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Digital marketing for startups – branding & growth

As a startup business, it is in your best interest to get your name out there quickly. And one of the best venues for this is the wonderful world of the internet. So, let us take a closer look at digital marketing for startups – branding & growth.

Know what you need for branding

Different fonts.
The font is shockingly important, so pick a good one!

In order to start building up your brand, start by researching and learning how to do it successfully. And the three aspects of branding are:

  • Typography
  • Logo
  • Color

Just think about some of your favorite brands! The first few things that come to mind are their logo, the colors you’ve come to associate with them, and the font of their company name. These are the three things you need to settle on long before you start launching any sort of digital marketing campaign. Otherwise, even if you are successful, you will not have anything your customers can associate you with, which ultimately makes your business forgettable.

Perfect your SEO

If you have decided to pursue digital marketing for startups, then your site will be the linchpin of everything. And without good SEO, your site will not do well at all. Note that SEO is a complex field, and it relates to nearly everything about your site. In order for your SEO to be good, your site needs to load quickly, work on every platform and device, have quality keywords associated with it, and more. To perfect your SEO will take time and effort, so it is not something that you can get done quickly. It is better to say it is always a work in progress rather than something that can be finished.

Rely on social media

Social media apps on a phone.
Social media is a perfect choice if you do not want to invest too much into marketing.

Social media has amazing utility for digital marketing for startups. It is cheap, dare we say free even, and it doesn’t take much effort even if you put serious work into it. You can make a couple of posts a day on your social media accounts and still have great results. If you do not want to dedicate the time and resources to it yourself, you can also look for a social media marketing agency New York and leave it to professionals!

What makes social media marketing so amazing is the fact that it synergizes with literally all of your other digital marketing efforts. You can feature your ads, content posts, or anything else on social media. It will immediately and quickly increase your outreach and potential customer pool.

Try and build up your backlinks

Backlinks are important for any business. They link your business to others with a similar target audience, thereby allowing you to pool your resources and marketing results together. This means that selecting a business to which you want to offer backlinks on your site is a bit tricky, though. You need to find those you can cooperate with, but without them cutting into your own profits and customers. After all, if you offer identical goods or services, then you are in direct competition. But, if you offer different things, you may not be trying to appeal to the same customer base. If you find good business partners to exchange backlinks with, your digital marketing will progress much more smoothly.

Push for content

Content is the lifeblood of digital marketing. Why? Well, if everything else you do is meant to just grab people’s attention and get them to visit your site, content is something that will keep them coming back. Even if potential clients don’t immediately purchase something from your site or hire you, if they keep coming back to read interesting posts on your blog or watch your guide videos, they will eventually feel like doing it. That isn’t to say that content can’t attract people on its own.

It can! You can post about it on your social media accounts and it can generate organic traffic on its own. If someone is interested in how to do something, for example, pack efficiently, and you have a blog post about that, then they might click onto your site and end up buying something from you.

Try and generate a discussion

As top digital marketing agencies in New York can tell you, attention is good! Even if it is negative at the start, you have the chance to turn things around later. This is why you should always do your best to encourage reviews as well as comments on your blog and social media accounts. They generate digital marketing for startups all on their own! And good reviews, as well as the SEO from both reviews and comments, all help rank your website higher in Google Search Results.

Get on the local maps

One of your first steps as a startup should be to register for Google My Business. This will immediately put you onto Google Maps and make it much more likely for people to find you when looking for local businesses in their areas. This is a lot of organic attention you don’t want to miss out on when it costs you absolutely nothing.

Consider getting affiliates

When discussing digital marketing for startups that requires direct investment, it is impossible not to mention affiliates. Affiliate marketing is, in essence, paying someone else to promote your products. Why should you invest in this, however? Well, the reason is a ready-made and eager customer base which you can quickly access. Affiliates gauge their success by how many followers they have, which means that you are guaranteed to increase your outreach quickly and explosively if you work with one. Of course, you may need to look into how to get funding for a startup business if you plan on investing in this particular field a lot.

Think about ads

Person working on marketing ideas.
Draft your marketing strategy very carefully if you are planning major investments in it.

Ads are a perfectly valid and effective venue for digital marketing for startups. They are, however, often expensive. Thankfully, digital ads are both cheaper and more effective than their traditional counterparts such as billboards or TV ads. Pay Per Click (PPC) ads are probably the best option for startups, but it’s still best to approach a PPC agency in NYC when first getting involved with them to ensure the best results.

Get your startup going today

As you can see, there are plenty of different approaches available when it comes to digital marketing for startups – branding & growth. It is up to you to find what works best for your business, and then take full advantage of your marketing strategy! Digital Dot has the experience and resources necessary to help your startup grow into a well-established and long-term brand. Get in touch with our digital marketing agency today and start investing in your online presence!

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