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7 tips for boosting your social media followers

It seems like businesses have realized that the best place for their marketing has become social media networks. However, you’ll also need to have a large following if you want to have someone to market to. Of course, you should invest in paid advertising, at least to get the ball rolling. That being said, nothing is going to beat an organic following that genuinely wants the latest updates from your brand. Therefore, we’ve decided to put together this article with 7 tips for boosting your social media followers.

Guide to boosting your social media followers

Based on our experience with NYC social media marketing solutions, our team understands the steps necessary to ensure an increasing number of social media followers. Here is the breakdown of what that journey should look like:

  • Planning
  • Creation
  • Engagement
  • Persistence
  • Focus
  • Diversity
  • Collaboration

#1: Come up with a detailed plan

A scenario we see far too often is marketing executives treating their company’s social media accounts like an afterthought. Unfortunately, you can’t just slap together an improvised post every now and then, and just expect your followers to increase. Boosting your social media followers takes time and a dedicated effort. In the long run, it’s much better to develop a plan and a detailed social media marketing strategy.

Content is the best way to boost your social media following.
Engage your audience with quality content.

Take into account the time needed for content creation. Social media requires content and you can’t pull that out of thin air. Figure out who is going to be creating the posts. You can even outsource part of the work to freelance designers and writers. Schedule posts in advance, so you are never caught without something to share. You can even use automation tools for social media to help you streamline the process.

#2: Create quality content

Obviously, the best way to get user attention is by posting interesting content. Avoid posting nothing but promotional material. You’ll just dig yourself into a corner, and will have a hard time boosting your social media followers. Try to be objective and realize that people aren’t following you because they want to be served ads. Therefore you need to create content that the wider audience will consider valuable. However, you should still find a way to make content relate to your company and products. For example, you can post guides on how to use your products. General tips and instructional videos also perform well on social media.

Content has become the centerpiece of any marketing strategy, and social networks are no exception. With a carefully planned approach, you can use content to grow your brand across various social networks. Just keep in mind that you need to provide value to the end-user.

#3: Engage your audience

For a while, most marketing experts believed that Search Engine Optimization was the best way to achieve organic traffic. However, social networks can develop their internal algorithms. They can seek out trending content and promote it to a larger audience. The best way to make your content trending is by boosting user engagement. Even Google recommends user engagement as one of the best ways to boost your overall ranking.

Engage your social media followers with these tactics:

  • Create content that users will want to share with their friends.
  • Host giveaways and offer promotions to entice sharing of your posts.
  • Invite users to comment on your posts.
  • Always respond to users and answer their questions.
  • Foster communication between users on your channels.

#4: Post regularly

Social media apps displayed on smartphone.
Focus on the right social media networks where you can grow your following.

A steady stream of content will always be a definite draw for any audience. Thankfully, not all of your content needs to be complex. Even simple updates will do the trick and give your social media followers something to go over.

Ensure regular posts with the following ideas:

  • You can post behind-the-scenes pictures from your office.
  • Feature your employees and their accomplishments on your social channels.
  • Share pictures from team-building exercises.

This will add a bit of humanity to your posts and make your company seem more approachable. You can even post simple questions that invite users to discuss. This has the added benefit of boosting engagement. Just whatever you do – post regularly. Don’t neglect your company’s social media profiles, because that will lead people to question if you are still in business.

#5: Create a tailored approach

You probably already have a good idea of who the target demographic is for your products. This can help you determine which social networks they are the most likely to be active on. Basically, try to think of modern social networks like cross-sections of the wider audience. Find the one that caters to the same users you are targeting with your marketing.

#6: Diversify your advertising efforts on multiple networks

Female influencer boosting your social media following by promoting products.
Partnering with influencers is great for boosting your social media following.

Although we did mention that you should pick a platform to focus on, it shouldn’t imply neglecting everything else. In the modern online space, there are plenty of spaces where you can share your content. However, you shouldn’t just post the exact same thing across all of your platforms. This approach will discourage people to follow you in more than one place. Try to mix up and vary your content a bit across different channels. Unfortunately, we do realize that creating content is hard and time-consuming. You can make edits and alternatives to pre-existing content that you posted on other networks.

#7: Collaborate with others

One of the best tips for boosting your social media followers is to get help from someone with a larger following. Instead of marketing only to your audience, you can borrow someone else’s. If you choose your partner carefully it can increase your reach and give your following a boost.

Increase your reach on social media by partnering with:

  • Popular influencers. You can seek out influencers who have an overlap with the demographic you are targeting. Contact them and see if they are willing to promote your products.
  • Other brands. Professional New York digital marketing agencies always recommend turning your relationships with other brands into a mutually beneficial partnership. Find other brands which aren’t your direct competition and approach them for a cross-promotion.

To summarize

Hopefully, you gained some valuable insight from our guidelines for boosting your social media followers. Obviously, there isn’t one simple solution that can give you instantaneous results. Although, if you put in the work and build up your social platform accounts, the results will certainly follow.

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