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Reasons why your company should have a blog

Whether you’ve just started a company website, or you have been running one for a while now, it is important to understand the significance a blog section can have. A well-maintained blog, nicely written, relevant, and informative articles posted regularly, can make an immensely positive impact on both your website and your business. Actually, the list of reasons why your company should have a blog is quite a long one – Digital Dot marketing agency NYC has come up with several of the most important motives to encourage you to dedicate time and effort to creating and maintaining your company’s blog section.

1. Blogging is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your brand

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Running a blog is free, which makes it cost-effective. But remember that you need time and effort to create quality blog posts regularly.

In case your business already has an online representation in the form of a website, adding a blog page to it should be easy enough. Running a blog is essentially free, making it an extremely cost-effective way to improve your brand and business. It is basically just your time you need to invest in it. Surely, as a business owner, taking the time to deal with something as intricate as producing a regularly updated blog post section is not a simple task. This is why sometimes hiring professionals to deal with creating quality content is necessary. Although it may take some budget adjustments, this is the type of marketing call that will definitely bring results in the long run.

No website yet? This isn’t something you should be worried about. There are plenty of available free options out there. offers excellent, user-friendly templates you can use to set up both your website and consequently a blog section in just several simple steps.

2. Promote your brand and improve your marketing efforts

In today’s harsh and ever-competitive world of business, it is no plain sailing to promote your brand efficiently. Blog posts can help you achieve this goal. In addition to promoting your business, blogs help your company get a multimedia representation (blog posts can provide more content than simple words on screen), and eventually – it keeps the website visitors interested and engaged. Think about, and make an effort, to continuously improve the quality of your blog section. This will create a better understanding of what your brand represents and the kind of message you are trying to get through. The more quality content you offer, the better the promotion your business receives.

3. Become a figure of authority in your line of business

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Offering useful information and well-written content in your blog will grow your audience and retain existing customers.

Even with all the marketing tools available today, people still put their trust in the written word. Relevant posts packed with accurate and helpful information will prove to be a reason enough your company should have a blog. There are definitely other marketing strategies you could you to establish authority, but a blog post is still a powerful tool to increase the trust in your brand. Grow your audience and retain existing customers by providing them with useful data and well-written content.

4. Boost your SEO game and improve internal linking strategy

Boosting your SEO efforts is one of the crucial benefits of running a business blog. However, this is an action that requires time and patience to show results. This is a fact that stands whether you choose to add a blog section to your newly formed website or you wish to resurrect an already existing one.

The most efficient way in which a blog helps improve your search engine optimization is by producing content that ranks your site for relevant keywords. Do not, however, attempt to make this possible by doing the old-fashioned keyword stuffing. Contemplate and implement a thought-out keyword placement plan. This will boost your website and get it on the first page of search engines.

Regularly updating your blog section with new content provides a reason for bots to crawl your website; thus assisting the ranking of the site. Google is constantly searching for new content and will not bother going back to your site unless it offers new pieces of content to read. The more new posts you produce, the better ranking your website gets.

  • Creating blog posts also enables backlink options. This means that you offer content other sites will want to link to. Inbound links are provided to companies that run a blog section; which means a greater number of people visiting your company’s website. Eventually, this leads to having a larger base of potential clients.
  • Whereas inbound linking is not quite in your hands, internal linking is. One of the reasons why your company should have a blog is to improve your internal linking strategy. Come up with smart internal linking tactics and point your visitors towards the important pages on your site.

5. Get customer feedback and educate about the features of your product or services

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Using a blog enables you to show website visitors what your company represents. It also provides a way to connect with them in a more characteristic manner.

Running a business website and doing it well means providing your visitors and existing customers with the information they are looking for. Normally, business owners do it in a manner that leaves no space for comments or starting a conversation. Running a blog section enables these types of features. Blogging encourages feedback and further discussions. It also offers a tone clients can find relatable and an interactive way to communicate with visitors.

By using a blog, you are able to show your customers what your company represents and connect with them in a more characteristic manner. It offers practicality and flexibility in connecting with clients and sharing information about your brand and the way you work.

  • Get informed about the ways blogging and other marketing tools can help you improve your brand by consulting digital marketing experts, and grow your online business in the most efficient way.

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