaining customers on social media requires both organic and paid advertising plans. Only a combined strategy that includes both useful information about your products and promotional content for your brand can help you gain a steady retainment rate on social media.

Don’t make it all about advertising your products

Creating a base of followers, among your previous customers, who interact with your content on a daily basis can go a long way. Not only that you will become their preferred brand, but your social media accounts might become their go-to place for useful information. Make sure not all your ads and social media posts revolve around selling the products. Provide your followers with useful information and fun facts that are related to their interests.

You should use Facebook and Instagram remarketing to retain your existing customers

In order to create a successful social media remarketing plan, you need to follow a few important steps:

  • Segment your audiences.
  • Choose the best type of engagement campaign.
  • Analyze the data and adjust the remarketing plan accordingly.

Guide for setting up a target audience for FB and IG remarketing

Audience manager withing the Facebook business manager allows you to easily target and retain your customers by creating a few different types of custom audiences.

  • Website

By placing an FB pixel code on your website, you can create and segment different audiences for your ads. Therefore for an example, you can choose to promote specific upsell products to previous customers. Or you can decide to promote your brand to all people that have visited your website or a specific page during any period within the last 365 days.

  • Customer list

If you already have information about your previous customers you can create a customer list audience to retarget them.

  • App activity

Social media marketing can help you retain customers that have launched your app, bought a product or took another specific action.

  • Offline activity

Create FB events to advertise to the customers that have interacted with your brand offline by visiting the store, through a phone call, subscription submission, etc.

  • Facebook source customer audiences

Facebook source-based audience allows you to target your current followers and people who have interacted with your content and ads in the past. From video views audiences set by the duration of the view to lead submissions and people that have saved your Instagram posts –  there are numerous options to segment, target, and retain your existing customers.

Choosing the right engagement campaign

After segmenting the audiences you want to retain, you will encounter multiple campaign types to choose from. To make this simple and help you focus on your goals, we recommend testing the following campaign types:

  • Brand awareness. – Increase brand awareness among previous customers.
  • Engagement. – Encourage your audience to engage with your usual content or use a custom audience to increase the repeat conversions from your previous customers.
  • Traffic. – Drive traffic to your website. Create dedicated landing pages that will provide your existing customers with the most important information.
  • Lead generation. – Encourage your followers to subscribe to a newsletter or loyalty plan.
  • Catalog sales. – Display a catalog of your products directly on social media.
  • Store visits. – Invite your customers to visit your stores and get to know the new offers in person.

Use the collected data to evaluate your social media remarketing efforts

Remarketing campaigns on social media networks can provide you with valuable information on your customers’ purchasing decisions. Even better, they offer insights on your brand’s strength and the overall quality of your marketing strategy.

analysis of how remarketing helps you retain customers

Make sure you analyze the data and evaluate the approach you have been using. Don’t get discouraged if the results are not satisfying. Use that as a learning curve. Keep in mind that testing is a huge part of marketing strategies. Make sure you use the data you have to improve your remarketing plan.

Learn more about how to retain existing customers with remarketing

With a unified remarketing strategy that includes PPC, SEO, and social media marketing you can ensure a steady customer retaining rate and grow your business.

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