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Top social media strategies for getting high-quality leads

Whether we’re discussing a B2C or B2B type of business, a strong social media presence can help build brand awareness for any company. Not only that but it can also boost revenue by allowing businesses to directly gather high-quality leads and establish long-term relationships with their target audience. However, with so many social networks and advertising options out there, creating the best social media plan can often seem easier said than done. In order to avoid wasting money and time, business owners need to examine, evaluate and choose between the many social media strategies for getting high-quality leads.

Lead generation through social media – the starting point

Person in a suit, going through their phone
Choosing the right social media network is the first step towards a successful lead generation strategy.

The first thing to do when searching for the best strategy to gather leads is to decide which social networking websites to use. In order to make the right choice, think about your Ideal Clients, their needs and habits. The better you manage to define your target audiences, the easier it will be to find a strategy to match them. That is also an optimal starting point for building your brand online.

  • For many B2B companies, gathering leads through LinkedIn has proven to be the perfect solution. On the other hand, some of the best B2C businesses prefer getting in touch with their potential clients through Facebook or Instagram.

Existing social media accounts can provide businesses with valuable data on the behavior and purchasing decisions of their audiences. Therefore, taking the time to analyze insights from diverse online profiles, comparing those results and keeping detailed notes on those findings is a process a company should always follow.

Researching the competition is another essential task. This approach can not only help you decide on the best social media channels to use for lead generation but it can also improve your overall advertising plan.

Finally, maximize the results of your social media marketing by narrowing down your targeted audience by age, habits, interests, and proper ad time scheduling.

Social media advertising for lead generation

All social media networks offer paid advertising options. Those solutions allow you to either gather leads directly on your account or drive traffic to your website and convert potential clients with contact forms or gated content.

Let’s take a look at the most popular social media ads for lead generation:

Facebook and Instagram Lead Ads

Both Facebook and Instagram are among the top social media networks for getting high-quality leads. As such, they offer various advertising options that can help you easily reach your potential clients plus interact with your current followers. And even though Instagram doesn’t offer the creation of lead ads through its own interface, you can easily generate leads through IG by creating a leads campaign in your Facebook Ads Manager. All you have to do is optimize your ads’ placement and choose where within FB and IG you want your ads to appear.

Facebook login page
Facebook can be a great source of quality leads for your business.

Facebook lead forms are easy to create and offer informational paragraph sections you can use to present your company or services. Optimize the forms by choosing among some general pre-created questions like Name, Email and Phone Number. Or you can also create custom information fields to generate the data you need.

It is always effective to keep your forms as short as possible. Forms with fewer fields are easier to fill in and will more likely increase the conversion rate of your ads.

Benefits of Facebook Lead Ads

  • Easy access to the leads you received.

It takes Facebook minutes to show a new lead. Therefore, you can easily contact your potential clients in real-time. This approach will allow you to improve the quality of your customer service and minimize the bounce rate.

  • Audience targeting.

With Facebook and Instagram, you can advertise across all devices. Facebook Audience Manager allows users to target audiences according to interests, job title, income, education, age, location, etc. By using custom audience options, you can advertise to your existing mailing list and current social media followers.

  • Audience exclusions.

In addition to targeting ideal clients, Facebook allows you to determine the audience’s exclusions. This is a great option for all companies that don’t want to waste money on duplicate leads.

  • Retargeting.

Pixel-based or engagement audience targeting offers a great platform for you to advertise to people who either bought your product, visited your website, or interacted with your social media accounts.

Generate leads through LinkedIn’s Lead Gen Forms

For B2B companies, most of your Ideal Clients spend a significant amount of time on LinkedIn. As a business-oriented social network, LinkedIn presents a great platform to connect with the decision-makers and CEOs of your potential client base.

Its important to create a network within your niche
LinkedIn can help you connect with business professionals in your industry.

Lead Gen Forms are by default optimized to mobile devices and pre-fill information with just a click. That means that it will only take a few seconds for your potential clients to submit their information. Therefore, it’s safe to say that LinkedIn is as user-friendly as a lead generation platform can be.

After submitting the form on LinkedIn, you can easily funnel the visitor to a landing page through a CTA button on the form’s thank you page. That option can be used to promote an offer, product or service.

Audience targeting on LinkedIn

Define your social media audience
Narrow audience targeting is crucial for generating high-quality leads on social platforms.

Proper audience targeting is the key to all successful social media strategies for getting high-quality leads. And, if you are searching for business professionals, LinkedIn is the best advertising network for your company.

