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How to market and sell your app with optimal success

Every good entrepreneur knows that coming up with a great idea is worth nothing if you don’t have the will to invest time and energy into making that idea come to life. And even once you do invest the resources necessary to create a good app, there is still the matter of advertising that app to maximize its value before you decide to sell it to the highest bidder. In this article, Digital Dot offers professional insight on how best to market and sell your app with optimal success. Keep reading to learn how to get the most from your app development skills!

Don’t neglect your website layout

Discussing How to market and sell your app with optimal success
Take the time to plan out your promo website for the app carefully.

No matter what kind of business you run, a website is essential. Marketing and selling your app is no different. In fact, a strong website makes an app seem more reliable and professionally made. If you can improve your website’s SEO, you can even start generating a lot of organic traffic which will make your job a lot easier.

Naturally, this means you will need to pay attention to the quality of your website. You will need web design services NYC, as well as proper assurance that your site can work smoothly through any platform and device. After all, you do not want to market a phone app only for the site not to work on phones, for example. That would pointlessly limit your outreach. Not to mention the fact that it would do your image more harm than good. A shoddy website is worse than no website.

Have a demo or free version

Not everyone wants to make a purchase immediately. Lots of people prefer to try out any type of software first before committing. The same, of course, applies to apps. So, if you want to market your business properly, you need to take advantage of this tendency. Granted, some people will just install the free version of your app and continue using it.

With your efforts being to learn how to market and sell your app, this might seem counterproductive. However, even if all they do is tell their friends about how useful the app is, that’s already a plus for you. Word of mouth is a powerful tool that should never be discarded. With enough such free users, your paid user count will also start to rise. Which more than justifies letting them continue to use some of your app’s features for free!

Use social media liberally

Vector image of social media elements above a smartphone.
You don’t have to limit yourself to one social media platform, either.

Apps benefit a lot from social media promotion. Especially if you are trying to learn how to market and sell your app meant for mobile phone users. After all, people tend to browse social media primarily through their phones. If they came across an interesting app, they might install it on the spot to try it out. If you have both a free and paid version of the app, as we discussed before, you can leverage this and offer them a taste before purchasing. Your social media account would also be the perfect place to feature comments and reviews of your app. Few things help app sales as much as good reviews, so why pass up on a perfect venue to show them off?

Leverage the app stores

App store icon
Just getting onto a well-known app store would be a major plus for your app.

App stores are popular for a reason. Getting your app onto one is almost a guaranteed sales venue. Even if your numbers do not shoot through the roof, at least you will be able to guarantee the gradual popularization of your app. Not to mention the fact that app stores are the primary and best source of feedback in the form of reviews, ratings and comments. You will be able to tap into them to use on your social media, as well as draw from them to improve your app further and therefore boosting your chances of selling more in the future. Showing that you value customer feedback and actually follow it is also amazing PR, and will earn you a lot of goodwill from your customers.

Know exactly who your demographic is

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Have a solid marketing strategy aimed at your target audience.

There is one marketing fact that everyone needs to know and follow: you need a target audience. Every app is made with someone in mind. You cannot just imagine a vague group of people and try to market your product to them. Do you want your app to be popular with the younger or older generations? Do you want to target professionals and businessmen with your specialized app, or do you want to market an entertainment app to young, idle adults? All of this will help you settle on exactly how your ads should be designed, how to pick your font and branding logo and colors, and so much more. All this, of course, will in the end help you sell your app better.

Look into PPC ads

Ads are too powerful a tool to ignore. Yes, they require an investment. But their cost is more than justified if you do not opt for more ‘traditional’ ads, and instead go for the more optimized PPC format. PPC, or pay per click, are ads which you only need to pay for when someone clicks through them onto your site, landing page, or app store page. This means that you are cutting the costs down and only pay for people who are actually likely to make a purchase. Of course, in order to maximize the effectiveness of your ads, it is best to work with a PPC agency New York.

Work with affiliates and influencers

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Promoting your app through the words and demos of influencers and affiliates can give you the publicity you need to get the most value from it.

The final way how to market and sell your app is to leverage the success of famous internet figures. Affiliates have well-developed marketing channels with a lot of people following their recommendations. This means you can almost guarantee that such an investment would be worth it. On the other hand, relying on influences is cheaper and can be successful, but the result is honestly up in the air. If you are considering such an investment, then it is better to work together with top digital marketing agencies in NYC to maximize your success.

Final advice

Even though you now know more about how to market and sell your app with optimal success, do not rush things. Take the time to draft a proper marketing strategy, contact professionals you need to, and figure out every step you are planning to take. Slow and steady wins the race, even if you would prefer immediate results and quick investment returns.

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