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Lead magnet – an asset that helps you increase conversions!

Marketing has, and always will be, a crucial part of doing business. Getting potential customers interested in what you are offering and then keeping that interest is key to remaining competitive. Of course, with how pivotal the internet is to our society, a lot of marketing effort is aimed at grabbing the attention of people using it. And one of the battlefields where different businesses vie for supremacy is email marketing! However, how does one gain access to the emails of their customers? You can’t simply send emails to random email addresses and hope for the best. That is a quick way to get yourself universally marked as spam. The answer is: you need to get people to willingly subscribe to your emails. And to do that, you need to make smart use of a lead magnet – an asset that helps you increase conversions!

What are lead magnets?

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Videos are always a fun way to engage with potential customers.

In simple terms, a lead magnet is a way to help you find sales leads. It achieves this by encouraging people to subscribe, therefore opening up their email addresses for your marketing efforts. The actual form lead magnets take, however, is harder to pin down. In essence, they are ‘free’ promotion material that you offer up as an incentive to subscribe.

For example, popular authors often offer up the ebook version of the first book in their series. Moving companies might make available more sophisticated software for gauging moving prices or access to helpful articles. In the end, what these all have in common is giving the potential clients and customers a chance to have a ‘taste’ of the services offered. This would then be used to boost their willingness to pay in order to gain access to more. Even if not immediately, they can be turned into customers through email offers.

The advantages of a lead magnet

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Email advertisement is an important lead generation venue.

It is incredible how useful having access to email marketing is. People are typically never willing to take even a second look at online ads offered to them randomly. Most view such ads as potential scams or not worth their time. However, they are much more willing to engage with marketing efforts that they have willingly signed up for. And that’s, in essence, what subscription is after all!

This is also the reason why social media marketing NYC is so successful. It shares the same trait of users willingly clicking onto something versus just encountering it by chance. Unfortunately, people are not actually inclined to subscribe to anything most of the time. With how prevalent internet culture has become, emails are no longer seen as messaging platforms but an important service which contains a lot of private information. In other words, a lead magnet offers a reason to do it.

What are effective lead magnets?

An effective lead magnet needs to be something that has obvious value to the potential customer but also allows you to entice them to hire you for your services or buy your product. An excellent example of this is actually tutorial videos. They can be on any subject your company is specialized in. Take moving companies for instance. You can put together a detailed video on how to best pack up for a move.

Give helpful and exacting advice on how to secure your items so they do not get damaged during a move. At the same time, you should emphasize how important quality moving supplies are. Or even how difficult it can be to properly secure fragile items. Doing this, you both offer excellent value to the person who subscribed and gets them to think about purchasing the supplies from you. Or even hiring you to skip the process.

How do you craft a lead magnet?

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Guides are a popular option since they are easy to make and adjustable to a lot of different topics.

The first step of creating a good lead magnet is knowing exactly who your target audience is. You need to pander to the needs of your market! It is helpful to contact digital marketing agencies in New York if you do not have your own marketing department in order to help you with this part of the research. Then, of course, you need to select the type of lead magnet you wish to create. Here’s an example of what you can go for:

  • Video tutorial
  • Ebooks
  • Discounts or sales
  • Resource lists
  • Free demos
  • Guides
  • Software access

From there, your job is to properly adapt the topic of your lead magnet to the target audience. Just follow basic logic to keep the lead magnet in line with the interest of your audience and your business. Of course, it is crucial that all the content is original and produced by your company.

How to keep users interested?

Now, there are two spheres of interest you need to pander to. First, you need to make it so it’s worth it to continue being subscribed to you. You do this by occasionally replacing the lead magnet you are offering. Or, in the case of offering access to a demo version of the software, make it so that it is possible to use it only while subscribed. Then, there is also the need to keep the potential customer interest in the advertisement you are sending to their email. You can, for example, run a blog on your website and send links to useful or interesting posts to their email. This way, they get value out of paying attention and you have a marketing venue! Of course, you should still pursue alternative marketing methods such as PPC services New York for good ways to encourage them to engage with you.

Final Word

Now that you know more about what a lead magnet – an asset that helps you increase conversions is, you can make better and more effective use of it! Just remember that your marketing efforts must never stall. It doesn’t matter how good your lead magnet is right now if your competition makes better ones and makes your efforts obsolete. So, keep working hard to ensure your competitiveness on the market!

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