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Top testing tools for landing pages in 2022

Running a well-functioning website is all but easy. You need to know how to market it so that it will draw in the right audience. And you need to know how to engage that audience and convert them into paying customers. While there are many elements that determine how effective your conversions are, the quality of your landing page remains one of the key factors. Therefore, it is important that you optimize it so that it is as good as it can be. With this in mind, we’ll make up a list of top testing tools for landing pages. With luck, these should aid you in optimizing your landing page and creating a UX with good conversion rates.

Our pick of the top testing tools for landing pages

A professional working with a person on a laptop.
Even top testing tools for landing pages are no substitute for professional input.

Keep in mind that testing and optimizing a landing page requires skill and experience. And while the tools we will list are powerful, they are no substitute for the knowledge that seasoned marketing managers have. So, if you are unsure of how to test your landing pages, or are unclear on how to optimize them know that we are here to help. As a New York digital marketing agency, we will make sure that your pages are top-notch. With that out of the way, let’s see which tools are out there.


Unbounce is an easy recommendation to experienced website managers and newcomers alike. With it, you get an intuitive webpage builder that comes with a ton of testing and optimization features. The drag-and-drop interface makes changing and optimizing your landing pages a breeze.

Smart traffic optimization tools help tremendously in outlining important aspects of your landing page and seeing what can be done to improve them. You even get a built-in A/B testing tool, where you can compare different versions of your website. Once you organize your landing pages to your liking you can use the built-in analytics system to monitor their performance. All in all, it is a terrific all-in-one tool that costs $90, $135, or $225 per month, depending on what version you opt for. Luckily, there is a free trial you can utilize to see what fits your needs.

Google Analytics

You’d be hard-pressed to talk about any form of serious website testing without mentioning Google Analytics. For various reasons, this powerful tool is a must-have for any web designer, marketing manager, and content creator. And, to top it all off, it is completely free. So, if you wish to test your landing pages, this is the tool to get. In regards to landing pages alone, you can analyze conversion factors and how they connect to customer behavior.

Ideas and mechanics made into graphs.
The fact that Google Analytics distills everything into graphs makes overviewing your website quite straightforward.

You can set up various baselines and see whether your optimization efforts have the desired effects. Use one of many testing tools to see whether previous versions of landing pages faired any better. And then combine all that data in various graphs to get a complete idea of what your website is like. All in all, if you wish to run a serious website, you need to educate yourself on Google Analytics. Even though there are some powerful tools out there, none of them is a substitute, especially if you factor in the cost.

When it comes to top testing tools for landing pages, is an easy recommendation. With it, you get intuitive yet powerful editing tools that you can use to modify your landing page. If you need help with the design process, you can always hire a web design company New York to your aid. Once you are done, you can use their A/B testing tool to see whether your modifications brought the results. also allows you to segment your traffic, and fine-tune their landing page experience for optimal conversion rates.

A person monitoring website visitors with one of the top testing tools for landing pages.
Having segmentation tools is quite useful for landing page testing.

If you are running multiple websites, is definitely a tool to keep in mind. This is because it allows you to create as many client accounts as you need. And on those accounts, you can run limited tests to see how well each of your websites is doing. It comes with a free 15-day trial, after which you can set up your own payment plan.


If you are looking for an effective way to see how your visitors are interested in your landing pages, then HotJar is the tool to get. HotJar is best known for using heatmaps to track where your visitors spend most of their time while on your pages. This, if used properly, is a wealth of information that experienced website managers can use to their advantage. The fact that people in over 180 countries use HotJar should give you an idea of how useful it really is.

The basic plan is free to use, which is another reason to include HotJar on your website. And if you end up needing more of its features, the price goes from $31 per month and increases as you add more features. But, for most websites, the free version is more than enough.

Final thoughts

By opting for one of the top testing tools for landing pages we’ve listed so far you will ensure that your website is better than most. But when you start testing your landing pages, it is important to keep in mind that they are closely connected to the rest of your online presence. If you wish to improve your landing pages, you will need to work on website design.

If you wish to draw in an audience to your website, you will have to find SEO services in New York to help you with SEO management. The more in debt, you look, the more you will realize how interconnected your website really is. And, unfortunately, there isn’t yet an all-in-one tool that can cover it completely. If you are unsure of which tool to use, don’t shy away from consulting with a more experienced website manager.

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