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Why is WP the top platform for your business?

Deciding on a suitable platform to use for your company’s website sounds demanding even to a lot of business owners. After all, this particular decision influences your entire online presence. As companies tend to associate it with little more than blogs or small-scale websites, it is not an unusual or rare occurrence that WordPress gets unjustly pushed aside in the process of choosing the top CMS (Content Management System) for a business website. However, in consulting with our digital marketing professionals here at Digital Dot – you will get a chance to gain a completely new perspective on this matter. WordPress (WP) can indeed present a perfect solution as the top platform for your company’s site. The following article offers an incisive list of reasons to consider it as a viable option to opt for WP in the process of building and maintaining your website:

  • The platform is user-friendly and easy-to-learn
  • A flexible framework that helps your business grow
  • It offers a high level of online security and protection
  • Very accommodating to search engine bots
  • A diverse choice of plugins and add-ons
  • Most of its themes are responsive to mobile devices
  • The platform is open-source
  • WordPress offers a worldwide community of users and experts

a person writing a blog on wordpress website
What initially started as a blogging platform has today become a leading CMS platform for websites of all scopes and countless companies from different niches.

1. WordPress is user-friendly

As a successful business and a well-distinguished brand, continuing to grow your online presence is always a challenge. Therefore, having professionals support you on your path to becoming the #1 brand and maintaining that status is definitely the smart business decision to make. However, choosing a user-friendly website management platform, one that is easy to manage and update yourself, is something any professional web development company worth your time will recommend. Not only does it make for a sensible resolution, but the easy-to-use layout is what makes WP the top platform for your company’s site.

The reason behind this is quite straightforward. Tech-forward employees and IT experts are not the only ones that will typically be using the platform for your company’s site. Other teams with minimal to no prior knowledge when it comes to CMS will require daily access to your website. With a dashboard that is very easy to navigate as well as the separate user accounts and roles that it offers, WordPress is the perfect fit for companies with multiple employees.

Having a system that can be easily used by the marketing or sales departments of your company will enable easier workflow and better overall efficiency of content creation and management process.

2. The flexible framework will help your website grow

Although some associate it with a blogging tool, WordPress is so much more. Over the years, it has managed to develop into a highly powerful and flexible CMS. Whether you are only starting a website for a small business or trying to upgrade your existing digital marketing efforts – this platform allows you to power it all. It supports e-commerce stores, forums, landing pages, blogs, and keeps the possibilities open at all times. More importantly, as your business grows, so can your website. The scalability of WordPress is one of the features business owners find most convenient.

  • Making additional changes is simple and easy to manage, even for those inexperienced in website development.
  • The countless plugins WordPress offers can add diverse functionality features that you might need.
  • Having full control over your company’s website as well as all its content enables you to make any changes you consider necessary.
  • Having an efficient online strategy will allow your company and your brand to develop. This creates a need for a CMS that would have no limits to how much your website can grow in traffic, popularity, and sales.

3. Proper coding and WP plugins and themes offer a high level of security

The security of your company’s website is one of the vital matters that need taking care of. Basically, your chosen platform is supposed to provide a certain level of reliability. And while no CMS provides 100% security guarantees, WP will give you a quality security apparatus that will satisfy your site’s safety needs. In fact, most hacks and malware issues happen as a result of not putting basic security steps into practice.

security link on wordpress
Security is always a vital concern when it comes to managing a website – WP offers excellent options.

Of course, this is only possible so long as your website is set up and coded properly, to begin with. Our web development team has years of experience when it comes to working with WordPress and maintaining security and keeping plugins and themes up-to-date. The bottom line is that with WordPress, you can keep your website safe. In order to achieve this, our team of web developers recommends:

  • Keeping your core WP software, themes, and plugins updated at all times.
  • Installing plugins and themes wisely and from reputable developers and sources.
  • Using strong passwords and, when available, two-step authentication.

4. WordPress is a search-engine-friendly platform

If your prospective customers are unable to find your website, your brand and your business are paying the price and losing authority in the process. The importance of SEO and securing the best organic positions for your company’s site should never be underestimated. After all, this is what starting and owning a business website is all about. Attracting your target crowd and turning them into customers. If you wish to boost your online presence, WordPress will give you ample opportunities to do that.

With the right SEO strategy and a professional approach, your company’s WordPress website can become the pillar of your brand’s recognition and subsequent success. How does WordPress manage to support your search engine optimization efforts? Some of the most important reasons are:

  • A simple dashboard that is easy to navigate through
  • Practical ways to increase web page loading speed through code, theme, hosting, etc.
  • An abundance of SEO-optimized themes you can choose from
  • The WordPress dashboard is designed to work on smartphones as well as full-sized PCs
  • MailChimp and other features ensure constant contact with potential clients and other site users.

