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Emotional triggers that help businesses increase conversion rates

In the everlasting and competitive struggle of today’s digital marketing – the ultimate goal of reaching satisfactory conversion rates is an endeavor that requires some understanding of human and consumer psychology. Essentially, our minds are responsible for making purchasing decisions. This is why getting an insight into how the decision-making process works is a vital part of every marketing strategy. And with a clearer image of what the emotional triggers that help businesses increase conversion rates are, your brand will be able to deliver a far more impactful message. Digital Dot NYC helps you comprehend buyers’ incentives and behavior and how it can improve your conversion score.

Logic vs. emotions in the decision-making process

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In the vast array of choices people have today, spending money means making a decision: which company do you wish to put your trust in?

It might seem rational to assume that logic is what pushes us towards completing a purchase. However, extensive research has shown otherwise. Buying a certain product or hiring a service of any sort implies making a choice. It means deciding to go for a certain option. In the vast array of choices people have today, spending money means making a decision: which company do you wish to put your trust in?

There has been substantial evidence showing that people with damage to their “emotional” parts of the brain were unable to make decisions. No matter how capable they were of processing information about their options, without emotions, they were unable to realize how they feel about their choices. This is something marketers have been aware of for ages; in order to help website visitors make the final call and complete a purchase – your message needs to implement emotional triggers that help businesses increase conversion rates. There are several tried and tested ways to affect the emotions of your potential clients.

Pain vs. pleasure triggers

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Humans are designed to want things here and now.

The first step towards tackling this challenge is realizing what is the primary concern of your customers. This implies both positive and negative concerns. By subtly referring to their sources of emotional pain or pleasure in your messages, you’ll be able to use emotional triggers to attract the right crowd and gently push them towards clicking the CTA button. This means that there are two ways to use emotional triggers:

  • By activating negative associations and providing the solution to the cause of emotional pain.
  • By awakening positive emotions; implying how completing the purchase of your product enables a feeling of pleasure.

In other words, you need to understand the sources of potential buyers’ wants, as well as frustrations.

Immediate response and gratification

It’s no secret that in today’s world, the pleasure principle is to have your needs satisfied as soon as possible. The possibility of getting what we want immediately is what draws negative emotions away. Humans are simply programmed to want things here and now. This is why creating more conversions with emotional triggers means feeding that need in people. Once you set a goal your customers will achieve by turning to your brand, let them know just how quickly you can make that goal come true.

There are several ways to accomplish this:

  • People tend to choose a smaller reward that they are able to get instantly rather than a larger reward they will get later. Correspondingly, choosing between 7% off now or 25% off later is a no-brainer for most buyers. If you make such an offer, customers will choose the smaller-sooner one in bulk.
  • Reduce the time and steps necessary to reach your product or service. This ultimately reduces the time buyers have to second-guess their purchase.
  • Include options that lower the odds of your potential customers wondering about any part of your offer. This implies FAQ and resource pages, but also options such as instant chat pop-up. Make sure buyers get all the answers right away. Let them feel that all of their needs, as well as questions, are answered instantly.

Create positive associations

Emotional triggers that help businesses improve conversion rates can also start with creating positive emotions. Through a technique called cognitive bias, brands create messages that form positive connections with something buyers have already experienced; something they know and enjoy. This is also known as the Halo Effect.

a sign that says special deal limited time offer
One of the widespread emotional triggers is the fear of missing out.

If you use language and website design to remind your customers of something they recognize and like, you are engaging them on a personal level. Consult with our web design NYC team to explore your option when it comes to improving your website. Another way to create positive associations is by creating connections between your brand and the people it employs with charity work and philanthropic activities. Your brand will thus get a face, and this will be a kind face that buyers immediately connect with positive emotions.

Use fear as an emotional trigger that helps businesses increase conversion rates

It has been proven that people are more likely to act in order to avoid negative outcomes than to take action to gain something they desire. In other to avoid negative emotions (fear being the most powerful one of those) people will do more than they would for a positive outcome.
How can you use this type of emotional trigger to help boost your conversion rates?

  • Fear of missing out. Limited-time-offers make buyers fear that if they do not make an instant purchase, they are bound to miss out on an excellent opportunity.
  • Explain that you know and understand the anguish your potential customers might go through without turning to your brand.

Simply put, it is just as important to identify what the buyers fear as it is to know what they want.

Improve your tactics

Emotions are what the buyers use to evaluate brands. Rather than objective brand information and features, they rely on personal feelings and experiences to make the final call. This is why it is advisable to use some of the effective emotional triggers that help businesses increase conversion rates. To implement these strategies correctly – contact digital marketing NYC experts and witness a boost in your conversion rates. Let your brand messages turn your potential buyers into instant customers.

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