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Guide to earning a featured snippet on SERPs

Businesses yearn for organic traffic as it lets you get more visitors to convert into customers with minimal effort. And one of the best ways to generate this type of outreach is to get a featured snippet for your content. In this article, we explore the goal of earning a featured snippet on SERPs. As local SEO NYC experts, we understand just how challenging this can be, and we are here to offer some useful tips.

Knowing what featured snippets are

In simple terms, featured snippets are short bits of content that are shown at the top of Search Results obtained through Google. They are carefully vetted, so earning a featured snippet on SERPs is not an easy thing to do. Because of this, they are also sometimes referred to as ‘Position Zero’ on the results page. This denotes the fact that they are shown before even the very first recommended page, and that they perfectly match the search query. The rest of the pages are only there to further clarify the answer or data revealed by the featured snippet. Of course, it is important to note that picking the perfect snippet is still up to Google’s algorithm. This means that you can still approach the task of getting featured in a systematic manner.

Know what type of snippet you want

Before you continue learning about how to get on the first page of Google, you need to settle on what sort of snippet you want to be featured there for. There are three basic forms of snippets.

  • Lists
  • Tables
  • Definition boxes

The ‘definition boxes’ are definitely the most common of the three. They are the typical response to ‘what is/are’ queries. Lists typically come in the form of ‘Top 10/7/5’ forms. Tables, on the other hand, are purely data-driven and are the least common type of featured snippet offered. Now, it may help to know that not every search query has a featured snippet. Until a ‘perfect’ candidate for the position comes along, it remains empty. This is gauged by how thoroughly it answers the questions asked. Rather than competing for an already taken spot, try and get featured for something that does not have a featured snippet.

Improve your SEO

One thing needs to be established from the onset: without good SEO, you will never earn a featured snippet. If you are not capable of improving your own SEO, look into expert businesses that can help you. Although, SEO specialists recommend trying to learn from the people you hire so you can eventually do the job on your own. You know your business best, and so should be firmly in charge of it.

Remember that SEO is not just a matter of keywords and rich content. Your site needs to be fully optimized. Be it its loading speed, device and browser compatibility, or its security, everything needs to be flawless in order to have top-tier SEO. It is an exacting job to fix all of that, but it is the only option if you want to be featured in SERPs.

Use quality media

Filming a content video
Videos can be surprisingly helpful and are good for your SEO too!

The featured snippet is often followed by the featured image or video of the page it came from. This means that earning a featured snippet on SERPs also depends on the quality of your media. If you use low-quality videos and images, your chances of being featured plummet. If you cannot produce your own, then you may want to look into web design services New York or high-quality stock images. Note that the latter may not necessarily be the cheaper option of the two. Professionally taken, high-quality stock images are often pricy. Especially if you want to purchase the sole rights to posting them. That is if their creator even wishes to allow you to purchase their rights.

Opt for new and interesting content

Planning out content
It is smart to always write down interesting ideas as they come to you.

The fact that earning a featured snippet on SERPs is much easier when there is no featured snippet for your chosen query already means that you will need to get creative. You can’t just recycle well-researched subjects and hope you get lucky. Even if you try to collate the content from several different high-quality sites, chances are that you will still not get featured over an already existing snippet. So, there is only one thing left for you to do: research. Look into the currently popular subjects and try to predict future trends. Or, try and make a new spin on familiar topics.

Increase the quality of your content

Editing an article
Don’t be lazy and always edit your articles!

Of course, to earn a featured snippet, the quality of your content needs to be top tier. If you think you can get by with shoddy grammar and editing, perish the thought. You will need to comb your articles for grammatical and vocabulary errors. You will also need to make sure your formatting is up to snuff, and that your paragraph and line breaks are immaculate. Note that featured snippets are often sixty to 80-word long paragraphs that perfectly offer an answer to a search query. A longer, bulkier paragraph may not have made the cut.

Have a wide variety of content types

Finally, earning a featured snippet on SERPs should not stop you from posting varied content. Just because you want to be featured for a definition box does not mean you should stop posting data tables and list-type content. If you get the quality of your content up to a certain standard, then you can get featured organically. And refusing to post anything other than one type of content would lock you out of that possibility, something that the Digital Dot marketing agency warns against. In the end, earning a featured snippet is a means to an end. It just enhances your organic outreach. It should not turn into an obsession that gets in your own way.

Final Word

With our guide to earning a featured snippet on SERPs, you should be able to make some progress. Remember, however, to take things slow. It is not the end of the word if you fail. Predicting Google’s algorithm is not easy, and should really be a long-term rather than a short-term goal.

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