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Mobile PPC advertising: tips and hints

Some time ago, mobile devices managed to outnumber desktop and laptop computers when it comes to Google searches. This turn of events was somewhat expected – and the number of searches via cellphone keeps on growing as we speak. This is why digital marketing strategies have been putting special efforts into adjusting their PPC campaigns accordingly. If a company fails to advertise to mobile traffic; but also if it is not properly done, there will be a lot of marketing opportunities missed. Take a brief look into what tips and hints Digital Dot – a digital marketing agency in New York has to share about mobile PPC advertising and how it can be of assistance to your own PPC strategy.

How are mobile searches different from what they are on other devices?

a person holding a cell phone, representing mobile PPC advertising
Since mobile devices managed to outnumber desktop and laptop computers when it comes to Google searches, adjusting your PPC ads and landing pages to cell phones became a significant part of a digital marketing strategy.

Although it might seem like search engine habits remain the same on all devices, there are some rather noticeable differences involving PPC advertising.  When prospective buyers and customers perform searches on their cell phones, their behavior changes to a certain extent; which means mobile PPC advertising ought to go through certain alterations as well. This is a gap that keeps growing, which is why companies that fail to perceive the significance of focusing on an effective mobile strategy with the support of a skilled PPC agency in New York are likely to lose money.

Buyers tend to turn to their phones for quick searches or to ask questions – the convenience of the mobile phone is the key factor that changes the manner of performing Google inquiries.

  • Mobile phone users are not necessarily home or office-bound.
  • They use apps for just about everything they might need.
  • These users are prone to being more impatient and distracted.

Adjusting your PPC strategy according to users’ location

With PPC you are able to match your ads so they correspond to the user’s location. In terms of mobile users, this means the possibility of customizing ads – this can be done based on their Wi-Fi and GPS. Having to rely on Internet service providers for targeting is therefore not a necessity. Businesses can thus use location extensions and expressions such as “visit us” or “near you” to express their local nature. This way, a business can target its PPC campaign to draw buyers who are in proximity.

Use strong CTAs to hold the attention of distracted users

a person using a mobile phone device
A mobile device user usually spends less time and shows less patience than a desktop and laptop user, which is why mobile users are likely to give up if your website doesn’t provide enough speed and mobile compatibility.

Unlike desktop or laptop users, people who use mobile phones for Google searches may be out and about. This implies they can be easily distracted – which is why using a stronger call to action notion may be necessary. An important thing to pay attention to is the lack of a direct conversion; users may be inclined to visit your site on another device. This is the type of situation that often occurs after users perform mobile searches, which is why remarketing can be of crucial significance with PPC for mobile devices. Using remarketing will bring potential buyers back to your website and create conversions.

  • Extra tip: since they usually spend less time and show less patience than desktop and laptop users, mobile users are more likely to give up if your website isn’t showing enough speed and mobile compatibility. Put equal effort into suitable web development projects of both your desktop and mobile PPC ads. Additionally, content used on your pages has to be shorter and more concise – get right to the point and show users exactly why and how they can get what you have to offer.

Create a landing page optimized for mobile devices

PPC landing page mobile optimization means webpage development that offers a responsive design. What this means is that the theme will adapt to the user’s device. This implies that it will not matter whether the visitor is using a mobile device, a tablet, or a mobile phone to reach your webpage. There are several questions to ask in order to check whether your PPC mobile page provides a suitable level of quality:

  • Is the page loading fast enough?
  • Does it offer clear and concise content?
  • Is your call to action obvious enough?

If the answer to these questions is “yes” – you’ve got a well-rounded mobile PPC advertising strategy on your hands.

Bidding guidelines for mobile PPC advertising

a man using a mobile device
To deliver the information, users are looking for through mobile searchers – you need to implement some well-thought-out PPC strategies.

In mobile PPC advertising, bidding for positions one or two might be the only strategy that shows actual results. Mobile devices have limitations when it comes to screen space, which means bidding for lower positions makes you virtually invisible on search engines. This can be a good thing since your top position ad will be all the more prominent. Should you, however, fail to place your ad in the top results, it may never actually be seen.

On the other hand – it is possible to get conversions with lower bids. There are still numerous marketers out there who are more focused on social media ads instead of Google Ads. Consequently, you are able to get the wanted results even with lower bids. In this case, there is still a possibility of higher conversions since you are able to target based on device and location.

Final thoughts

There is a way to deliver the information users are looking for to mobile searchers – all you need to do is implement some well-thought-out PPC strategies. By doing a reasonable amount of research or simply scheduling a PPC consultation with digital marketing professionals, you’ll be able to use the full capacity of PPC advertising, whether it is targeted towards mobile users in particular or all of the search engine users. Prevent wasting your money down the drain and focus it appropriately – by paying attention to every detail of a digital marketing strategy, which nowadays ought to contain separate PPC efforts focused on mobile devices.

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