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Should you advertise your business on Amazon?

Online shopping has seen a drastic change in the past year, impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. The changes are evident in the volume of online retail sales and customer behavior towards online shopping in general. If your company offers products to end customers and operating in the e-commerce industry, you must hop on the bandwagon. Get involved and get the most out of the global shift in online shopping. Consider different strategies to increase your online sales. One of many effective ways our experts at Digital Dot NYC can recommend is to advertise your business on Amazon. So, let us explore some of the benefits your business can take advantage of if you choose to go this path. 

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The shift in consumer behavior towards online shopping is more than evident

How does advertising on Amazon work?

The e-commerce growth we are experiencing is a global trend. This trend is affecting both emerging markets and large-scale economies like the US, China, Germany, or Russian Federation. If you are a small business depending on e-commerce, you should have experienced an increase in sales. However, there are still ways you can improve your revenue and make more sales. Advertising your products on Amazon is undoubtedly one that makes sense. With hundreds of millions of users on Amazon and way more than ten million products on sale, their impact on molding consumer behavior is tremendous. If you are considering marketing your business to other search engines other than Google, be sure to put Amazon at the top of your list.

Advertising on Amazon is similar to how Google works. When your potential customers type in a desired keyword into the search box, Amazon displays an array of results. The top results you get are the ones that are sponsored, paid by businesses to get their products better visibility. With Amazon ads, your products will essentially become more prominent on the Amazon platform. It means you will more likely attract more buyers. With more sales being made, you will boost your Amazon rankings even more. Consequently, by investing in Amazon ads, you are likely to increase your sales and better position your product at the same time.

If you feel hesitant to advertise your business on Amazon, introduce a step-by-step approach

It is apparent from the statistical data that Amazon is the right choice for small and medium businesses selling products online. Nonetheless, feeling hesitant is perfectly understandable. To simplify things, you can think of it as a way to get more traction among your target customers by investing arguably less than you would on some other ad-based platforms. Choose a product that is already generating considerable sales and try advertising that product first. Once you gain momentum with the sales of your top-selling item, you can introduce some of your other products into your ad campaign.

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User reviews can help you improve your Amazon rankings

Keep in mind that Amazon is one of the top sites for business reviews, as it is one of the largest e-commerce platforms out there. Therefore, it is only logical that your potential customers will reference Amazon reviews when making purchase decisions. So, the better you position your product using paid ads, you will make more sales and ultimately improve your overall rankings.

The ultimate benefit of using Amazon advertising is getting more revenue.

Amazon advertising works on a cost-per-click model. So, factoring in the costs in the equations somewhat needs a strategy in itself. You are the one that has complete control of your budget and the one that will place a bid on specific keywords. Amazon will help you by offering different phrase match strategies to facilitate your search for the correct search terms you want. The important thing here is to reach a point where the revenue from your ads overpasses your advertising budget. It means you are getting a return on investment (ROI) and doing things right. Until you reach this point, you can look at data and find keywords you are paying but find irrelevant to your business and your product.

You can somewhat improve your Amazon organic ranking without having to pay for it

Even if you opt for paying for Amazon advertising solutions, there are certainly ways to increase your rankings without spending additional funds. If you have a quality product your customers gladly buy, you will most certainly get positive reviews. With positive reviews, you are likely to attract even more customers and ultimately make more sales. That way you will slowly rank higher. There is no doubt that Amazon Sponsored Products will get you there faster. Still, with a solid strategy to increase visibility, your efforts can impact your overall performance.

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You can advertise your business on Amazon effectively by following a few simple rules

Optimizing your product page is a crucial step to take. Investing time in perfecting your page for relevance and performance will help you convert more sales. There are many reasons why B2B companies invest in SEO, and the same logic applies to all kinds of search engines, not only Google. Amazon SEO is somewhat different from the typical SEO you are used to but effective in helping you achieve your sales goals and targets.

Basic rules of successful Amazon page optimization

Use relevant keywords, title your product in the right way, use descriptions and bullet points to tell the customer more about the product. Keep in mind that the price of your product affects your performance. Pay attention to how your particular product compares to other similar products price-wise.

Finally, consider using high-resolution, high-quality images of your products. Also, make sure to specify all the details about the dimension, shape, color, or material your product is made from. With these simple pieces of advice, you will advertise your business on Amazon and see results. Of course, if you have any additional questions or uncertainties, feel free to reach out to professional digital marketing New York experts for advice!

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