Detailed audience targeting on LinkedIn will help you save time and money. The following criteria are just a few of many you can create a strategy that will reach your Ideal Clients:

  • Location.
  • Degree.
  • Job title.
  • Industry.
  • Company size.
  • Company name.
  • Professional interest.

LinkedIn integrations

One of the benefits of using LinkedIn for lead generation is SNAP (Sales Navigator Application Platform). The platform allows you to connect your lead forms with CRM, sales analytics and other tools.

In addition to the direct integration of your online tools to LinkedIn, some of the networks’ partners like Zapier can make the sales process even easier by offering additional connections to online platforms like Trello, or even direct text messages options.

In conclusion, integrations with LinkedIn’ partners can help you improve your sales process. As well as provide you with valuable insights into your social media strategy.

Website traffic social media strategies for getting high-quality leads

Driving direct traffic to your website can not only help you gather high-quality leads but also improve the brand awareness and consideration of your business. Comparing to direct lead generation on social media, paid website traffic allows your potential clients to gain a better knowledge of your products, services and company’s values. This can be especially beneficial for B2B companies that are seeking long-term relationships with new potential clients.

Using landing pages for lead generation

Creating a website traffic campaign is possible through all social media networks. Whether it is through direct website traffic ads or boosted posts you can easily set up the ads to drive significant website traffic. With a detailed audience targeting that all social media platforms offer, you can target potential clients and ensure that your business attracts the right crowd to your website.

In order to maximize the conversion rate, you need to focus on the website pages you are driving the traffic to. Rather than just having your visitors land on the homepage and explore the site themselves, consider creating designated landing pages.

Ensure the success of your ads by providing a great user experience to visitors. Achieve this with helpful information and well-designed landing pages. Highlighting your contact information, lead forms and phone number will allow people to easily get in touch with you.

Generate leads with gated content

Person typing on laptop
Promoting gated content offers you an opportunity to create a valuable leads’ database.
  • Gated content is any form of online material such as pdf guides, videos, and newsletters that require the visitor to leave their contact information.

At first glance, this approach may seem like a marketing trick to quickly generate leads. However, in order to gather high-quality leads online, your gated content needs to provide valuable information to subscribers. Therefore, make sure the content of your online materials addresses the problems and concerns your customers have. All the while providing them with valuable data and solutions.

Gathering leads on social media organically – Is it possible?

Even though paid advertising can be a great solution for a short-burst increase in website traffic and lead generation, there are a few additional techniques to consider:

  • Join groups on social media.
  • Engage with your audience.
  • Contact potential clients directly.
  • Use influencers to promote your brand.

Using social media groups to generate high-quality leads

People tend to gather for common causes and interests. Therefore, social media networks like Facebook offer options for users to create both private and public groups and pages.

Depending on the common interests and habits of your target audience, you can search for online groups that will allow you to directly communicate with your potential clients. Since Facebook’s update in 2018, you can now join a private group as both FB company page and personal profile.

Joining groups or following pages that your audience engages with allows you to communicate with them directly. This approach will also get valuable insight into their interests, needs and purchasing decisions.

Engaging with your audience can go a long way

Posting relevant and interesting content on a regular basis can help you increase the number of followers online. And, also, establish long-term relationships with potential clients. Therefore, you need to make sure your social media strategy is not focused exclusively on generating leads and advertising.

Create a social media post plan that includes useful tips, hints or interesting data. This approach will encourage your followers to engage with your posts as well as help you establish your company as a relevant source of information in your industry.

Reach out to your potential clients

For a percentage of B2B company owners, reaching out to potential clients has shown to be among top social media strategies for getting high-quality leads. Sending a direct message can seem like an easy task. However, you need to create a plan of action. With so many spam emails and ads, everyone receives nowadays, people tend to oversee the generic messages in their inbox. Therefore, make sure your strategy is professional, polite and that you have a personal approach to each potential lead.

Can influencers help you grow your brand?

Person giving a lecture
Get support from influential and reputable online or public figures.

Depending on the industry, your social media lead generation can benefit from an influencer endorsing your services or products. On line reviews and relevant social media, endorsements are the modern internets’ version of mouth-to-mouth marketing. Therefore, a positive recognition from an expert in the field or a well-know figure can help you gather leads and reach your target audience online.

Create a unified marketing strategy

In addition to using top social media strategies for getting high-quality leads, your company can benefit greatly from a unified marketing plan. Combined, SEO strategy, PPC search engine advertising, and social media marketing can ensure a long-lasting inflow of quality leads and clients.

Here at Digital Dot, we have an entire team of professionals specialized in social media marketing. A team that can help you improve your business and generate leads all throughout online networks. Save yourself the time and energy to make the best out of your potential and schedule your social media consultations today!

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