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Businesses that benefit from PPC the most

Paid advertising has always had a significant role to play in digital marketing. It is the cavalry in one’s time of need when you want to make that last-minute push to achieve your sales goals. And it is also a great temporary solution to have while in the process of working on your long-term digital marketing strategy. That being said, there are many businesses that benefit from PPC and invest a lot of resources into it. And there are plenty of PPC companies such as ours that are more than able to accommodate the needs of specific niches to achieve the best results for the money you choose to invest. So, let’s take a look at which industries go all-in when it comes to Google Ads.

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A proper PPC campaign can ensure revenue and growth.

5 types of businesses that benefit from PPC the most

Although all businesses stand to benefit from PPC advertising, there are always those niches that can profit more from it. As always, understanding the specific needs of your audiences is an essential part of knowing how they might respond to different advertising tactics. And so, based on the research of others, we come to five categories of businesses that gained a lot from their PPC campaigns and continue to do so.

Businesses that have high customer lifetime values

Sometimes, chasing after that domino effect can take you a long way. And so, industries that nurture long-term relationships with clients might only need that first click that comes from PPC. After all, spending more on a lead that will repay that investment a hundredfold in the years to come is definitely worth it. And it all comes down to looking at the bigger picture and playing the long game. Typical examples of such businesses would be:

  • Dentists, doctors, veterinarians, etc. People are always in need of a clean bill of health, whether we’re talking about dental hygiene or other parts of the body. And that applies to both humans and animals. So, medical marketing definitely offers a long-term payment plan.
  • Colleges & online degree programs. With the dynamics of the modern world, people are always looking for new ways to improve themselves. Colleges and companies that offer training courses and programs stand to gain a lot from each student, even after they finish the course.
  • Cable and internet providers, utilities. Again, we are talking about long-term contracts, where people rarely opt for changing providers once they sign the first contract.

Businesses that have high margins

While some businesses rely on lifetime value, others are more interested in closing single purchases with high margins. You know that you have a high-value product/service that people don’t buy that often. So, finding those one-time buyers is your best bet. And when you don’t have enough traffic on your website, you need to tap into new audiences. That is why these types of companies count among businesses that benefit from PPC the most:

  • Lawsuits. For lawyers, a single case can make or break not only their careers but also the revenue of their company. That is why you have so many companies bidding for lawsuit-related keywords such as “divorce lawyer”, “malpractice lawyer”, “personal injury lawyer”, etc. The margins on all of these cases can be high.
  • Contracting jobs. It’s not every day that people decide to hire contractors or repairmen. Remodeling a house or renovating can all lead to large sums of money. Therefore, investing in paid advertising to close these types of leads can bring in high-volume jobs.
  • IT equipment. Hardware is an essential part of our everyday lives now, whether for residential or commercial purposes. And so, buying computers, copiers, home theater systems, etc. can bring in a lot of profit.
  • Home appliances. You won’t go out to buy a dishwasher or fridge every couple of months. Just like with big mattresses and large pieces of furniture, you will buy them once every couple of years.
  • Vehicles. The automotive industry relies a lot on paid advertising and impulse purchases. Most people can’t really afford to buy a new car, motorcycle, RV, boat, etc. every year, so it’s a high volume purchase that you need to target.

Businesses that offer hard-to-find products

Rarity products are the perfect setting for paid advertising. Focusing SEO on such products, efficient as it would be, takes up too much time and resources. On the other hand, having PPC campaigns that target specific keywords for such products ensures a higher chance of people coming across them. And so, companies that offer rare items that you can’t find in your local store are definitely among businesses that benefit from PPC the most.

Businesses that offer a diverse array of products

When you have full-scale retailers like Amazon and eBay that have an unlimited range of products, it’s important to invest large amounts of money into paid advertising to help you clear inventory faster. It’s difficult to shift your SEO efforts to each product when you have thousands of different ones. And that is where the implementation of PPC advertising comes into play. By bidding on long-tail keywords and using dynamic keyword insertion, eCommerce companies such as this one can secure lower costs per click.

Businesses that offer seasonal or event-based value

There is nothing quite like the concept of a gift to reel in customers and secure revenue for your business. And so, businesses that focus on seasonal or event-based values can benefit from PPC advertising. In the past, we discussed the notion of holiday marketing tactics and the mistakes that companies and marketers can make. However, PPC is definitely an advantage to have when the holidays come and people are looking for gifts for loved ones.

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Once it’s all been said and done, the only thing left is to decide when you want to start with your paid advertising campaigns and how much you want to invest. Rather than overreaching or underestimating your market, you should consider consulting with a PPC team that has a rich understanding of multiple industries. Digital Dot marketing agency NYC is a team that is well-versed in all digital marketing channels. We can help make your campaigns bulletproof. Call us today and start seeing an increase in your leads for each dollar you invest!

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