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Ways in which AI affects digital marketing

Although just several years ago, artificial intelligence was considered too out-there as a tool by many marketers – we are currently able to witness a change of hearts towards AI incorporation into marketing strategies. Simply put, there are tools digital marketing can use that are able to achieve better and more significant results than human activities could. This is why there are currently numerous ways in which AI affects digital marketing nowadays. Digital Dot – a digital marketing agency in NYC points out the most prominent effects artificial intelligence has on digital marketing today.

1. AI helps create and generate content

computer screen with lines of codes, representing how AI affects digital marketing
Digital marketers can use AI tools that are able to achieve better and more significant results than human activities ever could.

Content generated by machines has been present for a while now, however, quite expectedly – the first pieces of AI-generated content were rather unreadable to humans. Content-creating AI has since turned into an intricate and effective tool, helping digital marketers both optimize and create content. There are currently software options for automated content creation able to generate reports or news much faster than writers ever could.

AI might still not be used to write opinions or meaningful blog posts, but there are certainly ways in which it can affect your digital marketing efforts the right way. Should you consider artificial intelligence as a yet unreliable source of pieces of content, there are still ways to efficiently use it for creating social media posts and similar smaller marketing tasks. Although content marketing provides businesses with a significant ROI, it drains plenty of resources. Using AI can help save money on undemanding tasks that may effectively be completed by using machine-generated content.

Matching content with suitable writers

You may be reluctant to trust content creation to machines – but AI can help build your team of human content creators, as well. There are software solutions that provide an algorithm to match candidates with content-writing tasks based on their previous work. This way, you’ll be given the most effective way of managing and creating content.

2. AI offers options for advanced customer profiling and personalization

An important aspect of digital marketing today is understanding the prospect and probability of someone becoming a client. This is a feature wherein there is a chance for AI to affect the digital marketing strategy of your company to a great extent. Predictive models can be used to find out which visitors are more likely to become clients; but also which customers are more likely to make more than just one purchase.

Personalize communication with prospective customers through AI tools

In today’s world, buyers often expect businesses to adjust messages to their specific interests and demographics. Non-personalized marketing will even be completely ignored in some cases. One of the ways in which AI affects digital marketing is by providing an option for advanced personalization of brand messages. Rather than offering generic messages to unidentified target crowds, brands are now able to use AI to help them reach the right target groups. This tool operates by gathering data and predicting the behavior of clients based on their previous interactions.

  • By using AI tools for reaching out to buyers, brands are able to convert leads in the most efficient way, at the most suitable moment.
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One of the essential parts of digital marketing strategies today is understanding who your target audience is.

Many world-renowned brands, such as Netflix or Amazon, offer customized content and products each time a visitor logs in. Based on customers’ previous behavior, these companies are able to predict their wants and needs – through intricate profiling methods and data gathering tools.

Understanding your target crowd and their interests and needs has become an essential part of digital marketing strategies. AI offers a perfect solution for both offering improved and personalized content and at the same time creating more content in the most efficient manner.

Since it is next to impossible for humans to process and deal with the amount of data necessary to grasp a full understanding of customer behavior, using AI tools provides the most convenient way of achieving this goal. By using artificial intelligence in your digital marketing analysis, you will be able to build detailed customer profiles in greater detail and without wasting too many resources.

3. AI can be used to improve customer service chatbots

Using live chat as a customer support system has become increasingly popular during the previous years. This system provides swift solutions and answers to clients – and many of them find this option immensely useful. However, it is next to impossible to provide this kind of support constantly, as it drains resources and requires available manpower around the clock. This is why businesses turn to AI tools and chatbots which provide faster responses, but also reduce the workload. Chatbots are the perfect solution to frequently asked questions; with more complex questions and issues, the conversation can be directed to human agents. This streamlines the process of providing efficient customers support while lifting the workload of human agents.

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Chatbots cause a positive user experience, which then results in improved loyalty and ensures client retention.

Efficient customer support is an important part of marketing activities, as it may be a crucial factor in customer retention. A positive user experience will result in improved loyalty and ensure client retention.

AI-powered chatbots are certainly on their way to improving and becoming more sophisticated tools in the future, thus continuing to affect digital marketing. There are ways to enable chatbots to answer more specific and complicated questions and inquiries, which is why they will continue to hold their place as an important online tool for brands.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Your SEO efforts can also be improved by the smart use of artificial intelligence. Given how search algorithms continue to improve, integrating AI into your search options can upgrade the browsing experience of a customer.

AI also helps Google provide a better understanding of searches, providing users with local options rather than general results.

Since voice searches are gaining more volume as time goes by, AI is virtually a necessity in order to fully grasp the patterns of speech, which are different from searches typed into search engines. By using artificial intelligence, digital marketing experts are able to optimize the content for voice searches, which in turn improves both search engine optimization and site traffic.

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