And many more benefits, all of which make WP the top platform for your company’s site. When you add to that equation Digital Dot and the top-rate New York digital services that our company can offer you, you will find your online presence in the perfect conditions to grow.

5. The sheer amount of possibilities offered by plugins and add-ons

Website functionality is crucial for establishing your online presence and strong user experience. As such, it should also be a vital feature of the website that will be representing all your business efforts. With thousands of available plugins that can seamlessly integrate with your WP website, you will be able to reshape and adapt your website completely, allowing you to transform it according to your business’ requirements. There are both free and paid options to choose from. The possibilities are almost endless.

computer displaying website analysis, representing top platform for your company's site
WordPress can provide you with the most essential advantages that the CMS of your choice ought to have.

So, what have been the most popular, must-have plugins in the business section of WordPress sites?

  1. WP Forms – the most efficient way to create contact forms on your site.
  2. MonsterInsights – connects your business with Google Analytics.
  3. Yoast SEO – the best SEO plugin out there.
  4. OptinMonster – a lead generation tool.
  5. Constant Contact – an efficient e-mail marketing services.
  6. WordFence – security plugin.
  7. Total Cache and WP Rocket – caching plugins.
  8. Contact Form 7 – great for customizing and managing multiple forms.
  9. Flamingo – a message storage plugin for protecting against losing data.
  10. Jetpack – ideal plugin for social sharing, protection, backups, security, etc.
  11. Aksimet – anti-spam plugin perfect for filtering out spam messages.

The point of the matter is that WordPress today offers a plethora of themes and plugins. As a CMS, it can accommodate practically any online need when it comes to website functionality. It just becomes a matter of consulting with professionals and getting advice on which add-ons are best suited for the job.

6. Excellent mobile device optimization options

Consumers no longer rely on PCs and laptops as much to find products and services. According to 2019 mobile device analytics, over 80% of users browse the web with the help of mobile devices. And with mobile ads grossing over 28.12 billion dollars in 2019 alone, it’s no wonder that more than 50% of websites are now responsive to mobile devices. And WordPress fits perfectly into that environment, with the well-established mobile device optimization it can offer.

People using different mobile device to search online.
With WordPress as your CMS, you can offer a responsive website to all mobile device users.

There are countless WP themes now that are specifically designed to be responsive to smartphones and tablets. As a result, potential site visitors won’t find it challenging to browse through your website on their mobile devices. And can result in far fewer of them leaving your site due to lack of optimization. Another practical feature to consider is that the WordPress dashboard is designed to work on smartphones as well as full-sized PCs. Therefore, you can manage your website with no regards to your device or location.

7. Open source makes WP the top platform for your business

Unlike most website building platforms, WordPress is free from commercial restrictions and limitations. Therefore, it is an open-source CMS that you can use for your business. That means that you can host your website anywhere you choose and use it in any way you see fit for the growth of your brand. And you can do all this without having to fear how the business model of others will impact the asset that is your website.

Additionally, we should point out the financial gains of WordPress. It costs less to build and maintain a WordPress site than it does to turn to any of its other commercial alternatives. Whether you hire a professional SEO agency or an in-house SEO team, it will prove far easier to manage and fully optimize your online presence in the framework which WP offers – and far less expensive.

8. The WordPress community is global and rich in members

You’re never on your own when it comes to using WordPress. One of the key reasons why WP is the top platform for your business is because it is a globally recognized and established CMS. And the worldwide community that uses it is more than open to offer support on all matters related to it. You can find countless blogs, videos, tutorials, seminars, etc. – all to better equip you in implementing WordPress. And if you are unsure where to start, just consider the official WordPress forum. If you would prefer a more hands-on approach, you can explore WordCamp events around the world in person as well.

The availability of advice from other WP users is what makes it such an ideal platform.
You can always rely on the global WordPress community for assistance.

Opting for WordPress is the right call for your business when it comes to CMS

This article demonstrates the many fundamental advantages that the use of WordPress brings to the table for companies such as your own. And you want to have as many benefits as possible on your side when opting for a platform for your business. And as facts would have it, WordPress offers the most essential advantages CMS you opt for ought to have:

  • Easy-to-use
  • Cost-effective
  • Search Engines love it
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Optimal security potential
  • Very flexible and highly functional
  • Globally accepted and nurtured
  • Offers companies the chance to adapt and grow

The list of reasons goes on and on. Nevertheless, as a business owner interested in choosing the top platform for your company’s site – you are likely to find this list quite comprehensive. WordPress offers the most essential advantages that the CMS you opt for ought to have – it is easy to use, search engine friendly, has minimal security issues, and can grow and develop according to your business requirements.

Once you decide that WordPress is the best choice for your business or if you have any further questions, we are here for you. Schedule a consultation with our design and development team member to help you learn all you wish to know about what it is that makes WP the top platform for your business.

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