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What is digital PR and why your business needs it?

Many business owners have realized the importance of having a carefully crafted online marketing strategy. Due to the oversaturation of online advertising, it’s no longer enough just to invest in marketing and sit back while your ads do all the work. In order to make your online presence resound with a large audience, you can launch a digital PR campaign. To help you understand the concept of PR marketing, we are first going to explore what it is and why your business needs it.

What is digital PR?

At its core, every PR (Public Relations) campaign is about generating buzz around a product or brand. Digital PR is no different in this regard and it uses some traditional techniques and strategies to increase awareness and interest in your company. Marketing agencies that specialize in digital PR usually have a number of professional journalists, bloggers, and social media influencers in their collaborative network. You hire one of the top digital marketing agencies in New York in order to gain access to the large network of contacts they frequently collaborate with. They can help you build links on authoritative websites and increase your online mentions in the places that matter most.

Newspaper next to laptop.
Digital PR is in many ways similar to traditional press release marketing.

Another area where digital PR is similar to traditional public relations is that it often uses a press release kit. However, since marketing happens in online spaces, the press kit for digital PR often takes the form of a media kit. It should contain links to your social media profiles, information on the demographic you are targeting, as well as relevant information on your company. Before you launch a marketing campaign that includes digital PR, we recommend that you collect all of the needed information. You should also include digital assets, such as your company logo and photos of your products.

The key aspects of digital PR

While digital PR does rely on having your business mentioned online, this doesn’t mean that you should just create a large number of spammy backlinks. That tactic can actually get you flagged by searched engines and will just result in a drop in your SEO. Digital PR actually takes the opposite approach and favors quality over quantity. Building links is just one part of the puzzle; however, you should tread carefully when reaching out to someone for your PR needs. Your main focus here should be on establishing a network of reputable sources that can create content and mention you in their publications.

Man delivering press release.
Having reputable professionals mention your brand on authoritative websites is a key feature of digital PR.

There are both differences and similarities between digital PR and the old-school way of making press releases. Unlike traditional PR which was primarily focused on printed publications, digital PR uses online media to achieve similar goals. However, working on online spaces allows digital PR to expand its scope when it comes to press release campaigns.

Since digital content can be curated and updated regularly, you can always promote your latest products. You can also engage your audience and include links to the most recent reviews of your services. Update your press release links to let customers track new product launches. Use your digital PR campaign to always serve up current information on your company and your services.

What can digital PR do for your business?

#1: Helps establish trust through relevant authority publications

Every marketer worth their salt will tell you that a large number of mentions is something you should strive for. Things become easier when you develop a following that starts talking about your company. User engagement acts as a positive feedback loop and will bring more people in. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to get the audience interested in talking about your company or products. The best way to get there is to have the right people do the talking.

Getting mentioned on high-authority websites can improve the authority of your own site. Build up a relationship with respected publications and get them to mention your brand. If they feature your products, your audience will get to see what you have to offer in the best possible light.

#2: Improves your SEO

If you look up articles on how to improve your SEO, most of them will focus on the technical side of things. While they are definitely not wrong, many of them neglect to mention the importance of digital PR and why your business needs it. The best way to improve your SEO is by creating quality content, which can be very time-consuming and expensive. However, getting quality backlinks from the content of others also plays an important part in boosting your website.

Influencer doing social media marketing as part of digital PR.
Influencers can improve your exposure on social media.

Due to all the mentions, Google will realize that your website is providing a valuable service to users. It will then start recommending your site and push you up in rank. If you work with a web design company NYC that also knows how to implement a digital marketing campaign, you will be able to achieve amazing results. It’s important to pair digital PR with a strong SEO plan. This way you can cover marketing and press, as well as the traditional and technical aspects of SEO.

#3: Digital PR uses social media to give you more exposure

Social networks are the perfect place to reach a large audience. However, company profiles on social media can rarely attract enough attention on their own. With the help of experts in social media marketing New York you will be able to fully utilize all the benefits of digital PR. With a carefully crafted campaign you will be able to earn the trust and goodwill of your followers. You should also reach out to popular influencers who can spread your message to an even wider audience. Featuring popular creators in your content and having them mention your products can give your brand a lot of attention. Hire a known influencer to act as a spokesperson for your brand is great for raising awareness when you plan to do a new product launch.

To summarize

Hopefully, you now understand what is digital PR and why your business needs it. In order for any marketing campaign to be successful, you will need the help of various professionals. They can feature your products in various news outlets and publications. In turn, this will bring your company some well deserved attention, and it will reflect positively on your website traffic. From there it’s up to you to turn the interested visitors into paying customers.

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