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Is it worth marketing your business to other search engines (besides Google)?

There is a significant discrepancy between the amount of advice and tips you can find online to rank in Google as opposed to any other search engine out there. When it comes to answering the question “why?” – it’s rather simple. Google is in charge and control of such a large market share, it becomes next to futile to ever attempt to focus your marketing efforts on other, less important engines. However, is marketing your business to other search engines ineffectual? There have been certain changes in the popularity of alternative search engines; which may make you contemplate the idea of ranking in places beyond Google.

Alternative search engines such as Amazon, Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo offer chances for brand promotion, but is this option worth investing time and money in? Digital Dot team of marketers help you understand the essence of marketing options other than the great Google – which may provide an answer to this dilemma.

Screenshot of StatCounter rankings of search engines by popularity.
There have been some changes in the popularity of alternative search engines; which may incite the idea of ranking on places beyond Google.

Which search engines are worth considering?

Although this fact is seldom taken into account, organic search marketing exists beyond Google. Options worth looking into include the abovementioned websites, including Amazon, Bing, and Yahoo – but also lesser-known alternatives such as DuckDuckGo. Google, nevertheless, still holds reign in this area. With 90% of all web searches being done through this engine, attempting to focus marketing efforts on other solutions does seem almost pointless.

However, recent numbers and available data offer a wider perspective. When it comes to product searches, Amazon has managed to surpass Google. Additionally, DuckDuckGo reached a number of 30 million searches.

As formidable as these numbers are, one needs to take a slightly deeper look into the subject. Investing in marketing your business to other search engines requires a wider understanding of the actions, as well as results that these other options ask for and eventually offer.

  • Although records show Amazon as being dominant in product-related searches, it is limited to exactly that – products. Google is still the supreme option for every other search type and should be the first and possibly only choice for most brands.

Ranking on Alternative Search Engines

a tablet device displaying Google website, representing the question of whether or not it is worth marketing your business to other search engines
Ranking your website on Google is a challenging process that takes a serious approach and a broad strategy.

If you are considering investing in an SEO strategy and optimizing for other, non-Google search engines, there is a set of tips and pieces of advice you should take into account. Take a closer look at what you can do to boost your ranking on search engines other than Google, as these steps might be considered relevant to your brand’s marketing strategy:

Amazon Search Engine

Although ranking on Google is a challenging process that takes a serious approach and a broad strategy – ranking a product on Amazon is just as difficult; for some, even tougher than achieving meaningful results on Google. Since Amazon is very popular for product searches, the competition you might be against is extremely high. There is also a set of various rules and regulations that are particular to this search engine you must be familiar with.

If you choose to optimize and market your products on the Amazon search engine, begin by familiarizing yourself with various resources, such as The Definitive Guide to Selling on Amazon. In the same manner as one does with Google, SEO for Amazon will from there function by taking courses, following their blog posts, and learning from other marketers who deal with Amazon optimization.


There might even be some advantages that Bing offers when compared to Google. These advantages include higher site engagement rates, lower bounce rates, and even more page visits. In order to rank in Bing’s search engine result pages, it is essential to gain a better understanding of how it works. You may do so by going through Bing’s webmaster guidelines. This will help improve your ranking results. There are also available SEO toolkits that can prove useful in testing and analyzing your results.


letters spelling SEO
Optimization for various search engines requires a special understanding of how each of them works.

Since Yahoo is powered by Bing, this means that submitting your site to Bing means it also gets submitted to Yahoo. This is the reason for these two to regularly be counted and referred to together.


What is it that would make DuckDuckGo attention-worthy? It’s their attitude towards privacy. Simply put, in this regard, DuckDuckGo is the complete opposite of Google. Google’s privacy issues are a bit of concern for many right now, and if they continue to be – DDG will probably be the next best thing when it comes to search engines. Its market share is certainly much lower than that of Google – but it has been displaying constant growth.

When it comes to this search engine’s SEO, it calls for a deep understanding of what the visitors are actually looking for. Additionally, performing well with DDG search engine optimization means having quality backlinks to your website.

The final call: other search engines might not be worth investing time and money in

Even though the option always stands – it is more than likely that marketing your business to other search engines will not be as valuable as attempting to rank on Google. The energy and assets necessary to accomplish relevant results on alternative search engines are simply not worth the effort nor the final result. Choices beyond Google certainly exist; however, they capture an insignificant share of the market in comparison to this particular search engine.

There is no way to be certain that Google will hold this leading position forever. But in the years to come, we can conclude it will continue to display great dominance over any other option. However, those brands which plan to focus on selling products on Amazon should not dismiss the idea of marketing on this search engine. Do your best to learn about ways to rank your brand and products on Amazon. It will likely prove to be a successful strategy for your company. When it comes to sites such as Bing and DuckDuckGo – these ought to be revisited every once in a while. Keep track of how their numbers change and potentially grow and whether there will come a time when they are worth your marketing efforts.

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