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PPC automation – how it benefits your business?

As businesses continue to search for innovative and efficient ways to boost productivity while investing the same amount of resources, we find ourselves as observers of a global competition for digital dominance. With new technological advancements and the modernization of everyday tasks and processes, more and more business owners are embracing the notion of automation. And with the right tools, you can now automate a vast number of tasks within a company, digital marketing activities being among those tasks. In this article, our PPC agency New York explores the benefits of PPC automation as well as how best to combine it with your current way of doing things.

What is PPC Automation?

As the term dictates, PPC automation is the use of software solutions to run and optimize your PPC campaigns without the involvement of your staff. Much like with any other automation, the goal is to save resources and refocus the energy of your staff from everyday repetitive tasks to optimizing your digital marketing processes. And with the right tools, you can automate PPC research, bidding, ad testing, reporting, etc.

What does your business stand to gain from PPC automation?

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Explore the many advantages that PPC automation can bring to your business.

1. Improved brand recognition

Getting your business to the point where it is easily recognizable by consumers is the goal of every business owner. Brand recognition directly affects the success of a business, helping it generate more leads, earn more revenue, and grow. PPC automation can contribute to the relevance of your brand by making it simpler for you to advertise it through widespread, online promotion.

2. Faster results

One of the main reasons why companies consult with professional PPC service providers is the overnight results that a well-established PPC campaign can offer. Rather than waiting for organic search results for months, you can promote your business through paid ads on search results pages. And with PPC automation, that cooperation with Google Ads becomes more time-efficient and precise without having to waste the energy of your employees to monitor every detail.

3. Tailored on-target ads

The success of PPC campaigns is dependant on a number of mitigating factors, one of which being targeting. The better you target your audiences, the more likely you are to get clicks from them. And for companies that operate nationwide or globally, this requires taking into calculation different time zones, languages, demographics, etc. PPC automation has a set of tools combined with AI technology that can account for all those factors and implement them to maximize the efficiency of your ads.

4. Transparency

When making the call between practicing SEO vs. paid advertising, a lot of business owners look at what they can see. With SEO, seeing the results can take several weeks and even months, and even then, you need someone to interpret those results. On the other hand, PPC provides very transparent and instant results – you either get clicks and leads or you don’t. You get those clicks at an acceptable price or you don’t. And with PPC automation, you don’t need others to interpret the results for you. Instead, you have an automated system that monitors the performance of the advertisements and contributes to transparent billing.

5. Higher website traffic

By using tailored and optimized landing pages, PPC campaigns can attract more traffic to a website. Of course, you can’t automate content creation on your website but what you can do is automate the promotion of that content. And that is where the appeal of PPC automation comes into play. By promoting specific pages or posts through automation, your system can find the optimal audience, resulting in a higher chance of driving those audiences to your website through appealing and engaging ads.

6. More sales

When you generate more traffic for your website through targeted content and engaging ads, the chance of converting those visitors into customers becomes much higher. Therefore, PPC automation combined with effective digital marketing tactics and business strategies can yield better sales results. This is why it is advisable to seek out the expertise of experienced digital marketing agencies NYC.

7. Easier monitoring and maintenance

By making simple adjustments to your AI, you can analyze the performance of your PPC campaigns in real-time through PPC automation. And this makes it easier to identify and instantly address any potential issues that you might have with active campaigns.

What can you automate?

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You can apply PPC automation to any aspect of your PPC efforts.

Simple as it might appear at first glance, PPC advertising requires experience and knowledge to be done right. And so, there are different aspects of it that you can automate:

Keyword Bidding

Automated bidding is among the more useful and commonly practiced PPC automation approaches. In fact, Google Ads offers built-in bidding automation tools that can help businesses set up strategies based on specific goals. Once you set your automated bid strategy, Google Ads will automatically adjust settings to help you aim towards fulfilling those goals.

Smart Bidding is another approach that uses automation to adjust your bids for each auction. This method uses machine learning to make modifications to your bids while factoring in variants such as geo-location, language, type of device, etc.

Ad Testing

Rather than going through the trouble of manually coming up with variations of your ads, you can use Google’s responsive search ads feature. This will save you time and provide you with insight into which variation of ads performs best for your market. Google Ads will track the performance of each variation and automatically run the better-performing ad groups more often.

This aspect of PPC automation saves you time and energy on testing multiple variations of ads but it also simplifies your A/B testing efforts.


As is the case with most automated platforms, they provide a more detailed and accurate amount of data. A business can use this data to improve its data analysis and reporting by eliminating the potential of human errors. Of course, the data that you gain from PPC automation also improves the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Campaign Management

PPC automation tools enable you to save time on pausing campaigns or increasing bids through the use of rules and scripts. It’s like creating a contingency plan for different scenarios and then have it automatically apply in such scenarios.

How to get started with PPC automation

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Start implementing PPC automation today and here’s how to do it.

Every company has its own approach to implementing new strategies. When it comes to PPC automation, this is the process that we would recommend following:

  1. Define your PPC objectives. Before you dive into automating processes, you need to know what it is that you want to achieve. Having clear goals translates to discovering optimal tools for fulfilling those goals.
  2. Explore your options. It’s never a simple matter of choosing the first tool you come across. It’s important to do your research and brainstorm before you opt for a specific PPC automation plan and tool.
  3. Set up a campaign and conversion monitoring. Make sure you have all necessary monitoring set up, including conversion tracking. This data will help you determine what’s working well and improve your strategies.
  4. Implement your automation. Next, implement your automation and continue running your campaigns.
  5. Test your campaigns. Don’t just assume that automation will help your campaigns perform better. Run A/B tests and other analyses to verify whether automation is improving your campaigns.
  6. Gather data and revise. Then, adjust your tactics based on what you find. It’s important not to just set and forget your automation. Monitor it and update it as needed.

Start implementing smart solutions and watch your business grow

Any marketer that claims to have the perfect strategy for growing a business is unrealistic. The fact is that any strategy, no matter how successful, is temporarily effective. This is why digital marketing agencies such as Digital Dot exist. We don’t have a universal solution to answer all the needs of clients. Instead, we take a unique approach to each business and its objective to provide them with the best solution for its specific needs. PPC automation is just one of the many paths that a business can take. That is why it is important to keep up with ongoing changes and PPC trends. If you would like to learn more, reach out to Digital Dot NYC or explore some of our other articles!

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