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2022 email marketing trends that can grow your business

Email marketing continues to be one of the most efficient ways of communicating with customers and following up on leads. However, as with any technology, email marketing has made huge advancements. We have come a long way from simple cold pitch email messages. Nowadays, you can use emails to engage your audience and guide customers through the sales funnel. In order to get the best return on your investment, we are going to explore 2022 email marketing trends that can grow your business.

The importance of email marketing

Most digital marketing campaigns will rely on some third-party platform to deliver your content to end-users. However, this also makes you beholden to the requirements and limitations of those platforms. Navigating the recommended guidelines can give your audience an engaging experience and can sometimes feel like you are running through an obstacle course. Thankfully, you can always reach out to an expert digital marketing agency NYC for help in creating an effective marketing campaign, regardless of platform.

What makes email marketing unique in the digital advertising landscape is that you’ll have plenty of flexibility, control, and feedback. Email marketing is important for any business since you can directly scale how much you want to spend, and have access to all of the relevant information on how your campaign is performing. Additionally, email marketing is incredibly cost-effective, and there are no hidden expenses that can surprise you. Even if you decide to run a campaign on a different platform, email marketing can be a great way to communicate with users and follow up on leads.

Here are the top 2022 email marketing trends:

#1: Increased privacy regulations and email tracking

Person using Apple smartphone to read email marketing.
Apple is preloading emails, which can affect your open rate metrics.

Digital rights of individual users have been a hot-button issue for the last several years. We can expect to see changes to email tracking protocols. Cold emails are a thing of the past, and you will need to work harder than before to generate a list of leads. Customers have generally become less trusting of businesses and are more reluctant to give out their personal information. This means that you will need to build trust with your audience, instead of immediately asking for their email addresses.

You should also include easy ways for users to unsubscribe from your mailing list. Give them more options to choose which messages they will receive from you, as well as how often you can message them.

#2: Set accurate KPIs for email marketing

Key performance indicators are important if you want to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. For email marketing, one of the most relevant KPIs was traditionally the open rate. Certain users might not be interested in marketing emails and would just ignore ads they receive. The open rate signifies the number of users who actually opened the messages you sent them.

However, due to recent changes, the open rate shouldn’t be considered an accurate indicator anymore. Apple devises preload emails, which can cause the tracking pixel to mark the messages as opened, even if users never viewed the messages you sent them. For this reason, you now need to set different KPIs that will give you accurate feedback on how your emails are performing. You could potentially differentiate PC and Android users from those on Apple devices. However, we suggest that you reevaluate the indicators you are going to be tracking.

#3: Increased personalization

Gmail inbox full of marketing emails.
Avoid generic marketing emails and try to personalize every message.

One of the best ways to improve the effectiveness of your marketing is to connect with your users on a personal level. Making adjustments in your email marketing to increase the level of personalization can be hugely beneficial. This doesn’t just include addressing the user by their name. You should also carefully curate the content of your messages and send users emails that will spark their interest and inspire them into action.

You can segment your leads into groups and then use CRM software to target those leads with appropriate emails. Personalize the messages you send based on user interest, behavior, and previous shopping habits. Recommend products and services which you think your audience will be interested in.

#4: Automation and AI

Out of all the email marketing trends that can grow your business, implementing automation can have the most visible impact on your day-to-day business operations. AI can take over mundane and time-consuming tasks, and in doing so free up your sales representatives. Besides just using automation for data entry and reminders to follow up on leads, you can also use AI to build and clean up mailing lists. Smart algorithms can be used to structure your emails, pick templates and write subject lines.

#5: User-generated content is the latest trend

Email CRM software can improve your marketing campaign.
Use software to set reminders and follow up on leads.

In recent years content marketing has proven to be incredibly effective. Content creation has proven to be the cornerstone of all search engine optimization. SEO can be used to empower your existing marketing campaigns and bring more organic traffic to your website. You can hire a professional SEO company NYC to help you boost your visibility in online spaces. A key ingredient in content marketing is user-generated content.

Customer reviews, comments, testimonials, and other content created by your users can be inserted into your emails. This can build trust in your brand and increase user engagement. Leads are going to be more likely to complete a purchase after seeing that others have had positive experiences with your company.

#6: Improved experience on mobile

Gone are the days when users would have to read emails on their desktop computers. Nowadays, you need to make sure that you optimize emails and the landing pages they take users to. You can rely on professional web design services New York to help you optimize for a mobile-friendly experience. Make sure that the layout of both your website and your emails is responsive and easy to use on mobile devices.

The bottom line

Although many consider email marketing to be a thing of the past, recent advertising trends have proven them wrong. Keep an eye out for the latest 2022 email marketing trends that can grow your business. New tech advancements are changing the landscape for digital marketing. We suggest that you embrace the changes and achieve success with your marketing emails.

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